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Hello Everyone

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Blue Monarch, May 12, 2011.

  1. Blue Monarch

    Blue Monarch Lonely Heart

    This is a belated introduction thread I suppose, since I have been mostly lurking more often than not. But I decided to get out of the shadows and decided to er... introduce myself rather than remain a ghost.

    I go by another name in other places, but here Blue Monarch will be my name. And uh.... I don't know what else to say. Ha ha. Let's see. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, and I climbed all the way up to what it is now. I do play competitive battling, but I would not consider myself a competitive battler. I'm a rather strange mix of casual and competitive battler, seeing and being in both worlds. I CAN play in both environments however, and I try to use obscure Pokemon to see what kind of a role they play. That's not to say I don't use the top-notch Pokemon either, and I am well aware of what Pokemon competitive players often use, so I do prepare for them. But I try to diversify a bit by not running your every day sandstorm teams or Reuniclus or whatnot... and I consider it a challenge to bypass every one of those Pokemon with what I use, but more often than not, I can get it done. Oh, and I normally have the worst luck in Pokemon, getting haxxed with criticals, being more likely to be prone to status side effects, and having my moves miss more often than not (especially those with 90% accuracy), but I won't get there for now. Sometimes those are funny, but at other times, they are incredibly annoying.

    My favourite Pokemon? I have a hard time stating this, because I pretty much like everyone, but I will say that I like Water, Ice, Grass, and strangely, Ghost Pokemon a little more than the rest. I am a huge fan of Dragonite also, but to single out a Pokemon out of the 649 is pretty tough for me. Generally, however, I'm into Pokemon of finesse characteristics, like Gardevoir, Empoleon or Serperior. I'm just like that. My favourite generation was probably Gen II, and I do like their remakes HGSS in terms of gameplay. GSC makes up the bulk of my memory for some strange reason and I suppose I really really liked it. Nothing much else to say here. However, due to sheer nostalgia factor, I also like Gen I and all the memories it brought me too.

    As for my other interests... uh, I'm into art, music, history (particularly European, but I'm understanding non-Western history gradually), literature, and uh... there's too much to list. I particularly like the classical genre of everything I have mentioned above, and I'm very old-fashioned. I tend to read historical accounts during my free time and all or sometimes start drawing out of sheer randomness. Yes, I know, I'm weird, but we are all of different colours, right? As for who I am... I'm Korean (not my fault! I was born like this!) and I'm a practicing Christian.

    Anyways, it's a pleasure to meet all of you, and I hope we can all get along! I can already see this community is very diverse, with everyone coming from all walks of life, so I suppose Serebii is a place for everyone.

    *gets a feeling I will get tl;dr'd*


    *ghosts away*
    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  2. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)

    Welcome to sppf!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.

  3. Tbird

    Tbird Nice shot, man

    TL; DR :p

    Nice to see you here buddy :D. And as for your PM elsewhere, I'll get on that a little bit later. Did you make sets on them or anything, yet? Or is it just a box of proposed pokemon?

    See you around, buddy.

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