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Hello everyone!!

Chiaki Bunny

Get In The Bag, Nebby!
Hi everyone! :p

Just registered now, and I wanted to say hello to all of my fellow Poké fans! (I read the rules of SPPf too, don't worry!)

So anyways... As a fan of the Serebii website, I decided to finally create an account to learn more about Pokémon since I'm one of the "newer" fans, I suppose? I was never crazy for the actual games, but I absolutely adore the anime! (I love Serena so much, as you can see!) <3

However, after finishing my first (completed) playthrough of my very first Pokémon game, Crystal, last year, consider me a huge fan of the games now! I missed out on so much!

So... A few things about me~

- My favorite Pokémon games are Crystal, (both) HG/SS, Platinum, Emerald, and White 2 in that order!

- I'm currently playing Ultra Moon right now for the first time!

- My favorite Pokémon are Mew, Suicune, Latias, Reshiram, Espeon, Umbreon, Milotic, Goodra, Porygon (and 2/Z), and Lapras.

Anyways, I hope to meet a lot of new friends here, and most importantly, have fun! :D


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Welcome to the forum! Just found your thread :3

Like pokegirlfan I would like to be friends with you. Plus i'm a fan of Dawn too! People who dislike her also piss me off...(i rather not get into the details why xD)

EDIT: O..M..G....Wooowww......I started playing pokemon at age 12! I thought I was different and late enough :O 24 starting? Wicked cool :cool:

Chiaki Bunny

Get In The Bag, Nebby!
Wow, thank you all so much for the warm welcome! :D

Dragalge, Pokegirl, Miss Korrina, Ferret, and Pikachu's evolution... Thanks again everyone!
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