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Hello, I'm new!


Shiny Hunter
Hi everyone, I just registered on here today. If you don't want to read my not-so-brief gaming/pokemon history, I do have a question or 2 in the next post.

I guess if anyone cares (and I doubt many will, don't blame ya), I'll put a little (sorry, a lot, since I always end up adding in details) background about me and pokemon here, and if you don't care, feel free to skip the next 2 paragraphs. 3rd paragraph is when I get into pokemon, and the last 6 paragraphs are what's happening now.

I wasn't allowed to have any systems/consoles when I was little, so I had very minimal gaming experience at all - including with pokemon which I really wanted. I only ever watched a cousin play one of the original games when they were the only games out for a little bit, and in elementary school I played one of the original games (I think) for about 30 seconds. I remember running into an Abra which I was told by the owner he came across a lot of.

Fastforward to 10th birthday: Sister's BF gave me his gamecube with SM Sunshine and Metroid (favorite series, not sure why). My mom didn't like the idea but didn't make me return it, either. Fastforward to a couple Christmases ago: Parents got me a wii - as my mom thought it would be not-so-bad if I were standing up and moving while playing (as I often didn't, she later regretted it).

A few years ago, my sister's BF 'lent' me his original DS, which contained Pokemon Diamond - my first ever pokemon game. I really enjoyed it, I caught Staraptor and trained him to level 100 and a Luxray and he's trained into the 70s or 80s at this point. They were 2 of my favorites from that gen.

Sometime around then (a couple years ago), I downloaded Pokemon Rumble and enjoyed it. I recently started playing it again last month after a year+ of not playing it and was having fun trying to find shinies (only found ~5 so far). When I had originally started playing Rumble, I had come across a shiny nidoqueen but didn't know what shinies were; I later released it once it became too weak compared to pokemon I was fighting. But now that I was finding shinies, it was like a new game. Which leads to now...

I thought it'd be fun to start getting into the main series again and maybe hunt shinies when I'm done with the games, as I now realized I'm more than old enough to buy my own things and my parents can't really complain (well, my mom will if she knew I was buying them, but...).

I decided I'd want either the most recent game, or the next one to come out if it's soon...Well, Black/White 2 come out in October so I decided I'd get Black 2 (cover looks better). But I also figured it's a long ways away, so I should get another game to get myself back into pokemon.

So I bought SoulSilver near the end of July (the first pokemon game and first video game in general that I've ever bought myself!), having found that it's one of the top games in many people's opinions. I currently have 1 Kanto Badge left before fighting the Elite Four again, but am currently just trying to train my main 3 pokemon more.

The first week of August, I bought Pokemon White for the sake of knowing the storyline come Black 2. I plan on starting Pokemon White this Sunday (the 19th), when I'll be making my first system/console purchase ever of the 3DS XL.

So I'll hopefully be all ready for when Black 2 comes out to make a decent, somewhat educated team after practicing with these other games first. And I really apologize for typing all of this :x


Shiny Hunter
As I said, I have a couple questions...

1. I have some questions on EV training, as I'm pretty much new to getting into them and read the guide on this site and a couple other sites. I didn't see the answers, or at least not exact/blatant answers, to my questions anywhere. Where can I ask these? They're generic questions, though the game I'll try to practice and utilize them in for the first time will be Pokemon White; should I ask them in the Pokemon B/W discussion area? Or is there a better place?

2. I've been semi-planning a team for when Black 2 comes out, and I was curious what people think just about the Pokemon I'm looking at based mainly on the typing. I read I'm not supposed to make any RMT threads without basically a full team AND move-sets (which I haven't even begun looking at), so is there anywhere I can ask what people think about the pokemon I'm planning just based on the type and potential? I'm mainly looking for thoughts and opinions rather than help, as I'm pretty adamant on a few pokemon that will definitely be in my team and the ones that are possibilities.

I have read the main rules, and I did look at all the forum areas to try to find where I might be able to ask these without breaking any rules, but if I've overlooked something, I'd appreciate the help! Thanks.


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welcome to the fourm fell free to friend me


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Hello Cpchris, Welcome to the Forums! :)

Make sure you get acquainted with the FAQs, rules, and stickies of the Forums and sections. ™

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ™


Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.



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Thanks everyone!

I just have the questions from my second post.


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can anyone please answer my questions in my second post? i tried asking the EVs one in black and white discussion about 6 or 7 hours ago and it hasn't shown up yet. i don't know if that's beecausd it wasn't allowed or what.


Shiny Hunter
Well my thread hasn't shown up and no one is telling me where I can actually get my questions answered, and it's been over a week =.= I think I just wasted time joining.