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Hello! Long time user of Serebii, first time registering


New Member
I've been using Serebii for YEARS and I never decided to create an account until now.

I'm mostly a competitive battler and Serebii has always been my go-to for checking Pokemon location/moves/abilities for breeding.

I was recently playing the virtual console Silver version and transferred some pokemon I bred in-game to my Ultra Moon version. I had a Murkrow that knew quick attack (by breeding with Pidgey in Gen 2), which was one of the pokemon I transferred to my Ultra Moon.

This is probably insignificant, but I noticed on Murkrow's Gen 7 page that it does not list "quick attack" as a transfer only move. Perhaps because it was an egg move only available in Gen 2? Regardless, it is possible to have a Murkrow with quick attack in Gen 7 now. I wasn't sure where to report this so I made this post.

Again, this may not even matter since you can check Murkrow's Gen 2 page and it lists quick attack as an egg move. But it would be slightly convenient to have it listed in the Gen 7 page as well, just so one would know the pokemon's entire move arsenal that is legitimate. Anyways this is minor, and Serebii resources are more than bountiful, keep up the amazing work!