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Hello, My name is Calarus


Fierce Kanto King
ALOHA, I am Calarus, Not my real name just like the way it sounds. I'm from HAWAII. I've been battling Pokemon since my 3rd grade year Blue version-that was 1998. I've seen my years through yellow, gold, crystal, ruby, emerald, diamond/pearl and now Platinum. Now its 2009 that's 12-yrs plus experience. I don't know how my wife puts up with me but my son enjoys Pokemon just as much as I do. I like to study all that is known about Pokemon. I cherish the Kanto Pokemon the most, for it was Red/Blue versions that opened the world of Pokemon to my imagination. I am open to all ideas and opinions of all other Pokemon trainers in the world. I consider my self a Poke'ologist and I respect all who call them selves the same. My type of battle is no restrictions, I use five different Pokemon teams I like to mix up the challenge for those who want a go at me. I will not battle Uber-Pokemon unless provoked. But a battle is a battle I have no complaints (all is fair in love and war) I welcome surprises its more interesting that way. I strongly disagree to serebii's battle rules. Anyway I never accuse or mistreat others I believe we all are unique here. I will always give respect to those who show it too. I thank Serebii.net for allowing me here and I am pleased to meet all of you, if any of you ever need help or advice I will support you and not ridicule you for any mistakes on Pokemon that is how we all learned to play the game, that's how I did it. So hope to be friends with all of you other Pokemon trainers.


Grass Trainer
Hi Calarus the poke'ologist. Great to see you on the forums. Hope you have a great time, and hope to have future battles with you :)