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Hello,Nice to meet you!

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Hi!I'm Candice!I'm new here and confused.Hi!;munchlax;

Princess Reina

Hi Candice. Nice to meet you and welcome!

Do you like Delcatty? I see, you do.

PM me if you need some help or you need a new friend^^


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Welcome to SPPF!
I'm glad to see that you have joined. I see that you're confused. No problem at all, you're new and it'll take a while to get used to the ropes around here. If your confused about forum related issues, just check the faq and you'll most likely find an answer. If not, feel free to PM me about any questions or concerns you may have... or if you just want to talk to anyone!
Have fun and see you around!


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Locking this thread as it's way over 60 days.
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