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Hello Serebii


New Member
Hello everyone,

I'm Shiny, or ShinyOne. A couple of you might know me from Pokemon Blogger, but if not... HI!

I'm just here to trade a few of my unwanted Pokemon off to new owners ^-^, by this I mean the huge amount of egg move Poke's that are filling up my boxes.

See you guys around.


aka Lamia
Welcome to Serebii forums. :)

I'm sure you'll be around the trade section a lot then!! Hope you enjoy that.

If you have any questions, just VM me, I'll be glad to help out! :)


Shaymin Lover
You should have a good time here! Ask if you need anything!


New Member
Thanks for the welcomes everyone :) It all seems pretty simple, but I'll come to you if anything pops up!

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
They're gonna love you in the trade section.

Welcome and enjoy the forums :)


Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.