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Hello There :D

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Corinton, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Corinton

    Corinton Riddler

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Serebii forums, which is painstakingly obvious, but I figured it'd be best to get acquainted with everyone here. I've been playing Pokemon since the days of Red and Blue, and have loved every minute of it.

    Currently I own Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Soul Silver. Those are the mainstream games I own anyway.

    And in conclusion to this small Biography: I'm 20, I live in Western America, and I drifted here after being a member of a couple other forums and referred to Serebii.net and here I am.

    It's nice to meet all of you xD
  2. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Hello, Have fun and Follow/Read the Rules.

  3. Welcome!
    So you're a riddler, eh? I'd quite like to hear some of these riddles...
  4. Corinton

    Corinton Riddler

    Thanks for the welcomes. As for the riddles, well, on an older forum I used to visit a few of us would partake in riddles having to do with a particular game, or something specific in that game. Like if there was a Pokemon Riddle Thread here, someone could write a riddle about an item, specific NPC, or even a Pokemon.

    Not something you see every day,
    Nor something you can just buy,
    Not having one could be a source of dismay,
    Or an adventurous way to get what you want.

    They don't have to rhyme, though a lot of people like to. The answer to this one is: Master Ball. This is just a simple riddle with the lines being self-explanatory to the answer. You can only get one a game without cheating or Pal Parking, you can't buy it, if you don't have one it'd be a lot harder to catch certain Pokemon, and the adventurous way would be battling and trying to catch the Pokemon with an ultra ball.

    ^^Hopefully this description doesn't get me in trouble, as I didn't post a link, but described a game many play on the internet. Anyway there you go :D

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