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  1. undisputed_seraphim

    undisputed_seraphim 3.141592653589793238

    Does anyone here watch/like Hellsing? I love Hellsing!!!!

    Is it true that Hellsing is going to have a sequel/prequel soon? The current anime ended with a cliffhanger, so I suppose there should be a sequel... *hopes for a sequel*
  2. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    No. It will be re-made only with elements from the manga instead. The Anime did not folow the manga and Kohta Hirano wasn't exactly thrilled with it, so the chances of a sequel is slim. But the ultimate OVA will follow the manga, starring characters such as the Major, Doc, Schrodinger, Rip van winkle, Pip and Captain Hans...really the whole Millenium cast as far as we know.

    Anyways, I love Hellsing, more so the Manga than I do the Anime, but I hope that the OVA will change that.
  3. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    screw the tv series. They are pretending that series didn't even exist. Now they can start fresh with the ova and trust me, the OVA will kick ***. Like Ookami said, The manga is great and hopefully the OVA live up to the expectations.
  4. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    The first OAV is already out in Japan, just to let you know. Fifty minutes of bloodshed. Have to love it.

    If I'm not mistaken, the first one is due out by Geneon sometime this spring, along with the second OAV. Should be interesting to see how the sales turn out for it.
  5. undisputed_seraphim

    undisputed_seraphim 3.141592653589793238

    CAn't wait for it to come to s'pore...
  6. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    oh you didn't know that it got pulled back again till Feburary did ya? Other wise fansubb would been out already.

    If you talking about for America then no. It's fall of 2006 when it might be release.
  7. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Then why did I see a torrent for it at Tokyo Toshokan? o__0 And no, don't delete or edit this post, because I'm not actually giving the website to fansubs.

    Meh, whatever. I'll check back with you on that later.
  8. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    It offically said Feburary 10.
  9. Little_Pikachu

    Little_Pikachu With Action Amusing!

    Hellsing is one of the first animes I watched that sort of 'got me back into watching anime' after many years of not watching it so much, it was an awsome series, but if the new one follows the manga it'll be even more awsome, it's all like Alucard vs. Nazi's and stuff :}
  10. Cipher

    Cipher Nothing to be done

    If you've only seen the anime, then be prepared for an entirely different (and much better if you can handle it) experience with the OVA. I suggest reading the manga now to avoid culture shock when the OVA comes out.
  11. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    Well DUH! :p lol
  12. CM


    I loved the original anime series, though I'm still looking forward to the OVA.

    I've read about one volume of the manga, and it was very nice for me, so I expect the OVA to be just as good.
  13. undisputed_seraphim

    undisputed_seraphim 3.141592653589793238

    The manga isn't in Singapore, for various reasons I don't know. I sure hope Chuangyi decides to publish it though. And of course, I'd wait for the OVA.
  14. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    That's cause Dark Horse, who liscensed it, only liscensed it for American audience. though you can order it online from their store.
  15. undisputed_seraphim

    undisputed_seraphim 3.141592653589793238

    Whoa. [OPINION]Dark Horse = Misers[/OPINION].

    When was the OVA coming out again?
  16. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    No, just no. Dark Horse is one of the best, and arguably the best English company that license and translates manga. Have you ever even read any of their works that they have put out? If not, then don't talk about something that you know nothing about. You can still go online and buy it from them, so don't try that BS.

    I know that it is your opinion, but it's a ridiculous one.

    Febuary as TSC said, as I discovered that it was only the trailer that was up at website.

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