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Help Evolving Gengar and Dusclops + 3 ability patches


OG Trainer
Need help evolving these guys and at least 3 ability patches

what I have for trade

level ball x 1

lure ball x 1

heavy ball x 1

beast ball x 3

friend ball x 2

fast ball x 2

any mints up to 5 (if needed)

HA Rookiedee
HA Zubat (in dusk ball)
HA Chewtle (in net ball)
HA Farfetched
HA Snom (in dive ball)
HA Charmander (in repeat ball)
HA Bulbasaur (in nest ball)
HA Sableye (in dusk ball)
HA Squirtle (in moon ball)
HA Corsola (in love ball)
HA Goomy
HA Oranguru
HA Rockruff (in moon ball)
HA Eevee (in dream ball)
HA Passimian
HA Tympole
HA Galarian pontya
HA Fletchling (in repeat ball)
HA Carvahna (in dive ball)
HA Abra (in moon ball)
HA Dratini (in safari Ball)
HA Swinub (in dive ball)
HA Bagon (in quick ball)
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Pokemon Shield
Hello! I can help you with evolving your mons.