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Help for a future RPG wanted

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Ash_Junior, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Ash_Junior

    Ash_Junior Irredeemable Nerd

    hey guys, I had an idea for an RPG based off of EmeralDragon's Pokemon Camp, and I just wanted to see what you guys could think of improving.

    sorry it's a bit disjointed, but this is when I threw everything together for a possible sign-up. The bold stuff is the RPG stuff as I have it now.

    Hello, and welcome to the Camp Hope RPG! I am Ash_Junior, and I will be your host. Read through the above, since they’re basically the rules. There ARE a few more rules that I will enforce.

    The main camp will be the dorm vs. dorm, but at the very end, there will be a Pokemon tournament, and that will feature a tats-based battle system to be announced later. I WILL try to defeat you with the trainers that I use, but I can tell you right now that each Poke wil have a max of 4 moves, and the Pokes will be at the same level (I’m thinking 10-15, since lvl 5 doesn’t allow much room for anything besides attack, attack attack with no strategy). This is the ONLY timee levels/stats will be mentioned, but the characters won’t mention ‘em. We’ll have ‘em in the battle posts, so I know which battle I’m doing, and how you’re doing, but otherwise not.

    If we could do the battles through an Instant Messenger, then post the battles later would be REALLY nice. That way, you’d know everything that happens, and have a better and longer post. Which I like very much. I’d post the stats right after you post the battle, so everyone knows everything is on the up and up. If I mis-add the stuff, too bad. It’s posted. Once it’s posted, the results ae set in stone. I’ll ive you a copy of the battle report, though, so you can check it through for errors. In the Other section of the sign-up, put: Bunk's your Uncle.

    Btw, if we do th battle over IM/PMs, then you don’t have to have ANY description in it, just the attack that you want to use. Then when you type up your post, you can lesh it out, since you know what we’re both doing.

    I’m going to investigate Netbattle, and see if I can use that to do those battles, and then post the logs somewhere else. That would make things so much easier. If it has chat, then there could by some minor RP there, that you can flesh out when you type up a post.

    1) You WILL be a part of the Lunar dorm, and you WILL be a first-time camper. This means that your age is in a very narrow range, from age 10-12. this is non-negotiable.

    2) you won’t be able to choose your Pokemon. I will assign it to you, based on the quality of your profile, and the quality of your previous RPs (yeah, I will check)

    3) I AM THE LAW. My decisions are final (however, I can be persuaded). Oh, and don’t think of doing something stupid. My last RPG I had a TR vs. good team one, and when someone got out of line by stealing from the Pokemon Center (when I clearly said that TR was trying to keep a low profile), I had that guy arrested by the Global Police, and he was booted from the RPG. Ask Psychic about it. :p

    4) Your characters CAN try to slip past the trainers and try to catch other Pokemon. That’s within the rules, but unless you have a VERY good sneaking post, you won’t make it past the trainers, and you’ll have to be careful or your new Pokemon will be confiscated by the counselors until the end of camp (since you’re only supposed to have 1).

    5) if you guys want, after the camp RPG is over, we can have a journey RPG so you don’t have to drop all of your progress.

    6) NO SCRIPTS!

    7) I don’t want to hear any mention of levels or other stuff like that. Period.

    Sign ups:

    there are a limited number of slots available. since there are 60 people in the camp, there would be roughly 15 newbie trainers (you). So go ahead and be male or female to fill it up. I'm going to limit this to 10 so far. I'll fill in the names of the other 5 after sign-ups are filled (I will play one, but still 10 people, so actually 4 other newbies), and if someone drops out, then their character will either go home or be an NPC.

    if we are up to 10 players, and you want to sign up, your name will go on a waiting list, and you will be contacted. if we have a massive amount of people drop out, then I'll repost this....

    As for Pokemon, state which TYPE you want, not which specific Pokemon you want. I'll take that into consideration.

    Preferred Pokemon Type:

    link to Pokemon Camp:


    btw, I'm not looking for help to run this, just help to make this better.

    thanks in advance,

  2. IceWings

    IceWings Articuno+Subomi Rule

    Do you have any specific parts of the roleplay that you would like to improve on? I think that it would help people give you suggestions.

    In my oppinion, the roleplay is just fine as it is. It's a little lacking in the immense amounts of detail that seem to show up on this site, but that's just fine in my book. As long as it makes sense, and nothing happens that completely throws off the entire thing, I would like to join right now if at all possible.

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