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Help me choose a good party for Pokemon League

The Dragon Trainer

Dragons fly with Me
I started Emerald again and the pokemon i have at the moment are

1) ;302; level 27
2) ;227; level 20
3) ;281; level 25 and Grovyle level 26

I want to keep these pokemon but what would be the 2 best pokemon to add to this party so i can beat the pokemon league easily?

I was thinking starmie because i like that pokemon but i need the water type for surfing, and maybe a raichu so i can beat the 8th and 6th gym easily.


Well-Known Member
Get something that can pwn water, trust me! That last guy, wally or what ever that guys name was, annoyed me!! Get something that can pwn with electric moves.

Crazy Weavile

Um... your nose OK?
Manectric is better than Raichu, IMO. As for water, go for Walrein for its Ice type- Drake shall fall before it as a result.


Well-Known Member
Go ahead and train Starmie. It will help against various foes, and then its usefulness is still there for the Battle Frontier.


Armed with a Mind
Starmie's a good choice. (Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic). Famous moveset.

Sceptile can actually owned half of Wallace's pokemon (Whiscash, Wailord, Milotic <careful though, Milotic has high defensive stats also>) I'd prefer to take Manectric for the remaining place. Btw, Thunderbolt > Thunder. It may not as powerful as Thunder, but you don't want to see your moves keep missing the target. Thunderbolt's attack is also good, though.


Musical Insomnia
i would recommend kyogre but you don't have sapphire... yeah go with breloom or manectirc i don't really like starmie but... i suppose it would be helpful