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Help me convince my brother!


Well-Known Member
It's my birthday soon, and as a result my brother would offer to buy a DS game for me, and I chose Mystery Dungeon and I wondered if this game would be fun. Problem is, my brother won't buy this game for me, saying that he would prefer to buy the RPG series (Emerald, Sapphire and etc.) and that Mystery Dungeon is boring and etc. I respect his opinion (seeing as how HE'S buying the game for me) but I want to be able to convince him to buy me this game. So if you guys don't mind, what are some advantages it has over the RPG series that make it worth buying? Thanks in advance. (Please don't mention anything about Diamond and Pearl, as I'll probably buy that game by myself.)


Heart of Darkness
Umm... you get to play as
a pokemon... and thats kinda
fun...and its unique.

You'll get bored after a while though.
Still worth buying.

Good luck.


He's Back!
MD is crap, the RPG series are better. If he is offering to buy you a game, it should be your choice what to get anyway.


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In my opinion, if you haven't yet played R/S/E or FR/LG, then you are missing something big. PMD is a much inferior game when compared to the main games. Best not to buy PMD.


Vatonage Ranger
In MD, I was kinda bored while training myself and my partner there cause I got nervous when I finish Great Canyon(you will be out of the town until you defeat Moltres and Articuno). So, it's your choise.


PMD's kinda hard if you had a hard time in the RPGs or if you ever tried the RPGs and hard a hard time just playing it then i don't recommend buying PMD... but since it's a spin-off game there's probably not gonna be a sequel so far as i know...


Well-Known Member
Hmm, well it's HIS money to begin with and all so yea... but Emerald and whatever are no problem, seeing as I have ALL the pokemon RPG games from Silver/Gold/Crystal/Ruby/Emerald so yeah, I played the GBA demo at gamestop and was thinking the DS version would be fun....


The new tuxedo look!
Tell him PMD is cheaper.(even though it's not true)XD
No, tell him that you're bored of the RPG series, and that in PMD you get to be pokemon, you can get all 386 pokemon, and you comunicate with people all over the world.


herd u liek mudkips?
PMD = Best Game Ever.

And if he's giving you the choice, he should give you the choice. Besides, D/P hasn't come out yet, so what other main RPG games are there to buy for DS? No, there are none, only the side games.


< That's me! Hello!
PMD = Best Game Ever.

And if he's giving you the choice, he should give you the choice. Besides, D/P hasn't come out yet, so what other main RPG games are there to buy for DS? No, there are none, only the side games.

PMD =/= best game ever

Once you beat the story, it's pointless.


Well-Known Member
Mystery Dungeon Good Points:

Fun for awhile
You can get all 386 Pokemon
Nice storyline (for awhile)
Good graphics

Mystery Dungeon Bad Points:

Gets repetitive quickly
Storyline becomes crappy after awhile
You can't connect in any way to the other games
Graphics are crap sometimes.


Go Team Starlight!
well...MD does get a 'bit' boring after the storyline cuz you'll be just going to dungeons and rescuing...BUT!! that's not the only thing you can do, cuz you can also set a goal of recuiting all the pokemon in MD (which can be hard and challenging) and go to special dungeons like Purity Forest, which can be annoying and fun at the same time since you have to start at lvl. 1 w/o any items and it has 99/F. lol.

Overall, I think the gameplay is really cool and different in MD cuz there are many different items to use like the 'Gummies': raising pokemon IQs so they have more 'options' if they are your partner, 'sticks + rock's where you can 'throw' them besides attacking a pokemon, there are traps which can affect how you do, like 'sticky' trap makes ur items useless and you can't use them. and other many cool items to have that you can't get in the RPGs.
also there are more stragety play in MD than RPGs too. especially if your partner is a new recuit and is really lower lvl then you then you have to make sure they don't faint as well....or you'll lose them and have to recuit them again.

plus if you are defeated, you can also call for help WORLDWIDE using passwords to this site: http://dungeon.filb.de and the waiting doesn't take long. which the rpgs cannot do. ^^

so yea...MD is really cool! that's why I got it in the first place and I'm happy with it since it's quite different than the RPGs (besides RPGs can be quite as boring as well since it's just lvling up too + making pokemon stronger....~ xD ) So, it's a nice break avoiding playing RPGs all the time. ^____^


You are Judged
I'm totally confused. You said your bro was buying a DS game for ya. Since when did R/S/FR/LG/E become a DS game? It can be played on a DS concole but it is a GBA game.


Well-Known Member
It all depends on three major factors.
1) Availability: Is there a copy available that's nearby?
2) Cost: How much does it cost? Does your brother have enough money?
3) The Game: The points being proved in this Thread about the game.