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Help me || Important || Pokemon Ruby

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I am not sure what to do in regards to Pokemon ruby.
Gardevoir'S best psychic move is psychic, and confusion. Kadabra, while it can die immediately, it can learn psybean, psychic, confusion and psywave I believe.

What would you do? Ralts is level 18, only knows confusion, teleport, double team and like growl or something since it hasn't learned anyone quite good yet. What would you prefer if the two, and if I keep ralts into Gardevoir, what moves should I teach it? The best moves?

This is my lineup.

Shroomish (Level: 15)
-Bullet seed
-stun spore
-leech seed

It's evolve form is amazing, and I prefer it, since I can't find a better grass type.

Marshtomp (Level: 18)
-Rock Throw
-Mud Shot
-Waree Gun

Aron (Level: 18- Picked him over Makuhita)
-Metal claw
-Iron defense
-Mud slap

Tailow (Level: 18)
-Wing Attack
-Steel Wing
-Quick Attack

Zizagoon as my HM slave for cut surf etc.

Not sure who my last party should be. Should I teach my water starter waterfall or dice? Can you guys please give me the best moves for each of them? I love playing this after not playing it for so many years, and I want to do it right.


Orderan' Defendan'
The right way is the way you're most comfortable with, Mahdy. That's the the thing with ingame mons, there's a lot of room for creativity. Your lineup looks solid enough. In my opinion, i'd pick Gardevoir. She has a nice specially offensive movepool even in the old gens.

Waterfall may see a bit more power on Swampert depending, but both Waterfall and Dive could work out just as well so long as you pair it with EQ and another move of your choice, maybe Rock Slide or Ice Punch.

Hope I helped!


I would choose Gardevior because the special attack stat combined with a Psychic and TBolt combo is lethal. I would not teach your starter dive, I prefer surf but you can use waterfall too because it is another powerful water move. For your lineup I would go with
-Brick Break
-Giga Drain
-leech seed

Marshtomp (Swampert)
-Rock Throw/Slide
-Ice Beam

Aron (Aagron)
-Double Edge
-Dragon Claw
-EQ or Dig
-iron Tail

Tailow (Swellow)
-Aerial Ace
-Double Team

For your last pokemon I would suggest either Camerupt evolve him from numel but if you don't want that much ground types, Torkoal is a good replacement. You could also teach flamethrower to either Flygon, Altaria or Salamance.
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