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help me with my war team

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Windsor358, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Windsor358

    Windsor358 FriedChickenTrainer

    ive spent most of my time collecting and breeding and ive finally stopped procrastinating on building a competitive team. Ive put a lot of thought into this but theres still a few gray areas (including my 6th pokemon). any thoughts, criticism, or insight would be greaty appreciated, ive still yet to get my feet wet with competitive battling so i dont know whats gonna work or not. the first three are already bred and EV trained.

    also i suppose i should add that im gonna use this for the frontier and wifi battling

    1) Metagross @ life orb/?
    adamant nature
    EVs 252 hp/252 atk/4 def IVs: 27/22/24/19/26/21
    -bullet punch/meteor mash (priority vs power)
    -rock slide/thunderpunch
    -explosion/stealth rock/agility(?)
    notes: 396 atk. having kindof a tough time deciding between all the sweet moves he knows, but i guess overall i just want him to be a brutal attacker... theres so many moveset combinations for him that have infinite amount of benefits and concerns....

    2) togekiss @leftovers
    bold nature
    EVs: 252 hp/172 def/84 spdef IVs: 18/18/31/14/31/31
    -air slash
    -thunder wave
    -aura sphere
    notes: i feel a paraflinch togekiss might be kinda predictable... but togekiss was one of my favorites before i even knew about that set, so its a staple on my team.

    3) cresselia @leftovers
    calm nature
    EVs: 252 hp/ 204 def/52 spdef IVs: 18hp/25spdef, the rest suck
    -signal beam
    -ice beam
    -sleep talk
    notes: sleep talkin' wall. nuff said. kinda relying on the 70% chance sp atk boost from charge beam

    4) swampert @leftovers
    careful nature
    EVs 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SpD
    notes: curse tank. i feel like earthquake might be a bit forseeable but its kinda necessary... avalanche is nearly perfect for the second slot as it goes hand in hand with the speed drop from curse and takes care of flying types that earthquake cant. but i feel guilty about the fact that i have no water move in my entire team and swamperts got stab for it.....

    5)porygon z @choice specs
    timid nature, ability: adaptability
    evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    -tri attack
    -dark pulse
    -hidden power somethin' good/ice beam
    notes: late game hard hitting special sweeper. nasty plot is really tempting but i personally think trying to setup with a frail pokemon like this is pretty stupid, so choice specs gimme the power i want. the choice part aint so bad cause ill probably just use tri attack for everything, and it wont be quite as bad if i bring him in late game and know what im up against

    not sure what to do here... i was originally gonna do a garchomp but i dont wanna have an uber. ive kinda got room in my room for a physically bulky poke, speedy poke, or some sort of strategic pokemon. im strongly thinking about flygon w/ outrage, earthquake, u-turn, and stone edge/fire punch (but three pokes with strong earthquakes is a bit redundant) it might help me figure out what i wanna do with my metagross if i can take away rock slide and earthquake.
    but a baton pass pokemon could poentially be incredibly helpful... whether it be for attack, speed, or screens....

    as you can see ive been thinkin a lot about this. i really really look forward so seein what you guys think :)
  2. Flash-Sama

    Flash-Sama ...Nonsense

    I like Flygon but you shoudn't use equake on him

    I would also go with Salamence instead of Flygon but that's just me

    Or you could try a sub user like Gengar or Gliscor
  3. EvilTyranitar

    EvilTyranitar Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for a speedy pokemon for your 6th slot, I'd recommend crobat. Mine works wonders for me. Here's the set.

    Crobat @ Black Sludge
    Ability: Inner Focus
    EVs: 255 Hp / 255 Spd
    Nature: Careful
    -Confuse Ray
    -Super Fang

    You could tweak that however you want to, but that's what I use, and I love it. I hope it helps!
  4. Windsor358

    Windsor358 FriedChickenTrainer

    nahhh cant use salamence, i dont wanna use a garchomp because people will whine that i won cause im using an uber.
    garchomps better than salamence anyways, in my opinion. more hp and better speed. ill probably have one trained to battle in the frontier with though.
    havent really even thought about any substitute pokes.... hm.

    ive never ever even considered a crobat... but holy crap i just looked at the smogon page and im suprised
    i dont know if itll have a permanent spot on my team but im definitely gonna breed/train one now
  5. EvilTyranitar

    EvilTyranitar Well-Known Member

    I was a little iffy about crobat at first too, but I was really surprised by how effective it can be. I would definitely recommend at least trying it. Let me know how it goes!
  6. Windsor358

    Windsor358 FriedChickenTrainer

    im so impressed im literally getting stuff together to breed jolly zubats with brave bird, pursuit, and nasty plot (maybe whirlwind for fun)
    still blown away by the fact that crobat can learn stuff like heat wave (this one especially suprises me), super fang, nasty plot, brave bird, u-turn, roost, x-scissor, sludge bomb, pursuit, whirlwind, etc
    never would have thought in a million years id be breeding zubats lol
  7. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Swampert @ Leftovers
    Brave / Torrent
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Sp.Def
    • Waterfall
    • Earthquake
    • Avalanche
    • Curse

    Pretty standard.

    Thunderbolt and Ice Beam on Pory for BoltBeam.
  8. EvilTyranitar

    EvilTyranitar Well-Known Member

    Just a suggestion, if you're going to put brave bird and pursuit on your crobat, don't teach it nasty plot because it won't boost either of those attacks
  9. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Crobat can also be a good Special Sweeper , if need be.

    Crobat @ Wise Glasses
    Modest / Inner Focus
    252 Sp.Atk / 140 Speed / 116 HP
    • Nasty Plot
    • Shadow Ball
    • Air Slash
    • Heat Wave

    EV's provide some extra Bulk since you need little investement in Speed. Max Special Attack and Modest for some extra damage output. Set up and sweep.
  10. Windsor358

    Windsor358 FriedChickenTrainer

    lol i know i just like getting carried away with eggmoving. im just doin it cause i can lol (and im already gonna breed them with honchcrow father), i could rightfully breed some timid ones with more spec attack oriented moves but its good moves are mostly TM or tutor stuff anyways
    id definitely prefer a physical set with crobat though, even though he is definitely useable as a special sweeper.

    also with the swamperts set i may just end up swapping rest for waterfall, but i wanna see how rest pans out in competition.... if he does end up being nice defensively i can keep him alive for more sweeping. but if rest ends up being a hassle i wont keep it. also ill probably consider giving him the berry that wakes them up immediately for free rest after a few setup curses
  11. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    Actually it is best to just use the team you currently have or intend to have and pit against someone that is good in battling. From there you know which Pokemon you want to include in.

    Other people suggestions may not work for you. Everyone has different taste for battle ready Pokemon.
  12. EvilTyranitar

    EvilTyranitar Well-Known Member

    Well Windsor is obviously looking for other people's advice since he posted his team on "Rate My Team" and titled it "help me with my war team". We're not forcing him to do anything. We're just giving suggestions of what we think will help him, and he can take them or leave them.

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