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help me with Wi-Fi connection plz

ancient pray

You. Will. Be. Mine.
Hi, I just installed my Nintendo Wi-Fi USB stick, and I tried to make connection with it.
I touched the "nintendo wifi connection settings" and then pressed "connect to your nintendo wifi USB connector".
It then says that it needs to find the connector, and after waiting for 4 seconds, it finds the connector. "the sysem will now initiate a connection test. tap OK to begin".
So, I tab the "OK" button, it then makes connection, and the little thingie in the screen turns green, showing I have connection. But after a while, it becomes RED and loses connection! "error code 52103, check support.nintendo.com for help", so I go, mad as hell (because I keep losing connection) to that site, and as I thought, it doesn't make me a bit about my problem (surprise surprise...).
So can someone help me?
I know some of you have experienced the same stupid problem as I have, because on that help site alot of ppl keep asking aout this error code, and of course Nintendo doesn't respond. Can some of you help me? What do I have to do?

EDIT: of course I've alread granted permission to myself, so don'tsay I need to do that please.