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Help please? (wi-fi problems)


Active Member
Hello everyone.
I am constantly having problems with my DS online.
I can only connect with certain people with no problems,
however with some other people, It automatically disconnects (if i invite it dc's them, if they invite it dc's me)
This is quite frustrating, as i can not connect with some specific people i would like to battle, trade etc >.<
Yes, i have re-set my router.
I have also tried my neighbour's router, the same thing happens.
Any suggestions how to fix this?
Any help much appreciated.

Is an Error Code being displayed on screen when the DS fails to connect? You can shed some light on what may be causing the error by entering the said code in on this help site (see "Error Code Lookup" on the left pane).

If you are having problems connecting to certain people, then I think one of the usual culprits was a firewall blocking the incoming connection. Best check the site though, it's been awhile since I dealt with any DS Wi-Fi issues..


Active Member
Yes, error code 86420 is displayed when it disconnects me.
When i invite, my opponent get's dc'd, not me.