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Help please

Hey, can anyone review my deck? Thanks.



4 tepig
1 pignite
3 emboar
2 mewtwo ex
3 rayquaza ex
2 reshiram


2 super rod
4 pokemon catcher
2 heavy ball
2 ultra ball
4 cilan
3 switch
2 energy retrieval
4 professor juniper
3 N
4 rare candy

10 fire
5 electricity

Objective is to get out boar and rayquaza. Cilan for electric and fire then boar to add as much fire as is needed to ko any opponent. So far it has worked really well. Opinions?


Kanto Region Champ
Since last night I've been building rayboar for fun (that and catcher nerf is going to make this deck more competitive in the coming months), 7 supporters isn't enough to caring the deck, cilan isn't needed, 1 max, reason behind this as e.search does a better job w/o wasting the supporter turn you could use to get a bigger hand for more fire energy overall. Heavy ball is okay, but would rather suggest level ball as it grabs tepig and mr.mime which is needed more when setting up emboar, lots of people like the 1 heavy ball and 1 level ball idea but that's up to you. 4 catcher is okay but to note its a flip and may cause a game, since rayquaza is pretty much the op beast it doesn't really need the use of catcher to mow down whatever is in the way and escape rope and float stone would do a better job is most to some cases. and last but not least superior e. retevial, its better overall. And tool scrapper so you can hit off the dmg against garbodor, cause that will shut you down.
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