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Help. Plz.

Help me with this team I'm trying to make a good competitive team and I was wondering if this worked. I don't really have any pokemon from d/p but so yeah tell me what to change and if it's good or whats bad or whatever.

Slaking w/adamant nature
holding:choice band

-Double edge
-Shadow ball
-Focus punch

A decent moveset. Slaking has amazing hp and Can be a good pokemon to switch into power attacks with because he can take a hit. I'll max out his EVs on speed and atk and put the rest into his HP.

Umbreon w/ calm nature

-Baton pass
-Mean look

Standerd toxi-trapper. Wish to bp to other pokemon when they need it. Also makes a good combo with my next pokemon if done right. Max out evs in hp and put the rest in def and sp def

Altaria w/ calm nature

-Perish song

A decent wall for attks. Use after umbreon sets up the trap. Perish song. Protect. 3rd turn switch out. And use rest to recover hp if it gets too low. Once his hp is raised to 352 put the rest of evs in def and sp def

Shiftry w/mild nature
holding: lum berry

-Solar beam
-Sunny day
-hp [fire]

Throw him in when you know opponent will be forced to switch. Sunny day and start sweeping. Hp fire to take out any steel walls.STAB solar beam. Explosion for when hp gets too low. Clorophyl for speed raise.

Milotic w/ bold nature

-Ice beam
-Sleep talk

Good for dragons and a decent wall. Use rest to activate marvel scale sleep talk to attk. Split evs between hp and def or sp def.

Weezing w/ Impish nature
holding: Lefties

-Pain split
-Sludge bomb

The hazer for my team aswell as a good pyswall. Give levitate switch in to take earthquakes. Distribute Evs between hp atk and def.

Okay party ppl so whatchu think of my team.