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Help. (Sorry for making so many threads.)

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Riolu boy

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Okay first off im sorry for making so many threads. But I just need help one last time.

I cant figure out how to catch Aipom in Altering Cave. On Serebii.net it just says that it has to do something with mystery gift or something like that. So I just want to know, how do I get Aipom?


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It isn't possible to change Pokemon in Altering Cave by any means I'm aware of. I believe it is a feature that was never implemented.

Riolu boy

Well-Known Member
Then why does it say so on Serebii.net?


You have to have Altering Cave activated at a Nintendo event. But I don't think they have that anymore.


formerly R. New
It either has something to do with Mystery Gift or the E-Reader (I've heard both). one is difficult to activate, one is impossible, so I wouldn't worry myself about it if I were you.


You have to use the mystery gift at a nintendo event and you can change the pokemon there....IM BACK DUDES!!


true love
There you have it, your answer.

And ahmad_bulba, don't scream in a random thread that you're back.
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