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HELP - Team not valid for ranked battles


New Member
Hello everyone!

I am back to Pokemon games (started as a kid with Red, then Yellow, Gold and a bit of Black) with Shield.
I just finished the main story and the 2 DLCs. Now I am ready to go online.
I tried a few friendly battles without problems, but once I try to go to the ranked ones it tells me my team is not valid.

-Incineroar NOT VALID
-Primarina NOT VALID

I understand I can get only one legendary (Lunala or Zekrom) right?
But I still can't get why I cannot have nor Incineroar nor Primarina

Please help!

Thank you

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
Do Lunala, Incineroar and Primarina have the Alola symbol (+)? Transferred Pokémon can’t be used in ranked battles unless they have the battle ready symbol obtained from the battle tower. Without knowing more that would be my first suggestion to look for.


Older Pokemon Trainer
As Det. Viper said above check to make sure that they have the battle ready symbol from battle tower. Also, with ranked battles they rotate rulesets, so there's always a chance that Pokemon may work one season, and then not be allowed for the next season. Be sure to check the rules for the season and see what it says, since I have run into this before with the pokemon Magnezone.