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Help with 6th pokemon


Team Armageddon
Hi on Diamond i recently completed the Pokemon league with a team of:


however after doing this i started evolving pokemon and got Riolu to evolve at lv10, i have trained Lucario up a couple of levels, i don't know whether to have it on my team or not.

if i do it would replace Skuntank however my team is all at lv60 now, Lucario is lv15, and i have a Steel type and Fighting type.

Would it be better to use Skuntank or use Lucario with a good moveset?

Any help greatly appreciated


Custom User Title
Go with Lucario, the special sweeper version because you have a few physcal attackers already....I forget the moves exactly..(though it depends on his nature and if your willing to breed for a better one)

Lucario@Life Orb/Expert Belt
Nature: Modest
Ability: Inner Focus
---Aura Sphere
---Dragon Pulse
---Focus Blast

I THINK...this is what i think it is...you'll need someone to veryfy.


Pokemon Master
I'd Go with lucario too. But I'd give him a different item then life orb, because his hp and defenses aren't all that great.