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help with a poliwrath


on my tummy
im about to work on training a wrath, so i need some help with the moves. heres what i got so far:

??? nature
-ice beam
-submission/brick break (idk which is better, more accuracy or more power, although its a pretty small difference), and maybe even focus blast
-and i need something to take down psychics, or something else good and powerful

im a little confused about the last spot, because, according to the D/P Dex, he can learn psychic, but not shadow ball... oh well. so you guys know what to do.

ok, thanx in advance..


Arcane Trainer
Poliwrath@Choice Band
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)
Trait: Water Absorb

Brick Break
Ice Ball?
Rock Slide


on my tummy
why not ice beam over ice ball? rollout-esque moves suck. i like rock slide, but waterfall can be switched with surf, right? its stronger, and a much better HM. ill go with brick break.

anyways, are his stats good in general?


My poliwrath has Earthquake/Hypnosis/Focus Punch/Surf its good


Arcane Trainer
Oops. I thought Ice Ball was like the physical version of Fury Swipes/Rock Blast. Never mind then.


My suggestion is

Poliwrath@Life Orb/ Leftovers
Adamant Nature
-Brick Break
-Rock Slide
A Physical Poliwrath which is what he leans towards.
However, I would not really use him as his stats are not that great and his movepool is limited. This guy could really get an improvement. They need to give him Ice Punch and Swords Dance so he can do something.