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Help with EV placing

Metallic Spark

2 hawt 2 b stalked
Can someone help me place out EV's on my team please? ^^

And before you say something, I used to have Sapphire (but not anymore), and i don't have anything to link to my colosseum on gamecube, so I'm stuck with the items you get on LG..

Those not in bold are doneish.

I guess these are the best you can get:
Leftovers x2
Kings rock
Lax Incense
Focus Band xmachokes

Psyshocker (Alakazam@Focus Band)
Modest Nature
-Ice Punch
-Fire Punch
Notes: Focus Band for that extra little sweeping attack chance XD
I guess I'll have to max out SAtk and Spd, right?

Wyboffet (Wobbuffet@Some kind of berry)
Bold Nature
-Mirror Coat
-Destiny Bond
Notes: Max Def and SDef

Exeggcrush (Exeggcutor@Leftovers)
Relaxed Nature
-Light Screen
-Leech Seed
Notes: Max hp, 100 Def and SDef + 50 SAtk

Sandsweepa (Sandslash@Lax Incense)
Jolly or Impish Nature
-Rock slide
-Double Team
-Swords Dance
Notes: Combined with Tyranitar in a double battle puts Sandsweepa’s trait to use, thanks to Tyranitars. But this won’t let this Sandshrew use earthquake, because then he might like eliminate his partner :p.... but meh, Dig with STAB is ok for me... Ev’s here? Dunno where to put them...:/

Tyranock (Tyranitar@Leftovers)
Impish, Brave, Relaxed, Sassy or Careful Nature
-Rock Slide
Notes: Since Tyranock is partnered up with Sandslash, I’ll have to choose if I want to use Dig or EQ since if I use both It'll be x2 damage against Sandslash. Anyway, About the EV’s here I think it's HP and SDef since Curse fixes the Def thingy...But I'm not sure..:/

Gigadragon (Dragonite@Kings Rock)
HELP on Nature
-Steel Wing
Notes: Help on Nature..And this is the hardest one for me....I think it’s better to put them Effort points on Attack, since Outrage is powerful enough + STAB..but This is the one I need the most help on...:(

And please don’t tell me to change moves on combos that are obvious like (safeguard + outrage + rest) and (Ingrain + Leech Seed + Leftovers) because I’m not changing them...I have them for fun....Me want help with EV’s, not moves....though I don’t mind if you suggest some minor attack replacements...

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in-game is that way


Metallic Spark

2 hawt 2 b stalked
in-game is that way


Meh, I tried ingame first, where I didn't get much help (actually no help at all)

And this team is for fighting meh rl friend.....I already have an ingame team with screwed up EV's... XD
Also, thanks for the HP help thing Nooblet ^^

C'mon SOMEBODY I really need this help now...


nooblet said:
Max HP on wobbuffet ALWAYS
Max defences are better than max hp because it helps you survive two turns.


prophecy fulfilled
urr no.

Max Hp is better as you hit harder with Counter and Mirror coat, and it helps you survive for longer taking hits from both attacking sides


HP Fly from max Atk CB Salamence does;
a) 41-48% to Max Def, 0 Hp Wobba.
b) 52-61% to Max Hp, 0 Def Wobba.
c) 43-50% to Max Hp, 128 Def Wobba.