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Help with my Gravity double team, first post.


New Member
Hello there, i am new in the forums but it's been ages since i follow the website.
This is my first post and i decided to dedicate it to my new team under construction.

I'd like to have advices since it is still to be confirmed, by now i tested it for two days getting a 14 - 2 yesterday ( against average rating players and mostly against straightforward strategies) and a 2 - 5 today (losing 4 times against tailwind users).
This is the Gravity team as of now:


Sableye : sablenite
Prankster --- magic bounce
Def 252 HP 144 spD 112
Careful NAture
- Gravity
- Knock Off
- Will o Wisp
- Recover

So this guy is my main gravity user, obviously, having a prankster gravity is far too great. The question is: why sablenite? Just for a reason, i prefere sablenite to mental herb mostly against taunt prankster users, cause when they taunt (and usually it is obvious they will) you will prevent it by megaevolving and using the move you need, thus both getting priority and bouncing the taunt. It happened many times against thundurus for example.
The other moves are pretty simple, knock off revealed itself to be very important when the opponent thinks sableye did what he had to and so he loses items being outguarded.

Greninja : life orb
252 spatk 252 spe the rest in spdf
Timid Nature

- Hydro pump
- Gunk Shot
- Blizzard
- Mat block

This is the main abuser in gravity, usually it comes as a start if against salamence, landorus, garchomp etc. together with sableye, all of its attacks are very powerful, but only under gravity effect since their accuracy will boost to 100, mat block is pretty situational and a niche move, but it saved me at times with is unpredictability. The ninja is also usefu cause no one (until now) expects gunk shot and powerful fairy pokemons are usually kept against it (like gardevoir or sylveon) and die relentlessly without even noticing.


Gengar : gengarite
252 hp 252 spe the rest in spatk
Timid Nature
Levitate --- shadow tag
- protect
- hypnosis
- hex
- focus blast

This is one of my favourite, usually a starter together with Sable or a special Landorus (that you will see later), under gravity it wrecks teams with hypnosis, just start with gravity and transform hypnotizing the counter to gengar (or protect if you have a scarfer waiting for sableye to knock it off first) and then start killing everyone preventing them to escape with shadow tag. Hex is very powerful to burnt or sleeping enemies and focus blast gets a 100 accuracy (as hypnosis of course) and covers many things. Protect is always very useful in doubles.


Landorus - T : choice scarf
atk 252 spe 252 the rest in hp
Adamant nature

- Rock Slide
- earthquake
- U turn
- Gravity

I took this build from a person online and its very strong, you usually start with gengar, either earthquaking and protecting or graviting and escaping, the best trick was together with a sableye, as i've seen skarmory in my oppo's team, i started with landorus and sableye, he started with a heatran and another guy, i predicted the switch into skarmory so i did gravity with sable and quake with landorus, doublekoing both its skarmory and the other pokemon. And then when you double with gengar they will never think about taunting landorus, and so most of the times you will get a free gravity and wreck the team with the advantage.


Tornadus : focus sash
252 spe 252 spatk
timid nature
- Taunt
- Tailwind
- Heat wave
- Hurricane

This is a recent addition, especially after having seen my difficulties against tailwind users, i was thinking about how to counter it and so i decided to put a tailwind user too that had some sinergies with gravity too.
Life orb is used by greninja so i opted for the sash since tornadus gets so easily 0koed, hurricane is perfect against rain and under gravity, heat wave gets some coverage but this guy is mostly used for tailwind and he gets in when i am sure that the opponent is going to use tailwind.

Goodra : assault vest
252 hp 252 spatk
modest nature
- draco meteor
- thunder
- focus blast
- fire blast

this is my last team member and gets in only a few times, only after rain teams and sun teams (even if they are not so popular nowadays), i didn't give him sap sipper cause all the goodras that are around are known for the sap sipper ability and so opponents will play against it, but then instead i have an anti rain ability that protects me well against a cloro venusaur or whatsoever (two in one), he is a fantastic special wall and gets 3 moves that are really strong under gravity, and thunder is pretty useful in rain too, furthermore he can get tons of hits by a charizard y without dying, and he can double ko it with thunder, he gets in only in special occasion but when he does he is unstoppable.

So this is my current team, but i am very open to advices and i am trying to get the best of it, by now my "maybe" members are goodra and tornadus, i am trying them and they can be changed if somebody gives me a better idea for their purpose. If you want i have videos of a lot of games, both wins and losses. Just tell me.

And thanks everybody for keeping this website alive and well.


Well-Known Member
Is this a Battle Spot Doubles or Smogon Doubles team? Dual megas is not ideal for Smogon Doubles, nor on Battle Spot if you're trying to use Sableye for Gravity. If this is Battle Spot you are also wasting EVs on Sableye.

What are you accomplishing with Sableye's EV spread? Why max HP on Gengar? I assume you just forgot the last 4 EVs on the last 2 Pokemon? If not, be sure to add them in as it could come in handy at some point.

Gravity teams can be cool but with your movesets you are extremely reliant on it, so if it expires or you can't set it up, you could be in a lot of trouble relying on low accuracy moves. You may want to reconsider some of these moves based on how your opponents deal with your team.

Greninja should have Protect over Mat Block. Run a Naive (or Hasty) nature since you are mixed. Gunk Shot is fine, but it is often expected on Greninja.

Landorus should probably have a bit of bulk to survive a +1 Life Orb Sucker Punch from Bisharp. 12 HP EVs and 92 in Def is the most common spread to accomplish this. You can then just reach whatever speed tier you want (for example, 180 EVs lets you outspeed base 130s like opposing Mega Gengar and Crobat), and max the rest out in attack.

I'm not sure how this Goodra helps against Chlorophyll Venusaur.

What's your Trick Room counter if you can't successfully Taunt?