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Help with my team please.


New Member
I currently just got into competative battling. I have been playing Pokemon for years tho. Anyways. Im thinking of using

Scizor - Physical Sweeper
Aggron - Tank
Torterra - Drainer/Staller
Magnetzone - Special Sweeper
Vaporeon - Hazer
Dragonite - Sweeper

I know how EVs work and for the most part IVs. So I don't need help with those. And movesets would be nice but not needed. I just really wanna know if these pokemon could make a decent team. Tell me if I should switch some pokemon or change thier roles or whatever.


New Member
both your sweepers sitting at base 60 speed, u need either a fast sweeper or a bper to boost up your speed. i'd replace magnetzone with a bper, or replace scizor with another faster physical sweeper.


New Member
yep, but as soon as you evolve, u lose that 105 base, the stats are recalcuated using the new base. i tried jolly with 252 spd, still has trouble with fast fire types.