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Help with Pokedex?


Local Cryptid
Hey I'm currently looking to finish up my Pokedex. If you're willing to touch trade any on the list below, please tell me! I can help out with your Pokedex if you need Eevee exclusives, or the entry for Articuno. (No trading for keeps; I just need the entries.)

I need:
Poliwhirl, Shellder, Omastar, Magmar
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Pokemon Connoisseur
Hey i need omanyte. And I have gengar or any Eevee exclusives you might need. I do need an oddish or ditto. Otherwise I'm trying to get a mew.


Pokemon Connoisseur
Give you magmar for a mew touch? I have poliwhirl, and shellder but need back
Need an oddish also


Well-Known Member
Nidoqueen,Nidorino,Nidoking,Clefable,Ninetales,Exeggutor,Weezing,Seaking. Anyone have these thanks in advance