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Help with Silver Trench and Western Cave.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Darthkirby707, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Darthkirby707

    Darthkirby707 YINGER-HINGER-DURGEN

    Hey, I need some help organizing my team and inventory for Silver Trench and Western Cave.

    My high-level pokemon-

    Blastoise- Level 81
    Moves- Ice Beam, Surf, Attract, Hydro Pump (Trying to get Earthquake)
    IQ 5

    Articuno- Level 59
    Moves- Powder Snow, Agility, Ice Beam, Blizzard

    Moltres- Level 52
    Moves- Wing Attack, Ember, Endure, Flamethrower

    Zapdos- Level 47
    Moves- Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Peck, Thunderbolt

    Ho-oh- Level 50
    Moves- Fire Blast, Safeguard, Gust, Recover

    Groudon- Level 37
    Moves- Slash, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Dig

    Blaziken- Level 39
    Moves- Peck, Dig, Quick Attack, Flamethrower
    IQ 6

    Kyogre- Level 25
    Moves- Water Pulse, Ancientpower, Body Slam, Surf

    Latios- Level 30
    Moves- Psychic, Ice Beam, Solarbeam, Thunderbolt

    Latias- Level 28
    Moves- Psywave, Surf, Ice Beam, Attract

    Rayquaza- Level 45
    Moves- Twister, Dragon Dance, Crunch, Fly

    Quagsire- Level 32
    Moves- Yawn, Slam, Surf, Waterfall

    Ludicolo- Level 33
    Moves- Nature Power, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Attract

    I only listed the IQ if it was decent. Everyone else's is probably 1, maybe 2. None of my pokemon have Trap Seer, and only Blaziken and Blastoise have Trap Avoider

    Items aren't a problem, I have the Tight Belt and Friend Bow, and No-Stick Cap. TMs aren't too hard to get either, so tell me if there's a TM move one of my pokemon needs.

    So please just tell me what team I should have for each dungeon, and what toolbox set-up. Thanks a lot!

    EDIT: Blastoise is now lv 81, and which one of his moves should I replace for Earthquake?
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2007
  2. mewfanforlife

    mewfanforlife Well-Known Member

    You need reviver seeds for Silver Trench. The Dewgong hit almost constantly with Sheer Cold.
  3. Powder snow on Articuno should get you through both caves easily. Just give it around 60 clear gummis and it will get trap seer. Sky Tower is the best place to find them.

    If you want to use Blastoise, your highest level pokemon, bring a few petrify orbs for monster houses. Earthquake's accuracy is not that reliable. I made it through Silver Trench with a L.50 Mudkip with the help of a few petrify orbs.

    I also suggest bringing plenty of throwing objects. A few reviver seeds, apples, and your usual toolbox set up should be fine.
  4. Commander Blitzkrieg

    Commander Blitzkrieg Sentry Down!

    You'll want Zapdos for your leader. and for partners, bring Bastoise and if you can level him up, Ludicolo.
  5. Garmmon

    Garmmon FUN :D

    You'll want (and probably need) Reviver seeds. They're utmost important! They make you live. Throw in some food too. In Silver Trench, Blue Gummis and Grimy Foods don't appear after around 30F or so. (around there; I'm not too sure) And remember the Max elixirs; there're damn many traps in Silver Trench, including PP-Zero, and you'll die without PP. If possible, give your leader a Trap Scarf. There are only Max Elixirs until 20-something F. Might want to bring a Cleanse Orb too. No-Stick Cap is useless. Bring Electric or Grass types, they'll tear through the dungeon! If you're grass, watch out for ice though. For both dungeons, try to put your partner's Trap Avoider on to prevent stepping on traps again, especially some like Explosion/Selfdestruct.

    For Western Cave, bring food too! The few food you'll find here are seeds, berries, and the stat drinks. And Max Elixirs. Bring X-Ray specs if you're looking for stuff like Keys. For Western Cave, try to make sure your team has levels of at least Lv 40-50.
  6. Shine

    Shine Guest

    Umm... how is No-Stick Cap useless? It's my second favourite item, after Tight belt :p

    I *seem* to remember finding a grimy food on L1, but that might just be my imagination.

    Another good way to avoid traps is giving your Leader Trap Seer, although it does take up quite a few gummis (if you're a grass type though, try Uproar forest - they have HEAPS of gummis there!)

    EDIT: Awesome bishie Garmmon, but I have to disagree with you on the raws :p
  7. Garmmon

    Garmmon FUN :D

    Ok, I find it useless, but other people will find it otherwise...^^'
    Grimy foods are quite common in silver Trench though till about 30F. Then it's either they get rare or don't appear anymore, because I never really bothered to note down all the stuff I saw. :p

    Grass Type and Bug types should go to Uproar Forest to get all the Gummis. Magma Cavern has Red, Silver, Grey and some others. Silver Trench/Stormy Sea (not sure) have Blue gummis.

    Lol, I love raws. At least, I like raws because I'm learning Japanese. And Pegasmon is an awesome bishie too. : D
  8. Shine

    Shine Guest

    Ah, good, it wasn't my imagination :D

    My guide tells me that floor 31 + won't have any food in any way, shape or form. There are gummis in shops in Western Cave though, if you're lucky

    Don't forget Sky Tower for all your Purple/Clear/Gray/Sky/Pink Gummi needs :p

    Yeah, I had real trouble deciding between him and Cherubimon (<3) but I couldn't find any good pics of Cherubimon for a sig
  9. Darthkirby707

    Darthkirby707 YINGER-HINGER-DURGEN

    Okay, right now my team seems like it'll be:

    Articuno or Zapdos

    Also, does Western Cave have many traps? Will I need Trap Seer for either dungeon? And which dungeon has lots of blue gummis, which dungeon has lots of clear ones, which dungeon has lots of yellow gummis, and which one has lots of green gummis? Also, what move should I delete for Earthquake (on Blastoise)
  10. Garmmon

    Garmmon FUN :D

    You bet it does. Though in my experience, Silver Trench is worse. Try to switch your teammates' Trap Avoider on, so that they don't retrigger traps.

    Trap Seer isn't a must, but it'll be VERY helpful in both dungeons, especially Silver Trench, which is full of annoying traps like PP Zero.

    You can find Blue gummis in Silver Trench (until 30F), Clear gummis in either Frosty Forest or Mt. Freeze (dunno which one, might be both) and Sky Tower, Yellow gummis in Mt. Thunder, Green gummis in Uproar Forest. (Just curious, who are the Green Gummis for?)

    What moves does your Blastoise know?

    I like Cherubimon too. <3
  11. Darthkirby707

    Darthkirby707 YINGER-HINGER-DURGEN

    Blastoise's moves are in the first post.
  12. LUK3

    LUK3 Well-Known Member

    And if you run out of reviver seeds and die, Pm me with the SOS mail code and I'll come rescue you.


    Edit:Rank up!!
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2007
  13. tinypearl32

    tinypearl32 Vegeon Trainer

    A Long List of Advice

    Oh my freakin'- YES, you really ought to have Trap Seer. Or Trap Scarf. Failing that, have your leader be the Pokémon who doesn't have Trap Avoider- then you'll set off the trap anyway, but your teammates will avoid it. I really like having an X-Ray Specs, but my lead is a Lvl. 95 Meganium with maxed IQ, so I can afford to go item-hunting. I would suggest bringing a few huge apples and one or two Max Elixers, and DEFINITELY more than three reviver seeds. (I brought two, and a Dewgong got me with a Sheer Cold; scared the pants off me because I hadn't fainted in a Dungeon in a long time).

    About the items in Silver Trench: Max Elixers stop coming after floor 20, and Blue Gummies and Grimy food stop after floor 30. (I have the guide book.) There's a bunch of throwing items and orbs on the rest of the floors, but if you see a TM, it's a good idea NOT to go in that room, because it's almost guaranteed that it'll be a Monster House. The TM's are pretty cool to use a Trawl Orb on though (I got two Psychics and two Thundershocks on my first trip) (throughout the whole dungeon, not in one Monster House. Thought I should clarify). Ignore the Returns, Taunts, and Safeguards; they're not worth the Inventory space. There's Poké to be found throughout, and if you collect it all, you'll have 15-20 thou by the time you're done.

    Western Cave Items: There're a ton of Keys (handy) and Reviver Seeds (awesome) throughout the Dungeon. No food that I recall, though. (*laugh* I remember eating reviver seeds to fill my Belly, there were so many). There's a ton of Stat-boosting drinks (Protein, Calcium, etc.) found on all levels. Rawst, Oran, and Pecha Berries are quite common. There are random Kecleon Shops (which sell Gummies and Stat Drinks) that generally aren't worth bothering with. Again, there's Poké. Lots of it. And a locked room on floor 59, with a Beauty Scarf (evolves Feebas, you might not want to use a key on it (or an inventory slot) but there are sooooooooo many keys...)

    Team- I would suggest:
    Ludicolo (leader)- Nature Power/Facade, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Water Pulse/Surf
    Blastoise- Ice Beam, Surf, Hydro Pump, Facade
    Zapdos- Facade, Peck/Drill Peck/Aerial Ace/Fly, and two out of Thunderbolt, Thundershock, and Shock Wave
    You'd notice that Facade is a common theme; I find that it is by far the best normal-type TM out there. It has 12 PP so that might be an issue. For Zapdos, any Flying type move would be a good idea; Peck has a high PP, but the others have more power. About the electric moves:
    Thunderbolt- high PP, low power
    Thundershock- medium PP, low power, can affect all foes around you
    Shock Wave- low PP, high power, ranged attack
    I'd say, probably Thunderbolt and Shock Wave, but Thundershock's good in a Monster House.
    For Blastoise, I only don't like Earthquake because it affects you teammates, too. On a solo mission, it would kick (well, you know.)

    Monster Houses: I don't remember that many being in Western Cave, but there were at least eight in one round of Silver Trench. Three of them were one-room MHs. It really sucks when the stairs are in a MH room... *sad*
  14. Draknir

    Draknir Team Popplio

    I recommend getting a pokemon to Lv.100 and go in alone, due to the off chance you can recruit them on the first try.
  15. tinypearl32

    tinypearl32 Vegeon Trainer

    For Lugia, you can recruit it first try. I did. But for Mewtwo, you have to wait until the second time you beat the dungeon to get it.

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