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Help with team?


Do The Tevez!
Ok i really need help with my team (mainly items etc. but watever). My record is 32-30 on wi-fi and i'm struggling getting any consitency, can anyone help.

any ? i leave means that i need that space filling in. Oh and i'm not putting EV's in.

anyway here is my team:

Electivire@Shell Bell
Motor Drive

Brick Break
Iron Tail

Electivire has a bit of everything here just to hit anything a least for some neutral damage.

Salamence@Focus Sash

Draco Meteor
Dragon Claw

Salamence mainly has some SPATK moves here but i put Dragon Claw so even after i use Draco Meteor that will be my one move that isn't effective.

Serence Grace

Aura Sphere
Air Slash

I really can't think of anything here!


Tri Attack
Ice Beam
Nasty Plot

Special Sweeper, boost with Nasty Plot then hit hard with my 3 attacks

That is all i've got at the moment i need 2 more Pokemon, movesets appreciated. i'm open to anything but i'm playing Pearl so i can't get Platinum moves. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!


Well-Known Member
go leftovers instead of shell bell, generally much more useful. Probably would want to go leftovers on Togekiss also.

EV's would be useful to know what exactly these pokemon are attempting to do. EV's are crucial knowledge for team rating.