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help with the pal park

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yes, once you transfer them to D/P they are no longer on 3rd gen games and cannot go back.

Lugia rules

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Old Coot
Uh, they don't "trade." They transfer over. And you cannot obtain nor transfer before obtaining the National Dex. They're obtainable ONLY in the Pal Park.


all the data/codings of all the 386 GBA pokemon are already in the Safari Zone Pal Park in the DP. so YOU MUST insert the corresponding GBA Pokemon in your DS or it could mess the codings.

If you have Japanese insert the Japanese GBA.

Once you inserted the GBA, the 6 pokemon will trigger their respective data thus releasing them in the battlefield. Then, DP has a script that will "command" the GBA game packs to release the triggered pokemon (that's why you should be in the Pokemon Center and can shoos with the PC as it has the "release" option). this is also triggers the corresponding codings for the wild version for the DP (IE. FireRed for Magby)

That's what I heard on the secrets of the PalPark. im not sure but it convinced me, for some reason. i dont know about you. sorry
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Queen of Ice
Yes u do and u cant put them back on that game either
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