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Help with Youtube Videos


Rub My Belly?
I make youtube videos as a side hobby mainly of video game footage

For some reason the audio is Extremly De Synched and i have no idea why. I can only record using emulators though and hte built in recorders. I know im not supposed to talk about roms and emulators but i really do need help with this topic. Im going to be making a Lets play channel with some of my buddies and i need to get the audio synching issue resolved

Heres an Example

Im using the latest version of VBA please help


Tsun in the streets
Try using a different screen recorder in combonation with your computer microphone.

I suggest using CamStudio-Recorder. I looked at one of your other vids and they seemed to be fine. What did you recorded them with?


Rub My Belly?
i use the bult in Recorder in Visual Boy Advance. And they seemed to be fine? To be honest theres a little bit of desynching there as well