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Well, two of you know how bad my deck sucked when we dueled online, but I think you saw some of my stradegies. Now I just got a warrior structure deck. How do you think I can utilize those cards with the cards I already have? Here is a list of my previous deck. Please hold back your laughter. I know it sucks.


Black Luster Soldier


Summoned Skull
Dark Magician
Mechanical Hound
Vampier Lord


Luster Dragon x2
Neo the Magic Swordsman x2
Invader of the Throne
Wall of Illusion x2
Gravekeeper's Guard
Skull-Marked ladybug
Sonic Bird
Peten the Dark Clown x3
Familiar Knight
Great Phantom Thief
Cyber Jar
Man-Eater Bug
Mask of Darkness
Magician of Faith
Steel Scorpion


Graceful Charity
Soul Exchange
Nobleman of Crossout
Heavy Storm
Different Dimension Capsule
Dian **** the Cure Master
Swords of Revealing Light
Nobleman of Extermination
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Premature Burial
Malevolent Nuzzler
Snatch Steal
Soul Reversal
The Reliable Guardian
Rush Recklessly
Mystical Space Typhoon
Black Luster Ritual


Compulsory Evacuation Device
Pharaoh's Treasure
Raigeki Break
Trap Hole
Sakuretsu Armor
Call of the Haunted
Trap Jammer

Well, there ya have it. I know it's quite pathetic, but hey, I'm a newb, but now that I have my Warrior Structure Deck, Iwant to know what I should do. What should I keep from my old deck? What should I keep from the new deck? Do I need to get any other cards? I need feedback. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Since this looks Trad... Get Harpies Feater Duster... another MoF... Change of Heart.... and Raigeki...


No, I took out the banned cards, just disregard them. o, for an advanced deck, what should i do with that and the warrior structure deck?


Come on, you guys have to have some suggestions...


TCG Trainer
celticwarrior530 said:
Come on, you guys have to have some suggestions...
Bumping makes me cry... :(

Exactly what deck-type do you want? IMO, you're gonna need a massive deck-makeover.


Yeah, I know this deck is gonna need A LOT of help. But I want a warior deck. Now, I'm getting the warrior structure deck for x-mas, and then from there, I'll take all suggestions on how to combine that deck, and the good cards from my deck. So, from what you know of the warrior deck and mine, any suggestions? Oh and it's going to be an Advanced, not a Traditional.


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Well, try more of a Toolbox deck then. This is what a Toolbox deck looks like. Props to ss4giel for this Toolbox deck:

20 |Ygo| Monsters
01 |Ioc| Chaos Sorcerer
01 |Sod| Mobius the Frost Monarch
02 |Crv| Cyber Dragon
01 |Mrd| Magician of Faith
01 |Ct1| Blade Knight
01 |Dcr| D.D. Warrior Lady
02 |Rds| Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
02 |Pgd| Spirit Repear
01 |Tlm| D.D. Survivor
01 |Pgd| Don Zaloog
01 |Mfc| Breaker the Magical Warrior
01 |Mrd| Sangan
03 |Dbt| D.D. Assailant
01 |Sod| Mystic Swordsman LV2
01 |Lod| Exiled Force

11 |Ygo| Spells
02 |Ioc| Smashing Ground
02 |Lod| Reinforcement of the Army
01 |Pgd| Book of Moon
01 |Mrd| Heavy Storm
01 |Mrl| Mystical Space Typhoon
01 |Psv| Premature Burial
01 |Mrl| Snatch Steal
01 |Lob| Dark Hole
01 |Psv| Nobleman of Crossout

10 |Ygo| Traps
03 |Dcr| Sakuretsu Armor
02 |Psv| Dust Tornado
02 |Dod| Widespread Ruin
01 |Lod| Bottomless Trap Hole
01 |Psv| Call of the Haunted
01 |Lon| Torrential Tribute

Could you look at the deck in my sig? Thanks in advance.
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