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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by Golden_Arcanine, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Golden_Arcanine

    Golden_Arcanine Well-Known Member

    Mods if you feel this is a bad idea, feel free to lock it up. I figured with everyone outside of Japan finally having the game released, it's not going to be long before people are going to need to get their Pokemon evolved, so they can continue on with the story.

    So that's what this thread is for. If you're looking to evolve you Feebas into a Milotic or Shelmet into a Accelgor, this is the place to be. Post here if you're looking for help to evolve your Pokemon, or whether you're just willing to help out someone evolve their Pokemon.

    Just fill out the basic template below.

    Best Times To Trade:
    Friend Code:

    For example, here's a filled out one.

    Username: Golden_Arcanine
    Evolving/Helping: Helping
    Best Times To Trade: MWF 8-10 PM CST
    Friend Code: 1564 1235 5641 5586
    Notes: Willing to help at no cost, PM me if you're in need of help.

    I'll add a Blacklist as well. If someone burns you in a deal, PM me their names and I'll add them.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2011
  2. XxVenem94xX

    XxVenem94xX New Member

    Username: XxVenem94xX
    Evolving/Helping: Helping/Maybe Evolving later
    Best Times To Trade: Sunday-Saturday Noon-~Midnight EST
    Friend Code: 1463-5498-7575
    Notes: Willing to help at no cst, PM me if you're in need of help, no need to fear getting burned from me! ^_^
  3. whiskrskittles

    whiskrskittles Master Trainer

    I need to evolve my Boldore ASAP. Now would be the best time to do so. My FC is in my sig. PM me first
  4. Camcam

    Camcam Well-Known Member

    edit: already traded.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  5. flamelord5

    flamelord5 New Member

    Username: flamelord5
    Evolving/Helping: Evolve Boldore
    Best Times To Trade: Anytime (PM me if interested)
    Friend Code: 4040 5371 5916

    Need to evolve this boldore to beat the E4. thanks!
  6. DIARUGA Trainer

    DIARUGA Trainer Rolling Fish

    Evolving/Helping: Evolve Boldore
    Best Times To Trade: NOW...or asap :)
    Friend Code:4555 9292 8214
  7. richi3f

    richi3f Bug Catcher

    Username: richi3f
    Evolving/Helping: Helping
    Best Times To Trade: 20:00-24:00 (From Monday to Friday, GMT -5)
    Friend Code: 1807 8416 3978
    Notes: I'm willing to help at no cost, PM me if you need of help.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2012
  8. zaza

    zaza New Member

    Hey I need someone to just help me with a quick trade to evolve my Gurdurr..

    my FC is 0003 2609 8018

    best time would be now! pm me!
  9. pwnswitchclik

    pwnswitchclik Alakazaminator

    Username: pwnswitchclik
    Best time to trade: Everyday from 21h30 to 0h30
    Friend code:1506-4941-6295
    Notes:my in-game name is Johnny
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  10. ozman147

    ozman147 New Member

    I need help evolving my Gurdurr! ill be free all day; my FC: 5329 0242 2042
  11. Doodle Wolf

    Doodle Wolf New Member

    I need help evolving my gurdurr, im free almost all the time
  12. Dunsparce4prez

    Dunsparce4prez Well-Known Member

    Need my gurdurr evolved. Will help you with others at no cost. Code in sig, PM me for details.
  13. Lord_Kain

    Lord_Kain Just call me Kain

    just so you know, for the ones who dont need a hold item to trade you can try the gts. for example offer a boldore for a boldore of around the same level. i got a gigalith, 2 conkledurr, and an accelgor in maybe an hour. it may be japanese but when it evolves itll get the english name.
  14. Glow Moss

    Glow Moss O RLY?

    Username: Glow Moss
    Evolving/Helping: Evolving
    Best Times To Trade: ASAP! (Posted Wed., March 9 at 1:40 p.m. EST)
    Friend Code: 0518 6561 7314
    Notes: Evolving my Girdurr, want to trade right back

    I'm just hanging out in the WIFI Club if anyone wants to take me up on it ^_^

    EDIT: Dunsparce4prez, Doodlewolf, I friended you.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  15. Ryan2991

    Ryan2991 New Member

    Username: Ryan2991
    Evolving/Helping: Need Help evolving Boldore and gurdurr
    Best Times To Trade: Any time
    Friend Code: 2966 7992 1345
    Notes: thanks in advance
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
  16. Glow Moss

    Glow Moss O RLY?

    I'll take you up on it right now. Meet me in the WIFI CLub?
  17. Ryan2991

    Ryan2991 New Member

    sure just gimmie 10 mins to evolve my Timburr and can do it aswell?
  18. Glow Moss

    Glow Moss O RLY?

    Absolutely. I'll just be chillin out. Lets take this to private messages so we don't clutter the thread.
  19. happyfeet

    happyfeet hungry hippo

    Username: Happyfeet
    Evolving/Helping: need to evolve my Gurdurr
    Best Times To Trade: right now, or 2mos (thursday) after 5pm (English time)
    Friend Code: 4555 9381 5863 - Dan
    Notes: if you need help evolving stuff then i can help, should need to evolve a shelmet later on in the game as i want an Accelgor
  20. Patrick Willis

    Patrick Willis New Member

    Username:patrick Willis
    Evolving/Helping:Helping/ Evolving At Another Time
    Best Times To Trade: Im in EST, PM me to make arrangements.
    Friend Code: In Sig
    Notes: If I help someone, can they help me another time?
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