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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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Username: zozo
Evolving/Helping: Helping
Best Times to Trade: Usually the evenings, from around 5:30 on or so (GMT -5 time).
Friend Code: see sig
Notes: I can help evolve Gen IV pokes as well as Gen V ones. Just pm or vm me if you need any help.


Active Member
Username: krakket
Evolving/Helping: Need help evolving slowpoke into slowking. I can help too, pm me!
Best Times To Trade: Night time 11 to 3 am, tuesdays and thursdays afternoons after 2:30
Friend Code: 2580 6225 4160

Thanks a bunch to anybody who can help me!
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New Member
Username: crazyblindguy27
Evolving / Helping: Both
Best Time to Trade: M-F, 6-10pm EST
Friend Code: 0948 1776 8970
Notes: Looking for help with a few trades (mostly item evos nearly impossible to find on the GTS) and to help whoever may need it. PM me if interested.


You aren't flawless
Username: fake_out
Evolving/Helping: Need help to evolve my Seadra
Best Times to Trade: Just PM me.
Friend Code: see my sig
If you also need help feel free to ask me


Username: Juanchioo
Evolving / Helping: evolving
Best Time to Trade: anytime, pm me
Friend Code: 0089 5849 5000
Notes: i need help evolving my boldore


New Member
Username: Shubba
Evolving/ Helping: Both
Best time: Contact me
Friend Code: 4169 6301 0833


Well-Known Member
Edit: taken care of

I'm looking to evolve 6 pokemon (poliwhirl, porygon, rhydon, electabuzz, magmar and dusclops). I can help with your evolving, or can breed something for you (like unobtainable or white forest mon). I'd prefer to get them all done at once, if possible.

FC: 0733 4951 2474

I can get on at various times, although I'm on virtually every day at 8am GMT to check my messages.

Please PM if interested.
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Need to evolve my seadra. I can hep you evolve your pokemon in return too. Pm or vm me =]


New Member
Username: nellaj8
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Time to Trade: Anytime, PM me
FC: 3654 4148 7117

Need help to evolve boldore and Gurdurr to advance in game, willing to return favor if needed. Thx


Herping the Durp
I can help anyone evolve, just pm me and I'll help asap


New Member
Best Times To Trade: all day today and most afternoons during the week
Friend Code: 2194-1386-0931
Notes:i need help evolving gurdurr. will help you as well with evolving or whatever else. Im on my dsi as of this post


Trader and Battler
i need help evolving poliwhirl into politoad please vm me quick


New Member
Username: zirdaj
Evolving/Helping: both
Best Time to Trade: now and the next 2hrs
FC in siggy

i wanted to test if i am still having problems trading over wfc, so if any of you needs help evolving now, just let me know :)


New Member
username: Craigduff
evolving/helping: evolving and helping
best time to trade: unknown, pm me and i will find a time
Friend code: 356853035458
notes: would be greatful if given pokemon only catchable in white
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