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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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New Member
Username: djfmurphy
Evolving/Helping: Helping.
Best Times To Trade: PM me.
Friend Code: In my sig.
Notes: I'm willing to help anyone in need of evolving. As for payment a shiny or an Aron, Wishmur, Porygon, Happiny/Chansey, Seedot or a Budew/Roselia. I'm still willing to help for an item.
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New Member
Hello! I'm hoping I could request some help for a quick trade back-and-forth to evolve my Boldore and Gurrdurr.

Username: MrPresident
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Times to Trade: I'm on right now!
Friend Code: 0089 7537 5382

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thank you very much! Got it done!
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Active Member
Username: CarneysRage
Evolving/Helping: Helping
Best Times: Most Weekends all day, Tuesday-Friday after 3 pm Eastern
Friend Code: White- 2494 3388 7234 -name's hiro
Notes: I want hold items, preferably leftovers. If you can't spare them, make me an offer for another item. I might accept pokemon, depending on what they are.


Well-Known Member
Need to evolve my Electrabuzz. Will offer almost any item you need. Hurry up with the trade though.


New Member
Username: xXTreyXx
Evolving/helping: im evolving and helping
Best times: pm im on most of the day and all weekend
Friend code: in sig
Notes: trying to finish up my nat. dex. looking for evo stones and hold items and pokemon pm me


New Member
Username: EsperionX
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Times To Trade: I'm online right now, would like to trade asap.
Friend Code: 2494 3464 8779

Nvm, it's done.
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Well-Known Member
I need some help evolving my Electabuzz. If you also need help evolving a pokemon or just feel like helping, please PM me.

Actually I'm so eager to get this pokemon evolved I am going to offer whoever just wants to help and doesnt need to trade themselves, an egg move pokemon. Holla.(PM)

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Well-Known Member
Username: BrettvG
Evolving/Helping: Need to Evolve
Best Times To Trade: Whenever I'm online, I'm GMT +8
Friend Code: White in my sig
Notes: Can help you evolve some too


New Member
I need help evolving my Porygon all the way to Porygon-Z.
PM me.

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Well-Known Member
Need help evolving my Haunter.. FC code in sig.. PM me

NVM.. already done!
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Well-Known Member
Need evolving my Haunter. Will offer choice items masterball evo stones etc... if you PM RIGHT NOW.

EDIT: Done
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New Member
Username: Ozman147
Evolving/Helping:Evolve Boldore
Best Times To Trade:anytime
Friend Code:2366 0963 0862
Notes:its urgent ! i'll be very grateful! Pm please!
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New Member
Username: q177281
Evolving/Helping: evolving boldore
Best Times To Trade: right now
Friend Code: 1421-1869-2315
Notes: offering item as reward


Clone my Balls!
I'm happy to help people for the next few hours. Just PM me :)


Username: Kaze
Evolving/Helping: Need to evolve proygon and clamperal
Best Times To Trade: right now/Today
Friend Code: In my sig
Notes: will help you evolve, can offer items, and can bred lots of pokemon!

DONE! Thanks!
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