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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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New Member

Username: Boricua27
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Times To Trade: Any time
Friend Code: I'll get it by the time we trade
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New Member
Need help evolving my magmar before I take on the E4. I have the magmarizer as well. Just a quick trade then trade back.
Username: Cronachan
evolving for now...perhaps Ill start helping at a later date
Right now or ASAP would be great
In game name- Crona
Black 2 FC: 4986-2885-9557

EDIT: Traded!
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A pretty cool guy
I'm evolving not helping.
I need to evolve my karrablast. Best time would be now but asap is ok aswell, shoot me a line if anyone would like to trade me a shelmet and trade back.
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New Member
Username: G3m1n1.K1lla
Evolving/Helping: Need help w/ Evolving
Best Times To Trade: Monday/Wednesday: 7 pm - 9pm and Sunday: Noon - 3pm
Friend Code: 5201 0352 0306 (Pokemon Black)
Notes: Need to trade the following and want them back please: Karrablast -> Escavalier/Shelmet -> Accelgor/Gurdurr -> Conkeldurr/Boldore -> Gigalith
Will ask for more tradings later, Thanks!
Please notify/e-mail me if you want to trade at g3m1n1.k1lla@gmail.com


Active Member
Username: sidrick
Evolving/Helping: Helping
Best Times To Trade: All times
Friend Code: Both in sig
Notes: Willing to help at no cost, PM me if you're in need of help. also if you need a dex trade just ask :)


New Member
Username: Blickster
Evolving/Helping: Evolving and will also help if need be
Best Times To Trade: anytime today
Friend Code: 0863-1203-3050
Notes: evolving magmar to magmortar need a trade then trade back.

Lord Ghirahim

New Member
Username: Lord Ghirahim
Evolving/Helping: Evolving, and I will help upon request
Best Time To Trade: Anytime today, specifically NOW.
Friend Code: 1163 7687 4972
Notes: In-game name is Joseph, trading my Boldore.
EDIT: Traded, kudos to sidrick.
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WDP Blackout

New Member
Username: WDP Blackout
Evolving/Helping: Evolving.
Best Times To Trade: Anytime
Friend Code: 2752 8974 7802
Notes: Evolving Electabuzz with a quick trade back.

Edit: All sorted thanks to MezzyMuffin!!
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Helping/ evolving 3 pokes
in sig


New Member
Username unj
Need help evolving my Kadabra
Best time to trade is around 10pm
Heart Gold FC is 2967 6582 7839



Breeding Amateur
Username: Deathbro
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Times To Trade: Any time
White 2 FC: 1421-4689-0068

Note: Trading Done.
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New Member
Username: LouieZX
Evolving/Helping: Both, I need to get Porygon evolved and I'll help whenever I can.
Best Times: From 11pm to 9am (Work has hectic hours, although if I have a day off I'll be good all day, just ask.)
Friend Code: 1593 2535 1990
Notes: Anyone have a Dublous Disk they don't want?


Username: Quiver
Evolving/Helping: Evolving/Will help if I can
Best Times To Trade: Evening UK time
Friend Code: 1464 4197 6946
Notes: Need tradebacks to evolve my Shelmet and Karrablast
Username: starlighteclipse
Evolving/ Helping: Help please? Evolving Electabuzz
Best time: Next couple hours if anyone's around? Or drop me a PM I'm pretty flexible
W2 Friend Code: 3697 8028 0117
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I'd love help trade evolving one pokemon, if anyone doesn't mind. I'd be happy to help trade evolve any of yours in return, too.
FC: 3311 2543 8731 (White 2)
Please PM

Edit: Completed; thank you!
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New Member
Username: PROJECT
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Times To Trade: Any AEST (Australian) time would be alright between 12pm-12am
Friend Code: 2323 4200 6941
Notes: After someone to help me evolve my Gurdurr & Boldore (Black 2)
PM me if there are any problems or you are about to do so :D THANKS!
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Balanced Trainer
Username: Raina Xainne
Evolving/Helping: Porygon into both evolved forms
Best Times To Trade: Tomorrow in the after 1pm PST and the next three days only late at night.
Friend Code: in my sig
Notes: If you don't have one just trade one back and forth with me so we both get the dex entries anyways.
PM me if you want to trade

I no longer need help with this! Thank you
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Username:taco taco
Evolving/helping: need someone to take my eevee and evolve it into glaceon
Best times to trade: any, pm me
Fc: 0090 0352 7859
Notes: I don't have much to trade, because I'm not that far along, but I can offer items or evolve your Pokemon


The Sole Survivor
Username: gamemaker
Evolving/Helping: Porygon into both evolved forms
Best Times To Trade: today. any time today hopefully
Notes: I have both items, just need someone to trade with
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