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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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Well-Known Member
Username: Nathan

Friend Code W2: 3182 4004 6029 as in my signature.

EDIT: Trade done!! looking forward to trade my brand new Magmar as soon as I evolve my Magby :D
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♥ Ace ♥
on my dsi. sorry if there is a form, but i cant copy. anyways, i need help evolving onix, feebas, and to a lesser worry, gurdurr


Courage Over Fear
About 2 months ago I was down on cash and had to sell my ds and games to pay for bills and food to survive. As some of you may remember I wasn't a Master Trainer but I was fearless but friendly, helpful and grateful. I had all sorts of FDW types I traded to people for much less valuable pokes and some for free just to help them out. Just before I sold my ds I had my favorite 3 pokemon all legit dw males Blastiose, Charizard, Venusaur!!! It killed me to lose my pokemon but I had to do what I had to do. The Great Trainer Eevveemaster started my pokemon adventure about a year ago by helping me learn the game and trading. He gave me just about every pokemon I ever had! He was a stand up guy and a noble trainer. Unfortunately he has been busy and doesn't play as much as he used to. Hopefully I'll see him again on here. What I am asking from you all at Serebii is for some help once again. Im I have a new DS and White 2 I was hoping that maybe one or more of you out there would be able to help me out with really anything they could offer. If I have ever helped you out and you remember me, help!!! But seriously im back in the pokemon world and im gonna take what I can get and if I get nothing then me and my pokes will find a way to win. Im excited to be back, thanks sereii community for everything!!!


Username: bluemiracle
Evolving: Magmar and Electabuzz
Best Times To Trade: anytime
Friend Code: in my signature (white2)

Edit: Done!
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New Member
Username: LouieZX
Evolving/Helping: Evolving Porygon up to Porygon-Z
Best Times To Trade: Tonight until 3am EST.
Friend Code: 1593 2535 1990
Notes: Willing to help after evolving.


Active Member
Username: sidrick
Evolving/Helping: Helping
Best Times To Trade: All times
Friend Code: Both in sig
Notes: Willing to help at no cost, PM me when i'm online if you're in need of help. also if you need a dex trade just ask


New Member
Username: Verisimilitude
Evolving/Helping: Evolving my Gurdurr into Conk
Best Times To Trade: Whenever I'm online
Friend Code: 0519 5586 4858
Notes: Willing to do anything to help another player, and will probably need more help myself, no fear of getting burned. :)


I would like help evolving my Rhydon into Rhyperior. Please and thanks to who helps me.


F*cking veteran
Need help evolving my Shelmet. PM me please.


So close, yet so far
So ever since the GTS decided to get a PHD in how to be a kill-joy and prevent you from evolving your pokemon through the glitch, I would like someone to help me evolve my Haunter. I am willing to help anyone else evolve a pkmn that they want to evolve too. :)

Black 2 FC: 2323-4342-6064
Best time to trade: Monday-Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 8 PM (or anytime really, just PM and we'll work something out)

Any help would really be appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Trade completed!
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Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Could someone help me out with evoling my Boldore & Gurdurr? I'd be glad to help out in evolving your Pokemon in return :B

Please PM if interested


I guess I can pitch in too. Just PM me so we can set a schedule when you need the trade.

FCs are on the sig (put under name "Rue").


Balanced Trainer
Username: RainaXainne
Evolving/Helping: I can help someone evolve a Politoed and Slowking until I can find my own King's Rock.
Best Times To Trade: My schedule is different most of the time, so I can usually be on early afternoon and late night. MST
Friend Code: Black 2237 4139 7919
Notes I can also help evolve any other pokemon. I don't mind sending them right back to you. PM or VM me!


I would like help evolving one pokemon and can happily help with your trade evolution in return. PM please. Thanks!
White 2 FC: 3311 2543 8731

Edit: Completed; thanks!
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