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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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Completed ty Aquali :D
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Username: CaptainHero
Evolving/Helping: Scizor
Best Times to Trade: Anytime I'm online
Friend Code: 2409 3561 2003
Notes: please PM

Trade Completed with GKSchneider
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Username: pwnswitchclik
Evolving/Helping: Kadabra and Haunter, I will help evolve as well, if anyone needs so.
Best time to trade: in 3 hours as of this post.
Friend Code:5458-7308-9839
Notes: Will trade a fire and a water stone as rewards.

Edit:Trade complete.
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Username: x0MoMusica0x
Evolving/Helping: Evolving/Helping (if i have the time, and you request it, i also do EV training)
Best Times To Trade: GMT 4:30-11:30 EST
Friend Code: 3740-5272-7075 (Pokemon White)
Notes: Willing to help at no cost, PM me if you're in need of help.


New Member
;239;;239;pretty please someone help me i need help with my electabuzz i want to evolve him into Electivire
pokemon white 2 friend code:1464 40826750
besttime 10pm united states michigan
name stephanie nickname stiffy
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