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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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So close, yet so far
Username: Angel

Evolving/Helping: Need to evolve Haunter.

Best Times To Trade: Within 8 hours, until tomorrow.

Friend Code: 1593-2727-7164 (Black)

Notes: Please PM me so we can trade. If you have a pokemon that needs to evolve as well, we can work something out.

Edit: Trade completed. Thanks, superspecialyugi!
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Active Member
I need Help evolving Slowpoke into Slowking

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僕は音楽家 電卓片手に
Username: Hybrid
Evolving/Helping: Shelmet for Karrablast (and vice versa), Onix->Steelix, Magmar->Magmortar, Poliwhirl->Politoed, Feebas->Milotic, Boldore->Gigalith. I'm willing to help with your evolutions too.
Best Times To Trade: Now.
Friend Code: 1077-8620-9942
Notes: To contact, message me here or on Steam: 4methyst


Looking for help evolving my Haunter. I can give you a Kadabra/Alakazam for helping me out. I already have an Alakazam. PM if interested


Casual Trainer
Update: completed
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Mr Awesome

Leafy Trainer
Username Mr Awesome

Evolving/Helping: Need to evolve Dusclops, I guess I can help evolve too...

PM to work out something
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New Member
Username: ATM101
Evolving/Helping: I need to evolve Gurdurr, Boldore, Shelmet, and Karrablast. I'm also willing to help anyone who needs it as well.
Best Times To Trade: Anytime between 12pm and 2am, Pacific Time. I'm hoping to get this done asap so I'll be keeping an eye on this tread most of today and often afterwards.
Friend Code: 1464 4995 1714
Notes: Having a Shelmet or Karrablast is not necessary unless you also need to evolve yours. Trade Shelmet for one of your Pokemon, then my Karrablast for my Shelmet. Both evolve then return your Pokemon for my Karrablast.

I can also be reached on Yahoo Messenger. ATM101@yahoo.com
Thanks in advance,

Edit: Completed!!!
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Art Director
Username: LokoXile

Evolving/Helping: Evolving

Best Times To Trade: M-F: After 6p.m. S: Noon-8p.m.

Friend Code: 3654 9576 7263

Notes: Need some help evolving my Haunter into a Gengar. Would be more than happy to help you evolve one of your Pokemon too. PM or reply to let me know if you can help. Much appreciated.

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
Username: Team Legend's Dragonite
Evolving/Helping: Evolving
Best Times To Trade: M-F: anytime within the next few hours
.Friend Code: 1120-7666-8923
Notes: Need some help evolving my poliwhirl into a politoad. Would be more than happy to help you evolve one of your Pokemon too. PM or reply to let me know if you can help. Much appreciated.

Fox Reeveheart

First BW shiny!
Username: Fox Reeveheart
Evolving/Helping: I need help evolving my electabuzz, if possible, I would like to help you evolve your magmar (so I can fill out magmortar into my dex) afterwards we trade them back
Best Times To Trade: evening or so, eastern time zone here
Friend Code: 5287 0473 6681 (white version 2)

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New Member
Username: AxewFever
Evolving/Helping: I need to evolve my feebas into milotic, I'd be glad to help others evolve their pokemon too. Thank you!
Best Times to Trade: uhmm 24/7 (-7 time zone)
FC: 4385 0898 7173 (white)


Johto Boy
Username: Raiin
Evolving/Helping: I need to evolve my scyther and I will help anyone.
Best times to trade: anytime but I would really like to evolve my scyther soon
FC: 4385 0374 4654

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New Member
Username: Alexdominate77
Help/Need: Willing to help and need help evolving Sedra Poliwhirl and Scyther
Time: Anytime This Wk
FC: 2752 1525 4551
Notes: PM first please and thank you


New Member
Username: Th3Birdman

need: help evolve Karrablast (I know, I know, sorry! This could be a two way trade though)

time: I'm up all the time, just PM me. Would like to get it done ASAP though

FC: 4127 2927 4979 (Pokemon Black 2)

<Update> TRADE HAS BEEN COMPLETED. PM me if anyone needs to trade anything else.
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Username: perfectlizardwizard

Evolving/Helping: Need to evolve a Shelmet.
Best Times To Trade: Within the next 24 hours.
Friend Code: 4041-5074-7177 (Black 2)

Notes: Trade finished.
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