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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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Sick of Bigotry
Username: Croze
Evolving/helping: Would like to evolve my Kadabra into Alakazam and trade back
Best time to trade: Just pm me whenever
Friend code: 0347 8098 0190 Pokemon black 2
Notes: Trade Complete
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Arcanine Breeder
Trade Completed.
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<-- Kamehameha!!!
Username: wafflecopter
Evolving/Helping: evolving my electabuzz. will help you evolve as well
Best Times To Trade: PM me to make arrangments
Friend Code: update later when I get home


Decent Breeder
Username: Kolb
Evolving/helping: Evolving my haunter. Willing to help evolve another during process.
Best Times To Trade: ASAP preferably, while I still have time right now that is, otherwise message me when you're able and hopefully I'll be on.
Friend Code: 3310 4603 6589


Johto Boy
Username: Raiin
Evolving/Helping: Need to evolve my Haunter. Willing to help also
Best Times To Trade: Anytime really. Just PM me.
Friend Code: 4385 0374 4654 (Black 2)


Fashion Designer
Username: HUE
Evolving/Helping:Helping/ Evolving :politoed and accelgor (i have a karrablat to use)
Best Times To Trade: asap
Friend Code: message me
Notes: i can help you too :)


New Member
Username: Musashi
Evolving/helping: Would like to evolve my Horsea into Kingdra and trade back
Best time to trade: Just pm me whenever
Friend code: 1593 3516 2709 Pokemon White 2
Notes: Trade Back


New Member
Username: Tomoaki
Evolving/helping: Feebas into Milotic
Best time to trade: ASAP PM me
Friend code: 0433 7469 5886 Black 2
Notes: I'll trade back anything received just want Feebas to evolve


Fashion Designer
Evolving/Helping:Helping now
Best Times To Trade: Central Time (texas)
Friend Code: In Sig
Notes: im looking to help someone evolve anything they want.... looking to see if anyone has an extra Wacan Berry they dont want


New Member
Evolving/Helping:Need help evolving my haunter
Best Times To Trade: I'll be on tonight and tomorrow after 4 pm est, pm me here or just hit me up in game
Friend Code: 0261 9298 5196
Trade and trade back!


The collector
Evolving/Helping:Need help evolving my Shelmet
Best Times To Trade: 4:45pm-11:00pm New York Time
Friend Code: 0991 9980 1786
Trade and trade back
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New Member
Username: Yulinora
Evolving/helping: Evolving my Machoke(although, I'm just looking for a tradeback, so if you need something evolved as well, lemme know :) )
Best times to trade: erratic, now is a good time, and I tend to check back when I can.
Friend Code: 4642 0549 2879


Well-Known Member
Username: Aether13
Evolving: Gurduur to Conkeldurr and Boldore to Gigalith
Best Time: PM me and we can work something out
FC: Check the sig.


Well-Known Member
Username: redblueyellow
Evolving/Helping: Evolving Haunter to Gengar
Best Times To Trade: Right now preferably, otherwise anytime that I am online.
Friend Code: 4299 2227 8988

EDIT: Done.
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Usernam: TruLuck
Evolving/Helping: Slowpoke to Slowking
Best Times to Trade" Right now, or when I'm online
Friend Code: 3998 1439 3701


Speed Trainer
Username: Goldenwing5
Evolving/HElping: poliwhirl to politoed, i am willing to help someone evolve their pokemon during the process
BEst Times to TRade: asap if not pm me to make arrangements, or when im online
FC: 4170 3292 4338


New Member
Username: mnkboy907
Evolving/Helping: Two Clamperls into Huntail/Gorebyss.
Best Times to Trade: If I'm online, just shoot me a PM.
FC: 4084 3466 9761

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Trade complete.
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Dedicated Writer
evolve/helping: Can anyone fast help me? I need to evolve my gurdurr very fast. I can help to evolve your pokemon, if you need...
Best time to trade: almost every day. hour indetermined. PM fast, please. I can give you DWF vulpix, mincinno or dratini if you like...
FC:2795 5528 6311
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