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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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Dedicated Writer
Username: Hoppian
Evolving/Helping: helping
Best Times To Trade: now.
Friend Code: 2795 5528 6311
Notes: i need simultaneous help with one pokemon that i need to trade (and i can´t speak at the DS phone, mine has a problem)



Howls of Loneliness
Evolving/Helping:I do the helping mainly but may need some evolved sometimes as well.
Best Times To Trade:early morning or after 4pm central time.
Friend Code: I will give it when you need it.
Notes:I just got wifi back so be patient and I can only trade around certain times because of school and work.
EDIT: Taken care of. thanks
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ASAP Fancys
I need someone to help me evolve my poliwhirl! Ill help you as well, let me know


ASAP Fancys
Need help evolving scyther. I can help you evolve as well. pm me :)


Unknown Trainer
Username: DarkForce
Evolving/Helping: Need help evolving poliwhirl
Best Times To Trade: ASAP or when im online (evenings PST)
Friend Code: Black 2 in sig
Notes: I can help evolve your pokemon if needed


Well-Known Member
Need to evolve my Electabuzz, I can help evolve any pokemon as well

White2 FC in sig.

EDIT: Done.
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New Member
Username: UntilDecember
Evolving: Evolving a Boldore and Gurdurr in White 1
Best times: Whenever, my work and home have Wi fi and I'll have my ds with me.
Friend Code: 3483 2086 5641
Note: About two badges in after being given White by a friend, so if you need any help I'd be glad to reciprocate. Pretty new to all this so excuse stupidity.
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Pokemon Breeder
Username: fcb
Evolving: Evolving a Boldore in Black 1. Need it to evolve and tradeback.
Best times: Preferably sooner than later since I don't hang around this site as much as I used to.
Friend Code: 2666-6210-8677
EDIT: ALL DONE Request fulfilled
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edit: taken care of
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Username: pwnswitchclik
Helping/Evolving: My feebas, slowpoke, poliwhirl and two clamperls and my karrablast.
Best times to trade: Now and for the following 4 hours.
Friend Code:5458-7308-9839
Notes: I will help you evolve if you have any pokemon that needs so (especially a shelmet for my aforementioned karrablast)


New Member
Username: snitchrace95
Helping/Evolving: Please help evolve my feebas, magmar, onix and poliwhirl
Best times to trade: today, tomorrow up to Monday
Friend Code:3268 4294 1072


New Member
username: leondavid101
Best Times To Trade: whenever im in england
Friend Code: in my bio
notes, all for dex entry and i need trade back. i can help evolve yours to


New Member
Username: darfy
Evolving/Helping: Need help evolving my graveler, electabuzz and scyther.
Best Times To Trade: 5 am to 10 am pacifica
Friend Code: 3182 - 5384 - 2554
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New Member
Username : PizzaMasta
Evolving/Helping: I need help evolving my Boldore into Gigalith in White 1.
Best Times to Trade: Anytime in the weekend (like now ;)) or after 5PM EST in the week.
Friend Code: 3354-3629-8332
Notes: Thanks in advance! :)


New Member
Best Time to trade:anytime with a pm
notes:pizzamaster I can help you evolve your bolder if you can trade him over with an electizer so I can evolve my electabuzz
friend code 1636 3732 1750


Well-Known Member
Username: pidj
Helping/Evolving: Evolving - Conkeldurr
Best times to trade: Now and for a couple of hours yet
Friend Code:See White FC in sig
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