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Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

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Pokemon Empath
Hello all I would like help with evolving my Karrablast. Please PM me. White FC: 1162 9047 9847


hungry hippo
looking for help in evolving my shelmet and scyther.

also wanting to evolve my magmar, but i dont have a magmarizer, i can offer some stuff for one.....
pm me


Arcanine Breeder
Looking to/for help evolving several pokemon. PM me if you're interested.

*Trade Completed*
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I don't care...
Looking for help evolving my Gurdurr. Please PM me.


Shiny Ahab
Hi, I want to evolve my Boldore, I'd appreciate some help. PM if your willing to help.


New Member
Username: Zip Zap
Evolving/Helping: Helping &/or Evolving my Karrablast
Best Times To Trade: Almost any time you want
Friend Code: 4040 5370 3641
Notes: This should help me fill up my pokedex. :)


New Member
Would like some help with evolving a Boldore. I could give you a Oshawott for your trouble.


Serebii lurker
Username:Mostly Ghostly
Evolving/Helping: Need Help Evolving my Karrablast
Best Times To Trade: Anytime between 11am - 11pm Central Standard Time
Friend Code: 4641 8919 8288

PM if interested :)

*trade complete*
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New Member
Anyone Mind Helping Me Evolve My Boldore???

Legaci Black FC 5286 0709 9046
Legaci White FC 4341 1774 4707
Legaci SS FC 0260 7013 7846


New Member
Username: Shaked
Evolving/Helping: I need someone to help me evolve my gurdurr thanks you :)
Best Times To Trade: in the next 6 hours, also tommorow :)
Friend Code: 4169 4411 0108
Notes: Thanks for help :)


Battle Hut Elite
hey any1 mind helping me evolve my karrablast and shlemet plz

I'm trying to evolve my karrablast...so I can help with your shelmet.


Battle Hut Elite
Need help evolving my Scyther into Scizor. PM me if you can help.

I can help you out.

Friend Code is:
4255 3309 5794
Trainer Name:


New Member
Feebas / With Prism Scale
Haunter/ To Gengar
Kadabra/ Dublious Disc
Seadra/ Dragon Scale
Scyther/ Metal Coat
Porygon/ UpGrade

Thanks im available right now, to idk maybe 2:00 gmt
When you are trading back porygon, please take kadabra's dublious disc and attach it to porygon 2, so it can evolve again. Thanks.

FC : 3482 2343 4704


The Great Gublet
I am willing to help evolve people's pokemon for them so I can fill up my Pokedex. PM me if you need help!
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