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Henzy's poke'sketch book~!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by henzy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. henzy

    henzy DERKA DERKA

    This will be my super happy fun place to post all of my random scribbles and whatnot of various pokemon related things.

    I hope you guys will view and enjoy, as well as leave some good critique and suggestions. But you aren't obligated. Nice supportive comments are wonderful <3

    I will be updating more new drawings every now and then, so if you like what you see, its best to keep an eye out.
    Course' I'm terrible, and my thread may cause you to grab the nearest eyebleach. Hahaha.

    (If anything about my thread isn't allowed, please let me know so I can correct/delete it. Thanks)

    Without further ado, I bring you three doodles, all courtesy of Photobucket!


    Have I told you all just how much I love Fire Red and Leaf Green's Giovanni? He looks so much better from the anime one. Must be the suave turtle neck/ black suit jacket combination. D:


    Jolteon is by far my most favorite pokemon EVAR! But it is my least favorite to draw! Grrr!


    Oh Cyrus. There is not enough art of you on the internets without pairing you with fugly MarySues.
    Leave Cyrus alone Mary Sues. He does not love you back.
  2. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    I <3 it....it looks like it could be using an attack.
  3. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Like maybe Double Kick. That's what it looks like if it's using Double Kick in XD/Colluseum.
  4. Rikku

    Rikku you're so mean! :@:@

    Hey nice drawings you have there!

    and btw,cyrus kinda look like brock to me but in open eyes xD.
  5. henzy

    henzy DERKA DERKA

    I was thinking Quick Attack. But now that you mention it, it does look a lot like Colosseum's double kick. Hehehe.

    Thanks! Maybe Cyrus is Brock's evil twin? Blrgh, I can't draw the spiky Sugimori hair without making all the characters look the same D:
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
  6. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    I agree! He does look a lot like Brock.
  7. henzy

    henzy DERKA DERKA

  8. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Lol! Funniest hand-drawn comic I've read in a long time! "Greatings, weak-minded sibling."
  9. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    Hahaha. XD I almost died when I read the "Greetings, weak-minded sibling" comic. It's really fun, too bad it seems like they (Brock's parents) get their "frist child" when they were 20 (if supposed the're 50 now). I mean so big age difference between Cyrus and Brock. :\

    Well, Giovanni has a long nose in the first pic, Masterball over Pokéball, it looks like he would have hair on his neck (growing thourgh the shirt).

    I love the style you used to draw Jolteon. =3 The right hindleg is too big, I think.

    Who's Mary Sues? The dots on the "bubble" are in wrong order (for me), smallest should be right, middle-sized middle and so. The black line (on the white) on Cyrus' shoulder pointless. Is the nose skew? Cyrus doesn't have eyebrows. But overall, I like the pic. =)

    So I'm hoping to see more (Cyrus) pics by you. :) You're pretty good, maybe shading (more).
  10. henzy

    henzy DERKA DERKA

    Thanks I'll keep that in mind.

    Anyway, heres a happy Seviper!
  11. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    Hmm, the head's shading is a bit wrong, maybe, I dunno. :\ Well, if you had spent more time for shading it would be better. It's a little messy (fat, thin, fat, thin etc.). If the eye would be like ) instead of ( it would look happier. Oh, and I like the heart and the...the, ehh... "thickness" of the lines . =3 So, considering it was made fast (wasn't it?) it's quite okay.
  12. Rika_of_Thunder

    Rika_of_Thunder a sleepy creature

    Luv the Seviper!! it looks so cool, I especially like the kinda sketchy style your drawings have, too.
  13. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    The Seviper looks great!
    I think that you should turn the Cyrus/Brock comic into a comic series.
  14. henzy

    henzy DERKA DERKA

    Thanks! The Seviper luvs you too :3

    Thank you. I already have several pokemon related comics in the making. Theres a link to one in my signature if your interested.

    Anywho, have some bird pokemon doodles!


    Failed perspective Fearow! lol.
    I need a bit more practice on that :C


    Articuno is love.
  15. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    That Fearow picture is very impressive (I mean, I have drawn for some years, and I'm still not able to draw something so... real looking or so.) Only "big bad" thing I found there is that the left wing seems to be very small from the another. Oh, and two of the clouds look to be too near Fearow.

    Yeah, it is "love". ~ I like its head, though that big, white, empty area (~cheek) is kinda big and obtrusive (maybe a little "feather thing" there), and the eye - as lovely as it is - is a bit too small, the "feathers that make it look realistic" are okay, the wing looks quite small, a little improving with it.

    I love your drawing style, and you're a very good drawer. So I'm hoping to see more art by you. =3
  16. Kyumi

    Kyumi Well-Known Member

    I just lol'd at your comic. I love your style and line. Can't wait to see more.
  17. Kyumi

    Kyumi Well-Known Member

    I just lol'd at your comic. I love your style and line. Can't wait to see more.
  18. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Those. Look. Awesome!

    That Rocket Grunt is sweet, and love the jolteon! The Brock comic's cool, and that's a real cool fearow. Love the seviper too. Is it masturbating or something?

    Totally rockin'.
  19. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    I know what you mean. That bright orange suit has been hurting my eyes since 1998 XD; suave jacket looks so much hotter.

    Also, I would seriously die laughing if it turned out that Brock were actually related to Cyrus. Bonus points if Cyrus is also Paul's father XDDDD

    D'aww, happy Seviper! :D

    I love your drawings. I must see more! Please keep posting! :D
  20. theplushinator

    theplushinator Well-Known Member

    Jolteon looks sorta like a horse (not meant offensively) but its fine because its looks pretty good. Looks like its just used head-butt or something ^_^

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