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Heracross nature Adamant or Jolly?

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Snorlax HUNGRY!!!!!!
What would be perfect for a heracross in my in-game team ( pokemon firere )

Adamant raises Attack while lowering Sp.Attack
Jolly raises speed while lowering sp.attack

If i choose for adamant.. Attack will be more powerful but speed will be just normal.

If i choose for jolly attack will be normal power and speed will rise making it attack faster.


I'd probably go with Adamant too. In 5th gen though, I'd say Jolly is better cause it gets that ability where you get +1 attack boost after every kill.


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Depends on what you want to do with it.
If you want a sweeper, go with Jolly. If you want a powerful tank go with Adamant.
Personaly I think that if you are just going through the game with it, just go with Adamant.

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I had a Jolly ( Jollycross :) ) and it worked fine, just make sure you get one of these two natures and in game it really doesnt matter because heracross owns in game regardless