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Here Comes The Squirtle Squad! (012)

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Serebii, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Here Comes The Squirtle Squad!

    After catching Bulbasaur and Charmander, Ash and co. come across a bunch of Squirtle who like causing mischief. However the Squirtle Squad are tricked by Team Rocket and kidnap Ash & Co. Can Ash escape and help the Squirtle Squad change their ways??

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  2. This was the first episode I ever saw all the way through and it started me loving Pokemon. This episode was funny when the Squirtle said that they would dye Misty's hair, lol.
  3. kenai3000

    kenai3000 Cascade Trainer

    JP Episode 12:The Zenigame(Squirtle)Gang Enters
    US Episode 12:Here Comes the Squirtle Squad
    US Air Date:09-23-98
    Ah Salaam this was one of three episodes that started making me watch the series the Squirtles were funny in this episode so overall grade A+
  4. Magi of all

    Magi of all Guest

    I wonder if that was different in Japan, you know smething like shave her head or something. Also Gary makes a small cameo walking out of the pokemon center.
  5. Mistystar89

    Mistystar89 Guest

    ^Oh yeah. a 1 hit KO for Ash XD I thought this was a great episode with dying Misty's hair, etc.
  6. DANdotW

    DANdotW Previously Iota

    Just a little thought, how come this epesiode wasn't banned. It had guns pointed at Ash, yet one of the other episodes was banned for guns pointing at him. What is the difference, Ash wasn't shot, was he. If that was there reason, this one should have been banned too, really. Other than that, I like this episode. Misty's hair would have been cool purple.
  7. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    It was different, actually - while the Squirtle Squad merely threatens to dye Misty's hair purple, the Zenigame-Gundan threatens to actually kill Kasumi (which explains why Ash imagines Misty falling down a bottomless pit when he can't find her). 4Kids apparently thought it was too intense, so they moved the threat to the other end of the spectrum.
  8. FINALLY, the END of the Three-Consecutive-Catches. I hated this saga.
    Well, I didn't really like this episode a whole lot, aside from it being part of the Three-Consecutive-Catches. Gangsta Squirtles? Come on.........Well, the scene with Pikachu suffering was quite touching. Plus, I thought seeing Misty would've been funny with purple hair^^. And, it was a "Wanna join the group?" *Sappy music plays* *Everyone hugs and laughs*

    Overall rating:
    6.3 out of 10!
    At least the semi saga is over. That's about the only good thing I can say about this episode.

    SC~ out
  9. Psychic Venusaur

    Psychic Venusaur Pokemon Master

    I happen to love the three consecutive catches.

    Dye her hair purple? Yeah, right.
    Blaster balls, was that what they called the bombs?

    In the banned episode with the gun, I believe the warden actually shoots at TR, so that might be one reason. Maybe because it was a handgun too.

    That scene when Ash got slammed by Gary was funny.

    How long did the Squirtle give Ash to get the potion? I thought it was like 1 hour, but it seemed longer than that.

    Another rickety bridge, c'mon.

    I liked the Jenny in this episode, because they make a lasting relationship with her.

    The Squirtle Squad was cool.

    I dunno what to give it, I guess a 9.9 because I love Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.
  10. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Actually, if they called them "Blaster Bombs" they would have run into Microprose who used Blaster Bombs as a type of weapon in "X-Com".

    I knew those Squirtles were threatening to kill Misty.
  11. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Maybe this episode wasn't banned because Ash caught something he would later actually use.
  12. SecretMew

    SecretMew Well-Known Member

    This episode was quite good, I`ve been thinking the same thing about the gun pointing... But this episode had one of the best quotes of James...
  13. Raichel

    Raichel Guest

    I love this episode! woot! I have one of those game boy video things with it! and i have it on tape!
  14. OK Ash was up against 4 guns and it wasn't banned? Wierd. But nice episode and quite funny.
  15. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    They weren't shot at him, they were just pointed at him. Same goes for "The Kangaskhan Kid" and "Case of the K-9 Caper". In "The Legend of Dratini", the guns were actually fired.

    Why do I get the feeling I've said this about fifty times before?
  16. I never knew they were shot on Dratini epsiode. But ok. I guess. Thanks.
  17. xyzman123

    xyzman123 He's Mad I tell ya!!

    This isn't on the Dratini episode. It is on the Squirtle Squad one.
  18. I know I was talking about that the Dranti one was banned because of a Gun and this epsiode had 4 but now I know why.
  19. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    This episode had quite a few classic bits:

    -- "I want a donut!"
    -- Squirtle crying with joy after Ash tries to save him, and Squirtle lifts him up and carries him off
    -- Ted Lewis's final outing as James. Wow, Eric Stuart really made the role his own after this. ;)
    -- "These are ice packs we're gunning... I mean, ice guns we're packing!"
    -- Gary's blink-and-you'll-miss cameo
    -- Misty's reaction to hearing her hair will be died purple. LOL I know it was dub-changed, but it's still funny.
    -- The final scene with Squirtle.

    Overall, I really like this episode. It's definitely a classic.
  20. Ahhh.. I remember the Squirtle Squad they were really funny!!!!

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