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Here Comes The Squirtle Squad! (012)


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Is Squirtle not badash (PUN) in this episode? Of course, Squirtle was alaways cool. This probably one of the funniest episodes out there.


Red: True Master
And yet, Squirtle's awesomeness had only just begun. Until they stuck him back with those other losers on that lame squad. He deserved better than that!


Best episode, ever. THe squirtle squad was so hxc.


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An interesting episode to say the least, other than the usual 4kids riceballs to "doughnuts " they left real guns unedited in this episode, thats a very big surprise considering "The Legend of Dratini!" episode was banned because of a gun pointed at Ash. Anyway I liked seeing the Squirtle Squad again, even if they were a bunch of pranksters before at least they helped the town when they were needed, even if they threated to dye Misty's hair purple, but I always wondered why Ash imagined her falling down a hole in the cave, and I found out in the original japanese episode they threatened to kill our heroin. Grats to Ash for getting his sixth Pokemon now his team is complete.


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And yet, Squirtle's awesomeness had only just begun. Until they stuck him back with those other losers on that lame squad. He deserved better than that!

Eh, as awesome as Zenigame was, he was ten times more bad*** when he was in charge of the Zenigame-dan. Dunno why the writers decided to scrap his prankster attitude after he left - it could have made for some great material.


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It is surprising that this episode even aired but I believe in the episode The Legend of Dratini guns were actually fired. In the original Japanese version the squirtle squad actually threatens to kill Misty if Ash did not return in time not dye her hair purple like in the dub.


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this was a good introduction for Squirtle.


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I would have loved to see it undubbed, and yes I love squirtle, he was always the Pokemon with some 'tude.


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This episode is one of my favourites, its the start of the legend that is squirtle!


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Darn Serbii ate my reply...

The Squirtle Squad was awesome! The way they tied up Team Rocket and ate their lunch in front of them? LOVED IT!

I'd have to say my favorite part was when Ash, who made it into town for Pikachu's medicine, accidentally got knocked out by Gary when he opened the store door XDD I laughed forever.

Here's some food for thought, guys: is it a coincidence that Squirtle wears those cool shades, and he's number 007 in the Pokedex? Think about that! ;007;

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I really like this episode, because it showed Squirtle that not everyone is like the trainer that abandoned it.


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I love the way that Squirtile is the ''bad group leader''
he's my favorite 1st gen starter and yeah...love the way Squirtle is in this


This episode is a classic because we see How Ash captures another pokémon that also is a starters like the other two of the other two episodes before this. And Ash never imagine that, he will have all the tree Kanto Starters. This is the first time that Ash cries!