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Here Comes The Squirtle Squad! (012)


PorcelainVulpix said:
Favorite moments:
“They’ve got us”
Gary slamming the door on Ash
Misty yelling at Meowth

I’ve never realized how many tears Ash shed in the OS

I wish Kasumi had managed to get her hands around Nyasu's neck when he was holding her hostage and translating for the Zenigame. He was infuriating in that scene.


BTS_fan said:
I thought that Gary's cameo was meaningless before, but now I think it makes sense that he would appear in a Squirtle episode since he had one as his Starter.

I don't think that was his reason for being added to the episode however, because I doubt that the writers themselves had even planned for him to own a Zenigame at this point in the series.
This episode made me like Squirtle more than ever because of how the one that Ash caught turned out to be a good guy in the end despite his mischief making ways. I didn't like how Meowth managed to trick the Squirtles into thinking that Ash, Misty and Brock were bad guys, but my favorite scene was when the Squirtles all came together to put out the forest fire that Team Rocket started. It was a great turnaround moment for Squirtle and his gang. 9/10

I love this episode and its one of my favorites of OS. Swag Squirtle sunglasses plus the Squirtle were hilarious. I love how Squirtle ran Ash to save him with tears in his eyes after Ash saved Squirtle. Squirtle is my second favorite Ash Pokémon behind Oshawott.