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Here we Go! [Private Pokemon Go RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Schade, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Here we Go
    A cleverly titled private Pokemon RP between VampirateMAce, Tangeh and myself
    SU Thread

    Ryan Heyes
    MT Silver –> Pallet Town

    “Almost there.. Almost there, C’mon you guys we can do it!” Ryan cheered his pokemon on as they all climbed the snowy sides of Mt. Silver. They had been out here for a few days now. Or was it weeks? It is quite difficult to keep track of time when you delve so far into the wilds like they were doing now. Mt. Silver was one of the more difficult climbs in both the Kanto and Johto region. Behind him in the growing blizzard was Chomp the Garchomp, who was annoyed by the fact that Ryan had deemed it necessary to call her out of her pokeball for her own literal frozen hellscape like this. Behind Chomp was Nina, who in contrast to Chomp, was all aboard the blizzard hype, letting out purrs of satisfaction and generally happy sounds and gestures as she skiped joyfully along. On his back sat Buffy, cozily stuffed into an aviator hat which engulfed him perfectly as he was sleeping. Why did Ryan feel the need to let his pokemon out to accompany him in the field like this? He quite honestly didn’t know. He had read in an article somewhere that allowing your pokemon to walk besides you in the field like this was helpful for team spirit or something? Ryan was all for team spirit, but by the events of today, he was more scared that Chomp would go rogue and bite his head off for this.

    Regardless, the group was on a mission, and that mission had led them to this very summit. He had gotten intel from a somewhat shady source that this time of year was the mating season for wild Glalie, and Ryan, being the pokemon breeding enthusiast that he was, wanted in on the action.. uhm, figuratively. He wanted to study the pokemons natural infrastructure in the best way he knew how: Stealthyly infiltrate their areas and observe. Knowing he was about to get to his destination, Ryan called his Garchomp and Igglybuff back to their pokeballs, allowing Nina the alolan Ninetales to roam more freely on his own. Besides, Glalie and the occasional Froslass roaming about weren’t very territorial pokemon, right? Either way, Ryan was here and he knew he wasn’t that far away from…

    “Hey you! You have the look of determination in your eyes, let’s battle!” Ryan suddenly heard from.. somewhere? The snowfall was heavy, and there were no one in eyesight, though his eyesight was so bad it was miraculous he hadn’t accidentally stepped off the cliff yet. He could literally not see anyone, yet he heard the sound of footsteps coming closer until a guy wearing a dark red ski jacket walked up to him, looking like one of those guys with too much determination. It was obvious he wanted a battle. However, Ryan was not really in the mood for pokemon battles now. Disturbing the local fauna with a fight might scare away the Glalie, or attract the more territorial pokemon living deeper in the blizzards. “No way dude, go away” Ryan said with a sigh, trying to shuffle his way away from the trainer. “Hey, that’s not how this works. We lock eyes and we battle!” the Ace Trainer said with what looked like a grumpy look on his face. Was that a Froslass behind him? “I said no. Go away, im busy. Maybe some other time okay?” Ryan said and hastily walked past the Ace trainer, who protested and said something about breaking the game before disappearing into the blizzard as Ryan went ahead. Good, it was more silent now.

    “Isn’t it exciting, Nina?” Ryan said as they pushed forward. “Watching Ice-Types like this in their natural habitat and wondering how it all comes to be and wanting to learn about them and…” Nina was not paying attention. “Frostbite! Or how they manage to get the eco-system to flourish so far from humanity and that guy was there…” Nina was used to Ryan go on like this, and he was good at faking interest. He enjoyed seeing his trainer like this. It had been hard seeing him down for all those years, so whatever Ryan did to cheer himself up, it was working, and Nina had decided to do his best to help Ryan in the trials ahead. “sentient refrigerators! Can you believe it? The entire ship went down hoo boy glad we weren’t there, eh?” Nina barked in excitement, fiddling with a puffy smoke cloud thing he had discovered in the snow. “Either way.” Ryan calmed down. “We seem to be almost there. Can you feel the tense air?” Nina suddenly stopped, and shot out to push Ryan in behind a bush before getting in himself. The two peeked out of the bush and watched as a small flock of Snorunt wobbled gleefully across the frozen landscape some meters ahead, accompanied by two Glalies; One looking kinda worried, following the Snorunt as they ran, while the other just looked proud. It seemed they had come too late for the hatching process, but in time to watch the Snorunt learning to walk properly. One of them took two steps before faceplanting into the snow. Another seemed to have mastered it more easily and was wobbling around aimlessly, constantly being re-directed by one of the Glalie before it could walk down a slope, and the third had just given up on walking and just rolled around, though its cone shape made it just roll around in near-perfect circles. Whipping out his Pokedex, Ryan read about the pokemon before starting to type in notes of his own. Nina’s Snow Veil ability was cloaking them both as to avoid detection.

    Some time later, he had gotten down from the frozen heights of Mt. Silver, and was nestled in at the pokemon center. He had called Nina back to his ball, while it was Buffy’s time to occupy the spotlight. Ryan was writing down a debrief to send back to Team Instinct. He had already caught and categorized the Snorunt line, so he had no need to disrupt the adorable moment he had witnessed up on the mountain, though it would be nice to catch a Froslass while he was there… Regardless, he was sitting tucked into a blanket at the guest section of the pokemon center at the base of the mountain, video-chatting with none other than Team Instincts own leader, Spark.

    “And then the baby Snorunts were just kinda messing around while their parents watched over them. You should’ve been there, it was amazing!” he excitedly said, making small gestures with his hands to somehow recreate the entire scenario he had witnessed with astonishing accuracy. Buffy was sneakily getting in on his hot cocoa-action while stealing looks from curious onlookers, not really bothering too much with the video chat. Ryans pokemon had mastered the art of passing the time while he was busy, even though Buffy kinda hoped to catch his attention by stealing his cocoa. “That’s totally rad!” Spark said, mirroring Ryans excitement, before going on about a long tale about the time he witnessed 5 eggs hatch at the same time. This could go on for hours, and so it did.

    The next day, Ryan was packing his stuff from the room he had rented in the pokemon center. He was to report back to Professor Oaks lab in Pallet town to meet with Spark, Professor Willow, and the big man himself. There had been some sort of big researchers conference there or something the past few days, which was why Ryan had decided to skip the region entirely. Though he loved his research, he did find the more uptight researcher types to be kinda boring to hang around for too much time. Spark had said he had some sort of mission for him and that he needed him to report in, which was fair enough. Ryan did get the occasional mission from his team leader which often involved catching specific pokemon or learn more about various topics. Leaving the pokemon center, he used his Poke-Rider to call down a Drifblim to carry him to Pallet Town.

    It was a generally slow and uneventful trip, though Ryan did get in a few good pictures of a flock of Skarmory they passed on their way. The town was as lively as ever, which meant like one or two people were out and about. Crickets could be heard somewhere. Pallet Town was a boring little town, but the main leading pokemon professor resided there, and as such, many of the business-oriented trips found place there. Landing, Ryan waved goodbye as the Drifblim ascended to a better place, and entered the big convention center that had housed the convention. There were still some stalls up, but the atmosphere was mainly lack of sleep and coffee at this point. Ryan quickly found his team leader, talking to the merry professor Willow in an excited manner. As he came closer, he heard they were discussing his finds on Mt. Silver the other day, and he got excited himself, quickly hopping into the conversation. They were also accompanied by the leaders of both Team Valor and Team Mystic as well as their head assistants. Ryan had met them before in the field and at other conventions. The three teams were sort of different branches of Professor Willows broad research field, and it would only make sense for them to have crossed paths a few times.

    “Ah, you are here. Good.” Professor Willow said. “You may wonder why I’ve gathered all of you here. It is quite simple actually.” The professor began talking, gesturing to everyone to sit down by the conveniently round table in the conference room they had gone to. “As you may know, I research the different aspects surrounding the pokemon we share our world with. The three of you also help me in dividing my interests in an orderly fashion, and help to rech the goal of learning as much as we can.” He gestured towards Spark, Blanche and Candela. “The reason we’ve called you three here.” Blanche started. “Is that you are our top assistants. You’re very important in the role we all play in aiding the professor.” Candela continued. “Which is why it befalls to the three of you to carry out this needlessly specific task we are hyping up without much reason!” Spark finished. What? “Ahem.. Like Spark said. Kinda.” The professor continued. “As the three of them can’t leave on lengthy missions on their own due to their importance both to me and their respective teams, you three are being sent out as representatives for your teams. You are familiar with the pokemon catching program, and have caught a considerable amount of pokemon to help fill out the pokedex, as well as to help us learn more about pokemon.”. He took a deep breath. “With the new discoveries of pokemon, we’re somewhat understaffed when it comes to branching out and cover more areas.” “What the professor is saying!” Candela interrupted. “Is that we need you to travel to different regions and find specific pokemon to catch for the research progress.” Spark chimed in: “In turn, your own individual skillsets in the different areas of research we conduct will be tested in practice.” The leaders went on, before professor Willow made his entrance. He was still here? “What they are saying is that you will be travelling as a group. You’ll learn to work together to use your skills, learn from each other and to carry out our research in a wider perspective.” The room went silent. He.. He could’ve just said that to begin with! Ryan impatiently tapped his fingers on the table. Working together, eh? That could be fun. He did enjoy working with other people.

    After the briefing had ended, he went over to the two representatives from the other teams: Maddie and Erica. “Hey there!” he said while waving like an idiot. “I’m not entirely sure what went down in there, but I am HYPED! Are you hyped? We get to travel! All expenses paid for I would assume.” He gave a mischievous smirk. “So yeah, it’s been so long. How are the two of you doing? Are you excited toget started on this journey?”. He gave a wide grin, feeling the same feeling of adventure he had when starting his first pokemon journey all those years ago.
  2. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Pokemon: Yorick (Shedinja), Dr. Watson (Galvantula - M), Quasimodo (Paras - F)
    Location: Mt Moon > Pallet Town

    The damp dull brown walls of the cave shimmered slightly as the beam of Erica's flashlight bounced off them. She went from looking at the walls and various geological features to studying a map that previous trainers and researchers had compiled. It was not one hundred percent accurate from what she could tell. A deathly silent Shedinja floated behind her ominously, while her Galvantula scurried around investigating the cave. Her Paras however sat in her short black hair making interesting little clacking noises. Erica, though she could not actually see her, looked up, asking, “Do you like this place Quasi? According to my Pokedex, there is a population of Paras living here.”

    There was a clacking again, but it was hard to say if it was a reply or just a Paras being a Paras. Erica returned to her map, and studying the walls. She nodded lightly and rolled the map up, sticking back into a side pouch of her bag. Then she took the Paras off her head, looking it over, eleven pounds was a lot to have on your head for too long. Quasimodo seemed satisfied at least, so she tucked it into an arm like a child, and turned to her other Pokemon as she pointed to a passageway, “We should be able to find the Square if we head this way. That'll be the best place to gather information on Clefairy's evolution and Moon Stones.”

    Yorick started to float towards the next cavern, blue ribbons trailing behind. But Dr. Watson, who appeared to digging in a pile of rocks did not react. Erica raised an eyebrow, waiting a moment to see what would happen. Watson was curious, but a coward, and so she often found his adventures interesting. Watson rolled aside a few rocks, then suddenly something grey popped out of the pile, rocks tumbling down around it as it announced itself, “Geodude!”

    “Galva!” moaned Watson in surprise as he scurried backwards. Erica snickered. The Geodude did not seem aggressive in the slightest, now in fact it sounded confused, “Geo?”

    Erica was still smirking as the two foot spider ran over to her for protection. She paid the Geodude no further mind, at other times she might consider fighting it for practice, especially if it had attacked, but it was peaceable and she was already doing something right now. The quartet clamored into the next chamber, where they found a young trainer crying as he ran around the room with a fainted Charmander in his arms and a several Zubat chasing him. Erica pointed at the swarm of Zubat and commanded, “Watson, use Electroweb on those Zubat!”

    The Galvantula turned, launching a sticky electrified web at the flying pests. This trapped and electrocuted them immediately, causing the swarm to fall out of the air and struggle on the ground. The young trainer stared in amazement, “Ah, thank you! It was so horrible!”

    “It's not over yet,” commented Erica, instructing Watson, “Now, use Electro Ball before they can escape!”

    Electricity buzz as the Galvantula gathered it's power up in a ball. The glowing yellow mass of raw electricity sped through the air and slammed into the the Zubat. Having finally removed the threat, Erica turned her attention to the trainer, “You might need to think about increasing the size of your party or evolving Charmander, if you're going to be coming down here. Head back that way, take a right and you should see the light of the cave entrance.”

    “O-okay! Thank you!” replied the trainer, before running off the way Erica had come. Erica knelled down, placing a hand on Dr. Watson's back, “See you can be brave when you need to. Good job.”

    After another forty five minutes or so of exploring, Erica and her pokemon squinted as they emerged into daylight. They now found themselves in a small grassy area, dotted with rocks, and containing a small pond. There were no Clefairy in the immediate area at the moment, but a clear Clefairy track was right in front of them. Erica knelled down, talking to herself softly, “I should probably make a cast of this to send to Professor Willow.”

    He should find that interesting, though Blanche would be more interested in Moon Stones and videos of Clefairy evolution. Erica opened her bag to look for the field cast kit, but then the Pokegear in there started ringing. Seeing Blanche's name, she flipped it open and answered, “Hey there, I just reached Mt Moon Square. I got plenty time to set-up a base camp before dark.”

    “That's wonderful, but there's been a change of plans,” replied the leader, “I'm going to need you to come to Pallet Town to meet with Professor Oak, Professor Willow, and me tomorrow.”

    The next morning, after sleeping through what was going to be prime Clefairy observation hours, though she could review her camera footage later, Erica zipped towards pallet town on the back of a Ride Charizard. The Pokemon was somewhat playful and went off course for several minutes to chase some Pidgey, which Erica imagined it thought looked delicious. Soon though, they were at the convention center, and while for the most part everything was being packed away, but it was still more people then Erica liked to deal with.

    Inside she was surprised to find that Willow's other assistants and their assistants. Their group was quickly ushered into one of the conference rooms and Erica looked from one leader to another as they took turns speaking, before Willow finally clarified that his assistants' top assistants' would be traveling together for research. Erica looked at the other two, she kind of liked to work alone, but as long as they didn't interfere with her research, she wouldn’t mind having others around. Then the meeting ended and the guy, Ryan if Erica remembered right, started ranting about how exciting this was. Well, at least he was enthusiastic. Erica smiled softly, replying simply, “Good thanks, you? Yeah, this should be interesting at least. I wonder what they plan to have us research?”
  3. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Madison “Maddie” Collins
    Seafoam Islands -> Pallet Town

    The heavy wingbeats of the hovering noivern were particularly loud against the otherwise silent cavern nestled on Seafoam Islands. On top of the dragon-type's back perched a young woman dressed in a red jacket that was normally more than enough to keep her warm, but wasn't exactly built for the subzero temperatures of this particular cave. She tucked her brown bangs neatly into her red cap, let out a nervous sigh that produced a cloud of white steam in front of her, then grinned and turned to her other two pokemon waiting nearby. "Sly, you ready?" A bored-looking weavile flashed her a thumbs-up with one sharp claw, the other grasping her precious smartphone. "Cinders, fire up the lighting!" A darmanitan obediently set herself on fire - a flare blitz waiting in perpetuity. "Hold steady Boombox." The noivern chattered nervously back at her.

    "Aaaaaand, action!" The girl saluted the camera with a charismatic wink. "Hey pokefans! Maddie here! Got an unusual situation for you guys today." Boombox shifted out of the way to more clearly reveal a large wall of solid ice behind them, which Maddie enthusiastically gestured at. It stretched cleanly from one end of the room to the other. Sly yawned and took a few steps to the right to focus the camera better. "Some fellow researchers were reporting a huge ice wall that suddenly appeared in the Seafoam Island caves, so they asked me if I could come check it out!" Technically they'd asked Professor Willow, who'd asked Candela, who'd asked her - but details shmetails. "There's a chance the wall was created by Articuno, the legendary bird of ice. As you guys already know, Moltres was the pokemon that inspired me to become a researcher, so how could I say no to the chance to study more raw power?!" Maddie patted Boombox, who obediently backed up. She was planning on editing in some facts about articuno between segments. "Alright Boombox, use flamethrower!"

    The noivern unleashed a massive stream of fire toward the wall of ice, which rapidly melted it. Soon it was nothing more than a cloud of steam. "No problem!" Maddie cheered. "Okay, let's see what's hiding back here..." She urged Boombox on. He hesitated, but obeyed. They soared through the center of the steam and Maddie squinted at the sudden darkness. "Hey Cindy, come closer, I can't see anything over here." She pulled out a flashlight as well, but even with both light sources, the cave was pretty dimly lit. She shone the flashlight in a circle, seeing little more than cave walls. Odd - the wall was just hiding the other side of the room.... wasn't it? And then she looked down.

    The ground was gone, but the faint sound of rushing water suggested the river continued maybe four or five stories below them. Maddie glanced back at Cinders, and noticed that her body was occupying almost the entire space that Boombox had somehow managed to fly through. The wall of ice wasn't blocking off half the area - it was concealing an entirely new cavern. Sly quickly rounded the corner with the camera, and - caught off guard by the sudden lack of floor - let out an alarmed yell and dropped the cellphone in favour of clinging to Cinder's leg.

    Maddie's heart dropped in terror, and she didn't even have to give the command for Boombox to begin a nosedive into a mad chase for the phone. She reached out and grabbed it at the last second, losing her flashlight in the process, then clung tightly to Boombox with an alarmed shriek as he sharply pulled out of the dive before they plummeted all the way into the water. Both Maddie and Boombox took a moment to collect their breath, then Maddie examined her phone - unharmed, and still filming. She switched it to night vision mode (Cinders was so far above them now that the light only provided a beacon for where to get out), and shifted the camera to face herself. "Whoa, o-okay, couldn't let you guys drown, right?" She forced a laugh and a grin, despite her heart feeling like it was about to pound out of her chest. "But good news, looks like we've found an entirely new area in the Seafoam Islands... this was just a solid wall before, I'm pretty sure of it." Maddie glanced around, but her human eyes couldn't see anything anymore. "Can you pick up anything with echolocation, BB?" Boombox nodded, and after a moment flew down closer to the river. "So this must be where the river exits, but there's nothing else in here, really..." She thought for a few moments. "Maybe Articuno was trying to protect pokemon from falling down here, so it created a barrier? We'll have to pick up where we left off later - I'm down a flashlight and it's pitch black." Not to mention freezing. And lonely. And eerily quiet.

    After a few moments they'd returned back to the surface. Maddie had switched her camera off and patted Sly, who was looking exceptionally guilty. She rubbed the bare part of her arms for warmth and began walking toward the exit, which was still a fair distance from where they were. She recalled her three pokemon and pulled out her phone. Talking to somebody else would make the walk back a bit less lonely and scary, at least. She tapped Candela's icon, which began a video chat. "Hey Maddie," Candela greeted with a smile. "Did you take care of the ice problem for us?"

    "Yeah," Maddie swiveled the camera so her leader could see the melted ice. A loud cry echoed through the cave, so loud that the walls shook slightly, and a new wall of ice sprang up, protecting the cave they'd just uncovered. Maddie's jaw dropped. "Hey!! Did you see that?!"

    Candela chuckled. "Well, at least you tried to take care of the ice problem. What in the world would have caused that?"

    If Candela had seen it, maybe the footage was salvageable - she would need to check later. "Something really powerful - maybe even Articuno. Hey, did you want to come down here yourself to check it out with me tomorrow? I seriously think we could be on the brink of something huge."

    "I would, but I've already got something else lined up for you. Meet me in Pallet Town tomorrow; I have a meeting planned with Professor Oak and Professor Willow."

    "...Oh my gosh, what?!"

    Maddie decided to give Boombox a break, and used a ride lapras to surf to Cinnabar island for the night, then again to surf to Pallet Town the next day. Honestly it was a lovely day to be on the water, and Maddie spent most of the ride working on her tan.

    When she arrived at the lab, she cheerfully greeted Candela, but quickly noted that Blanche and Spark were also here, along with two people that Maddie faintly recognized as their respective head assistants. Erica and Ryan, she thought their names were. The three leaders gave a short speech (Maddie straightened up with pride upon Blanche calling them "top assistants"). The gist of the conversation was that the three of them were being sent to find specific pokemon, and test their individual talents. This sounded awesome to Maddie - researching was fun, but it could turn a bit lonely for her liking. Case in point being yesterday's mission. And how could she turn down a request straight from the professors themselves?!

    Spark's young assistant quickly approached, waving enthusiastically in greeting. Man, was he ever hyped. He even said so multiple times. Maddie fed off his energy and grinned back. "Totally hyped! It's Ryan, right? Gosh it's been way too long - I'm Maddie, in case you forgot." She winked and turned to Erica. "And Erica, right? And I dunno, but I hope we get to go after legendaries! Although, I'm not sure if those are even possible to catch but... if anyone can do it, it's totally us." She grinned and positioned herself in the middle of the two, and pulled out her cellphone. "About-to-go-on-a-big-awesome-adventure selfie time! Cheeeeeeese!" She took a couple pictures and showed them off to the group.
  4. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Ryan Heyes
    Pallet Town

    Erica replied in a kind manner, questioning what the trio would actually be doing on this little trip of theirs. Maddie somehow managed to mimic Ryans enthusiasm, though not to the full extend as he had himself, as she probably hadn't had as much coffee that morning as he had. She chimed in about how she wanted to go search for Legendary pokemon. Ryan thought about that for a few moments. It would surely be awesome if they could actually manage to register legendary pokemon in their pokedexes, but even more awesome if they could actually catch them! Alas, they didn't actually get to keep the pokemon they caught, which left him feeling a tiny bit dishearted. Still the experience would surely be enough.

    He was then pulled out of his thoughts, and pulled into a tight group hug as Maddie poked her cellphone in the, speaking of legendary, way she used to do for her plethora of social medias. If anything, the trip could be filmed and made into some sort of awesome documentary. Kids learned through tv these days anyway, right? Ryan smiled in his usual cheerful way and managed to pay omage to his team leader as he fell into a magnificent dab right before the camera went off, imortalizing himself on Maddies phone. Looking at the pictures, it was a strange trio indeed. While Ryan looked like he was about to drop the sickest beat in modern history, Maddie struck one of those poses you see famous youtubers do for their thumbnails. Erica didn't seem to pay too much attention, but in one of the pictures... was she Knitting?


    About 15 minutes later, the trio had gathered in the Pallet Town pokemon center, going over plans. Ryan had been instructed that they would primarily be filling out the pokedex while working on a bigger objective. He pulled out a notebook he had been given by Spark which illustrated the process of several different ways of hatching eggs through colorful and cute drawings. He figured Erica and Maddie would be having their own tasks cut out for them, as the 3 of them did excell in different areas. "So.. What are you guys gonna do? If i got this correctly, our primary goal is to catch them all, but i think i remember professor Willow mentioning something about a new pokemon being discovered. M.. Meltdown or something? You know, the little Ditto-looking thing. I've never seen one before myself, but i heard they are actually kinda common?" he proceeded to point to a drwaing of said pokemon in said book. It was a cute blob-like thing with a hexagonal nut for a head. Above it was the name "Deez Nuts", though Ryan suspected that may not actually be the pokemons actual name. "So, any ideas?" he asked the two.
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Pokemon: Yorick (Shedinja), Dr. Watson (Galvantula - M), Quasimodo (Paras - F)
    Location: Pallet Town (Convention Center > Pokemon Center)

    “Right,” commented Erica with a smile, trying to commit Maddie's name to memory. Things would go a lot smoother if they didn't have to ask each others' first names multiple times throughout the trip.

    She was then pulled into an impromptu selfie photoshoot session. Well okay, this was happening, so Erica smiled best she could. Forcing a smile was not her favorite activity, but she could play along for the sake of the group happiness, as long as this didn't happen every 15 minutes. Ugh, why was this taking so long?

    Then of course there was the customary scrolling through of the images looking for the best one. They all kind of looked equally good/bad to Erica, aside from any blurry ones, so she didn't really know what to say, other then, “Yeah, that one's fine.”


    Fifteen minutes later they were in the local pokemon center, and not taking group selfies, so that was a good start. Ryan meanwhile was going through a cute sketch book, and asking about what else they were each studying, if Erica understood the question properly, before showing them a picture of a recently rediscovered pokemon. A pokemon that he was apparently unable to name. It was a big deal though, and had been on the news and everything. Erica nodded, “Oh yeah, that's Meltan. I think, during an interview, Oak said they only appear in natural environments. Like ones relatively untouched by man. . . despite looking like a pile of junk from someone's garage.”

    She pulled out her own notebook, in pristine shape with a glossy black cover, and not looking at all like it had been stored in someone's bag. She flipped it open, selecting a page and turning the book to show Ryan and Maddie the clean large print text and accompanying black and white sketches. She explained, “Team Mystic specializes in pokemon evolution, and the power involved. I was recently up on Mt Moon, looking into Clefairy's evolution.”

    She reached into her bag and pulled out another item, clunking it down on the table. It was a large iridescent grey-teal moonstone. The broken edges shimmered as though possessing mystical power. Moving onto the next question, she added, “Anyways, I think if we're going to find Meltan, we should start by going to where Professor Willow sighted them, don't you think?”
  6. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Madison “Maddie” Collins
    Pallet Town

    The other three were receptive to the photoshoot, with Ryan posing in many of the photos and Erica smiling obligatorily, even if she didn't have the same level of enthusiasm that Ryan seemed to constantly exert. Maddie rapidly took several pictures and then allowed the others to watch as she went through them. "Oooh, I really like this one!" Maddie exclaimed at a photo that perfectly captured Ryan's glorious dab. Maddie was giving a trademark peace sign with her tongue out, and Erica was smiling politely. "I'll put a filter on this later and make a post announcing this next big adventure! My handle's @maddiesonfire, make sure you guys are following me and I'll tag you. This is gonna be SO awesome!"

    The group had gathered in a local pokemon centre not long after. Maddie was very taken by Ryan's sketchbook, and pulled it over so she could get a better look at it. "Awww, they're soooo cute!" she gushed at one picture that showed some baby pokemon. Maddie half-listened, half browsed the book as Ryan brought up that new pokemon that had recently been discovered. Maddie glanced up in recognition. "Oh, you're talking about screwhead!" Maddie exclaimed, grinning. She knew that wasn't its real name, but she couldn't quite remember the real name either, and had taken to calling the new pokemon by something easier to remember.

    Erica was quick to remind them of its actual name - Meltan (what a weird name, Maddie thought), then showed off her own notebook, explaining that she'd just came from Mt. Moon. She then showed them a large, heavy-looking moonstone - it was so shiny that Maddie's eyes reflected it as she peered in to stare in amazement at the beautiful object. "Its so pretty, but so powerful..." She blinked, remembering that this was supposed to be an impromptu show-and-tell, and reached into her bag. She pulled out a tablet, which responded to her fingerprint identification and opened to the photo gallery. She turned it toward Erica and Ryan. "I wish I could draw as well as you guys but, well, it would be kinda hard to get pokemon to pose for these kinds of things anyways." She swiped through a few images - a wild garchomp in midair glowing with power as it prepared a dragon rush - her own darmanitan as she rushed forward with a flare blitz during a training session - an electrode nearly ready to self-destruct. "I kinda regretted that one; nearly ended up in the hospital again," Maddie admitted with a sheepish smile. "Team Valor studies pokemon strength, and how to increase it for use in battles. It overlaps with my own personal study goals: to discover the ultimate power I believe every pokemon, deep down, is capable of." She put away her tablet. "I was on the Seafoam Islands yesterday on a hunt for Articuno. I'd show you the video footage, but, uh..." How exactly was she going to edit that? Most of it was black, and that was very boring for viewers. "Nevermind. But you can watch it on my poketube channel later, once I get time to edit!"

    "Anyways," Erica continued, "I think if we're going to find Meltan, we should start by going to where Professor Willow sighted them, don't you think?”

    Maddie nodded enthusiastically in agreement. "Yeah!" Erica had just mentioned that Meltan preferred natural environments. Which was good, because Maddie didn't remember that particular details. Oops. With a few quick swipes on her tablet, Maddie brought up an interactive map of Kanto, which even pointed out their location in Pallet Town's pokemon centre. "Viridian Forest is pretty close to here, and I guess it's a popular place for new trainers to run around, but it's totally big enough to have tons of places for Meltan to hide away from humans!" She beamed and quickly began researching the area on her tablet. "It wouldn't hurt to check it out at least, right? I mean we're basically already there." Maddie would never have thought to look for a rare pokemon in such a simple place - already this journey was benefiting her. She hoped she would be able to help the other two - and Professor Willow - with all of their goals as well.

    Maddie vlogged half of the journey to Viridian forest on her smartphone. ("Hey pokefans! Maddie here! You're never gonna believe what me and my two new research partners are looking for! And on a side note, yeah, I totally see why everybody thinks Kanto is overrun by pidgey and rattata now.") She spent the other half of the walk chatting away excitedly to Erica and Ryan. She gushed over how cute the little kids on Route 1 were, and how they reminded them of herself when she was that age - minus the lack of a giant darmanitan in their arsenal - and then about all the strange rumors she'd heard about the Viridian gym and how it was always closed, and how her hometown had a gym with three different gym leaders so they basically never had that problem, and at some point during that conversation realized she hadn't told her mother about all of this, so took a couple of minutes to call her, prompting a very one-sided phone call where Maddie ranted excitedly about all of the incredible things that had happened that day. She hoped she was being friendly enough. She very much wanted to be close friends with her two travelling companions, otherwise this journey would be incredibly boring and awkward.

    Madison “Maddie” Collins
    Viridian Forest

    Eventually the trio arrived in Viridian Forest. The lighting was very dim, and the squeaks of local bug pokemon echoed around the area. "So, if I was a screwhead, where would I be?" Maddie asked hypothetically, trying to find the most secluded area of the forest, as if it would be visible from the entrance. Her vision landed on a tall sturdy tree with many thick branches near the bottom - it was just begging to be scaled, really. "Hold on guys, I'll see if I can spot anything shiny from up higher." She shot up the tree easily, clearly showing that she was well-practiced in the art of tree climbing. It was tougher than she thought to find a vantage point with a good view - she could certainly see further than she could from the ground, but the tangle of trees didn't reveal any metallic dittos. She pulled out her cellphone anyways and snapped a few pictures of her aerial view, and then a few selfies.
  7. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Ryan Heyes
    Pallet Town

    Luckily for Ryan, it seemd Erica was very knowledgable about the newly discovered... Meltan, she called it. Though she couldn't give too much advice on it, she knew more than he did himself, which to be real, wasn' that much of a feat. Maddie, on the other hand, seemed to know about as much as ryan did about it, if not a tad more. After that, she pulled out her own pristine textbook and proceeded to let the other two in on her research, which had a lot to do with evolution, as was her teams fied of expertice. Ryan mumbled sourly to himelf as he tucked away hie very tired-in-comparison sketchbook. "i bet it doesn't even have doodles..." he muttered to himself in defeat. She then rumaged through her bag and picked out what looked like a piece of coal. Looking closer, it became obvious that the item was a moonstone, and quite an impressive one too. Just looking at it revealed its sheer brightness and glass-like structure more and more as it reflected the light around it.

    Then Maddie chimed in with her own very impressive addition, which in truth made Ryans Meltan sketch seem less and less impressive.... She fished out a tablet and turned it around to show pokemon in various poses and natures, showcasing nothing short of raw power. Explaining Team Valor's field of research. It was all very impressive, and ryan started to understand why the professors had jammed the three into a group. Each with their own specialty, combined to make a very impressive pancake!

    "Anyways," Erica continued, "I think if we're going to find Meltan, we should start by going to where Professor Willow sighted them, don't you think?”, Erica said, being the voice of reason pulling everyone together again. Maddie nodded enthusiastically as she agreed, while Ryan gave a thumbs up and grinned. It had been a while since he was out on a pokemon adventure, and though he was still a bit on the edge about it, he was certain he would be able to pull through. "Yeah yeah, let's go" Ryan said, already on his feet and on his way out of the door.

    As the trio got to route Route 1, Maddie whipped out her phone to vlog for her poketube channel. Ryan had actually been following her on social media for the past year or so, but he didn't dare admit to himself or to her how big of a fan he was. Last thing they needed was him to melt down into a puddle of fanboy. instead, he did his part by posing behind he as she went on, that would give her some fun editing later. erica was kind of quiet during the trip, but she cracked the occasional smile at Ryans lame joke and Maddie's antics. As Maddie cut herself off to tak a phonecall, Ryan stopped in his place. He got a chilling feeling down his back, as if being observed by... something. Then, in the orner of his eye, he saw something rush towards him with incredible speed. "I like shorts! They're easy and comfy to wear!" a young man, barely 10 years old, said as he threw a pokeball out, initiating a pokemon battle.

    The youngster sent out a very determined-looking Pidgey, flapping it wings menacingly as it chirped the war cry of its species. Truly spectacular. "Oh" Ryan said. "Uhm, I'm a bit rusty in the field of pokemon battles, but let me see what i can do." he then dug out the pokeball containing Chomp. The Garchomp stretched out, letting out an intimidating roar as she did so, which sent a flowk of spearows from a nearby tree to take flight and flee. The youngster didn't seem phased by this obvious display of power and ordered his Pidgey to use Tackle, to which the tiny bird hesitantly charged up and flew in a perfect arc before tackling Chomp, bouncing humorously off her and unto the ground upon impact, hurt by Chomp' Rough Skin. "Chomp, go easy on it, use Flamethrower!" Ryan commanded. The Mach Pokemon charged up, and released a heavy stream of orange flames, completely incinerating the patch of grass in front of her, a tree in the background, and more importantly, the poor Pidgey. "I guess my shorts weren't enough for this battle!" The youngstr exclaimed as he recaled the charred piece of fried chicken into its pokeball and scurried off. Ryan proceeded to pick up the small amount of cash trainers always seemed to drop after a battle, and continued walking towards Viridian.

    Fast forwarding maybe half an hour or so, and the trio entered the dimly lit Viridian Forest. place was absolutely swarming with bugs. small bugs, large bugs, bugs in between bugs, the forest had anything you'd ever want of bugs, if you were into the Caterpie and Weedle line. every now and then, Ryan could spot a scary-looking Trevenant peeking out from between dark trees in the distance. Maddie was enthusiastic about finding Meltan, and quickly scurried up into a tree to get better view. Her acrobatic skills were matched only by the elemental monkies of her home region, and Ryan watched with awe as she effortlessly climbed the old giant. Ryan figured he should follow her exmple. In his experience as a serious researcher, trees were always the perfect place to scout for potential catches, and to get pecked in the face by angry birds on occasion. He was, however, distracted by the glorious sight of a Caterpie. it was not just any Caterpie. It was Huge! Easily thicker than his arm, and twice the length of a normal Caterpie. It looke at him, tilted it head in confusion, and then wormed off. Ryan ran after it, determined to capture the magnifficent beast. However, as he ran after it, he lost his footing, as the sly little creep had led him to a small ledge, making him fall in humorously as he got there.

    After he got out of the small pit, he walked back to the others in disappointment. "Hey, where were you?" Erica asked nonchalantly as she was taking notes on something. "Nowhere.." Ryan muttered sourly, looking away as he kicked a rock in front of him. What he didn't notice, however, was that 5 smaller to normal sized Caterpies had latched unto his backpack, head, leg and arm.

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