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Hero Era - A Random Superpower RP - PG-13

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, May 22, 2020 at 3:44 AM.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    * This RP is rated PG-13 for unrealistic violence, light language, and use of an injection to gain superpowers. So, if needles/syringes trigger you, this also serves as your warning to not read any further.
    * There is one short plot arc planned out, that you'll see the prompt for below. The RP may end after that or it may go on depending on how players feel.
    * Also this is probably going to be a little campy. Let's face it the plot and setting are kind of ridiculous, so we might as well lean into it and enjoy the ride. Just don't fall, okay?

    Graduation day, a glorious ceremony in which teenage girls and boys become women and men. It's the start of a whole new life adventure. The day when your principal finally hands you your very own syringe of neon green superpower infusion serum! No one knows what their superpower will be, but they do know it will change their life forever. You could have the power to control fire or the power to fly, or maybe you'll get something a little stranger, like a third eye. No one knows, and there doesn't seem to be any logic or pattern to it, it's just the luck of the roll. (Literally!)

    Some historians say that high schools used to hand out diplomas, but that practice fell away after the power infusion serum was introduced. Early prototypes of the the serum were unstable, and many test subjects had volatile results, but the allure of superpowers was too exciting for the experiments to ever be completely halted. And finally a stable version was created, but there was a catch, it only worked right on mature enough subjects. In humans that was people 17 and older. Thus it became a popular senior tradition to save up enough money in order to get superpowers, and eventually when the production of the serum became cheap enough, they became a gift from the school itself. And thus having superpowers became the mark of adulthood.

    There are of course people that try to get powers early, but what happens to them is uncertain. Though there are stories, and many of them have become cautionary horror stories parents tell their children before bed. Almost everyone can recall hearing of the misfortune of Blobby Bobby, who was reduced to a gelatinous mass of pain and misery for the rest of his days.

    But this isn't Blobby Bobby's story, this is the story of our graduation day!

    Everything was going great. First the school's special guest gave an inspirational speech no one would remember five years later. Then the valedictorian gave a little speech that'd be forgotten in a week, and received her serum and a handshake from the principal, as well as hug from the vice principal. And so the tedious parade began, as graduates were called onto the stage. Most conducted themselves with dignity going through the motions, though others broke out in tears and hugged everyone they could find, or ran by the audience demanding highfives, and a few immediately uncapped their serum syringes, stabbing themselves in the arm to start the transformation process (which usually takes around five minutes, but could take as little as a couple seconds, or as long as few months). Then near the end of the ceremony, an angry drunken teen burst into the room and ran up onto the stage. Everyone in our class recognized him. It was Skyler, the trouble-making punk who'd dropped out a couple of months before.

    Snatching up the syringes still waiting to be passed out, he ranted about how he deserved this and the recognition he was going to get, and stabbed them into his arm as everyone looked on in horror. He screamed in a ghastly manner as his body started to swell and distort. The couple of professional heroes present for the graduation leapt to their feet preparing to deal with him, while other people started to panic and flee the room. But a few brave teens, powered or not, felt a duty to help stop this disaster.

    As you've probably gathered, our RPG starts the day of graduation. Your character will receive a power infusion syringe, and may inject themselves with it at any point after that (provided they don't lose it), at which point you will randomly be assigned a power (via dice roll, out of the 20 selected in the discord discussion. There will also be a secondary roll that will determine if your power has extra effects, or if you're one of the lucky few with more then one power).

    In this world a few people choose not to use the serum. After all, once they have powers their life will be changed forever. As such, you are not required to use the serum, but that doesn't mean you're helpless, you would still be able to fight back in some manner. Or try to reason with Skyler.

    Approved/Pending Players:
    1. VampirateMace (tba)
    2. InnerFlame (tba)
    3. Monster Guy (Danny)
    4. Sketchie (tba)

    Sign-Up Form
    - All characters are normal humans at the start of this RP, please bare in mind you won't know what your powers are, so don't decide anything based on the powers you expect.

    Name: What your parents called you, and any nicknames you've picked up since then.

    Age and Gender: Your age (preferably 17-19)

    What you look like, please consider your character’s age and lifestyle when deciding this. + 8 sentences

    How you think and act. Please included good and negative traits, no total Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues please. + 8 sentences

    What has happened in your past, again. Take into account your appearance and personality. And don't forget your relation to Skyler; be it friend, foe, victim, or even relative. + 8 sentences
    Last edited: May 24, 2020 at 3:28 AM
  2. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    I like playing the game of chance, I like to reserve a spot.
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    To heck with it. I’ll reserve too.
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Alright, get you on the list
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    i’d like a reserve! i’m not on my computer atm, but i’ll get a wip up when i do get back.
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Name: Daniel “Danny” Davis

    Age and Gender: 18, Male, Homosexual

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Appearance: Danny is a tall and lean young man. He stands at exactly six feet tall. He has a bit of a baby face that he has been teased about. Marked by a round face, large expressive blue eyes, and a small nose. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He keeps his blonde hair short and spiky. His build is slim and wiry, with very basic muscle definition. He has a fair skin complexion. He has Some people have called him cute, but Danny gets embarrassed when people talk about him like that.

    Danny doesn't really have much in the way of fashion sense. He dresses how he thinks looks cool. His wardrobe mostly consists mostly of T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. He always wears pink and purple, his favorite colors. No matter what anyone says, he won’t change that. He currently wears a pink T-shirt with a short sleeved pink and white jacket over it, a pair of purple jeans, and purple and white high top sneakers. He wears glasses for near sightedness.

    He also has more stereotypically nerdy outfits in his closet that he wears as formal wear. His favorite outfit is a dress shirt with an argyle sweatervest over it, purple slacks, and purple dress shoes. The look is completed with a purple bowtie, and a much thicker pair of pink glasses. The only reason he doesn’t wear this look more offen is because he’s been told over and over that they look like old person clothes.

    Personality: Danny is something of a shy introvert. The fact that he was bullied a lot when he was younger. He prefers to keep to himself, or at the very least small groups. He tries hard to be friendly, if only to get people to like him so he won’t be bullied anymore, but a lot of the times ends up just being awkward. He usually perks up when the conversation goes in a direction he’s interested in. When he’s interested in the subject matter, then he keeps talking and talking.

    He gets nervous very easily. He tries to hide that by making jokes and being witty, but all that seems to do is make people want to punch him. He really wants to be brave and cool, but he finds being that kind of person difficult. He’s shy and self conscious, and gets embarrassed when he gets any kind of attention good or bad. He gets particularly nervous around guys he happens to find attractive. At that point, he starts stammering. He’s not good at flirting.

    He’s in many ways a complete geek. He loves science, reads a lot, loves computers and the Internet, enjoys playing video games. He also likes cute things, and the color pink. He has a small collection of plushies at home. It was something he was bullied for in the past. He’s not very good at sports either. He hopes that gaining superpowers will give him some kind of self confidence. That seems to be the case with the superheroes he’s seen.

    History: David and Denise Davis gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Daniel. They had a difficult time having a baby, so when they finally had Danny, he was their miracle baby. They cherished him, and wanted to do their best to give him every advantage in life.

    Growing up, Danny discovered he was rather intelligent. He did very well academically. Science was his favorite subject. However, he was also introverted and quiet and did not do well socially. He was often picked on by other kids because of it. Not helping the matter was the fact that he liked the color pink as well cute things, and other stuff that was stereotypically girly. He preferred to play with Barbies and stuffed animals while other boys liked playing with Hot Wheels and Football. He also wasn’t very good at sports. While he had supportive parents at home, he had a difficult time making friends at school.

    His most consistent bully is a boy named Skyler. At one point, Danny had a crush on him. Danny worked up the nerve to confess his feelings. Of course, those feelings were not mutual. Skyler laughed in his face, and outed him to the whole school. It was embarrassing, and made going to school much more difficult. Now Skyler picked on him regularly. Things often escalated to violence for trivial reasons, like if he got a better grade than him on an exam. He didn’t dare tell anyone. Things only got worse when you snitched.

    He endured it for years, and did his best to get by. He wanted to be cool, brave, and popular, like a superhero. No matter how hard he tries, he always has trouble pulling it off. Finally graduation day has arrived. He is looking forward to getting superpowers, and is hoping for something good.
    Last edited: May 26, 2020 at 3:42 AM
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Alrighty Sketch

    Looks good Mon
    Monster Guy likes this.
  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Name: Kyuu Hiroto

    Age and Gender: 17 male
    Appearance: Kyuu stands at about 5 feet 7 inches tall, which on par with the most of his immediate family. He is about average height for a boy his age. The teen looks smaller because he is always slouching and looking at the ground. Being an incredibly skinny and scrawny teenager, all of his clothes appear huge on his frame. The boy has a small amount of muscle build, and even baggy clothes cannot hide that fact. His skin tone is fair with constant reddening cheeks to grace it with color. It is nearly flawless with only a mole to the right of his thin lips.

    Thick, jet black hair covers his forehead and neck. His hair is ruffled, but one can tell he put some work into making it better looking than a bedhead. Even then, the thick locks protrude out messily from his head. Kyuu's gray-colored eyes can sometimes be seen peering out from the bottom of his bangs. They are a bit on the narrow side and often turned up when talking to others from a hunched posture. Kyuu is always wearing some round lens glasses with a silvery aluminum frame.

    Kyuu doesn't wear any accessories normally and doesn't have any piercings. On a rare occasion, he might sport a cutesy hair clip but nothing else outside of that. Due to his overly slender frame, all his outfits are oversize on him. He doesn't have any particular color of clothing he wears. His style is often a hoodie and some jeans. A favorite of his is a black hoodie that reaches his thighs, faded blue jeans kept up by a black leather belt, and a pair of white and blue sneakers.

    Personality: Kyuu is a quiet and timid boy. He rarely speaks his mind or adds his opinions to conversations. Whenever he gets the spotlight to vocalize, he gets so nervous he can barely get words out. Preferring to be a supporting member rather than in charge, he silently listens from the back of groups. Once he warms up to others, the teen becomes much more energetic and talkative. This gets to the point he'll start to ramble on about something he is particularly interested in. Though he is quick to go back into a shy mode when he's uncomfortable. Kyuu tends to make a lot of mistakes once his nerves shaken, from simple speech mistakes to accidentally walking into things. His level of clumsiness is not too extreme, but it definitely noticeable.

    Kyuu has a very calm and relaxed air when he's by himself or isn't under distress. Surprisingly, as long as he isn't involved with strangers, he is composed and diligent. Very smart and efficient, he can complete most tasks quickly with little trouble. It's a bit difficult to believe that he is the same nervous boy, who's always keeping his head down. He is unaware of these strong points of his, due to years of being put down by bullies. Kyuu is always telling himself that he'll do better next time. He often has his face stuck into a book of some sort in these cases. The teen reads a range of genres, from typical novels to graphic novels. He owns several thick notebooks that he writes down stories ideas or doodle pictures in. While Kyuu has a talent and passion for writing and drawing, he has no confidence that he can make it as a writer or artist. He thinks of it as a hobby.

    Kyuu is a very caring and empathetic person. He is always trying to understand others, even when the person probably doesn't deserve it. He feels other people pains and will cry in their stead. He is really quite sentimental and burst into tears at sad and touching moments. Despite being treated terribly by others, he is still willing to forgive and forget. This often gets Kyuu pulled back into unfavorable relationships. Putting in the effort, he is righteous and honorable like the heroes in the books he reads. He hopes he'll be able to be a little more helpful to the people around him with his power.

    History: Born into the loving couple, Misato and Amelia, or least they were for a while after his birth. As Kyuu grew older, he saw the disconnection between his parents. When he was seven, they finally divorced when his Dad was tired of his Mom's cheating. His selfish mother didn't want to raise a child by herself, so he ended being raised by his father, a high school teacher. His Dad had difficulty supporting and being a good father to him, so Kyuu did his best to behave and not bother him. This resulted in him becoming a quiet kid that learned to preoccupied himself with books. His quietness wasn't a problem at first. He even was able to become good friends with the neighbor boy, Skyler.

    Things changed when he started school. Other kids thought it was odd that he was always so silent and just blend into the background. Skyler began to avoid him a bit, and he really wasn't able to make any other friends. Even though he was a little lonely, he still had his Dad, so he was okay. At least until Skyler called him out one day and pulled a prank on him, which caused the entire lunchroom of kids to laugh at him. He had been mortified since and unable to speak up in a group without being nervous. It gradually became worse with Skyler and his new friends' constant bullying. When Kyuu found himself in this dark place, he found comfort and hope in the many uplifting stories from books and comics.

    What turned life around for the better was his cousin, Belvedere, or Bell for short, who was two years older. His Dad brought him into the family after his parents' tragic death shortly after Kyuu started middle school. Though he was eccentric and not everyone looked at him fondly, he merely embraced it. It was an inspiration that made him want to do better. With Bell around to protect him, Skyler and his gang's bullying quickly came to a halt. While it didn't solve all his problems, he was able to live a reasonably regular school life. Even with Bell graduating ahead of him, Kyuu was able to stand on his own. Kyuu is both eager and anxious about gaining a superpower at his graduation. He is praying it is something that won't cause his friends and family a lot of trouble.
    Last edited: May 24, 2020 at 9:08 PM
  10. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Sign-Up Form

    Name: Leopold "Leo" Goodfellow

    Age and Gender: 18

    Leo is a tall young man standing out in a crowd at 6'2", which paired with his intense eyes and decently toned physique makes him look very intimidating. His skin is relatively pale and prone to sunburns, and is free of blemishes save from a light sprinkle of freckles covering his nose and cheekbones. His medium short hair is bright and kept in a messy fashion, allthough recently he has started combing it to make it look a bit more refined. His deep green eyes are often locked in an intense gaze, making it look like he's either really focused on something, or about to throw a fit of rage at any second. His thick dark reddish brown eyebrows accentuates this considerably.

    Coming from a underprivileged household, Leo can't really be picky with the kinds of clothing he wears. Normally noticably worn out, his go-to outfit for most occasions is a pair of dark blue tight jeans that are juuust one size too small on him, with holed knees. If not for the scent of moth balls and cigarettes, one would almost assume they were fashionably made to look that way. Along with these, he has a variety of faded white T shirts, though he tends to go for the ones with a deep V neck. Over the shirt, he normally wears a blue and black varsity jacket with the school's football logo on its back. His snickers are holed and smelly, with mismatching shoelaces. One of the few varieties he can make to his everyday outfit is to switch jis jacket with a black leather jacket instead.

    Leo can be described as both difficult and misguided, having been hardened into somewhat of a bully due to complications in his home and from hanging out with the wrong crowd for too long. Seemingly uncaring, he portrays himself as largely independent, relying only on his friends Skyler and Jimmy, with whom he make up the feared Terror Trio at their school. Ranging from stealing lunchmoney to stuffing nerds into closets and actual minor crimes such as stealing and breaking an entry, Leo doesn't take sh*t from anyone but his friends, and is ruthless in how he treats other people around him, even though he tends to be softer when his other friends aren't around.

    As mentioned, Leo comes from a broken home. at some point in his life, his father just didn't come home from work and was never seen again. His mother, left without a job or a father for her child, had to move to a less reputable neighbourhood where she developed an alcohol and drug addiction. While she tries to be a proper momma for her widdle boy, Leo easily snatches up bottles of alcohol from under her nose to share with his friends, telling her she probably drank it all again. Leo has no problems with relieving people of their personal objects, and has a habit of taking things that don't belong to him in order to either destroy it or sell it if it's valuable. It's his home situation that taught him to be independent, as he has taken on oddjobs here and there before in order to pay the bills, even though he can rarely keep a job for too long.

    A trait his home situation did not teach him, however, is the "Do onto others as you'd wish other's do to you." If anything he learned the exact opposite. Leo doesn't go well with people that arent his only two friends, often shutting down and stopping to pay attention. He's rude, harsh and snappy, allthough he refrains from using violence (at least when he's not with his friends). He doesn't take instructions or orders from others, and often charge in headfirst even though a tiny voice in the back of his head tells him that it's a bad idea to do so.

    However, despite his openly poor behavior, once you take Leo out of the chaotic environment that is his life, he's actually a pretty calm person. As football players require good grades in order to play, Leo is one of the few players that had the brains to do so without having to threaten a nerd to do it for him, despite being strongly urged to do so by his friends. The teachers always say that Leo has a bright future if he only cleans up his act and start hanging with other people, and while Leo knows that to be true, he only started acting on it after Skyler dropped out of school and went off the radar, giving Leo more freedom to think for himself for once, and focus on his own interests.

    The main of such interest is.. Music. Yup, not football. Having been on the football team looks good on the resume, but Leo's real passion is singing and dancing, more particularily the dancing part. It's been something Leo has always enjoyed doing, but that he's never acted on before due to both his home life and friend circle. However, With Skyler gone now, he decided after a very inspirational and empowering talk with a teacher, to apply for a role in the upcoming school musical.

    History: Leopold Goodfellow was born to Christian and Mary Goodfellow and into a middle class lifestyle in a good neighbourhood during a peak in Christian's career. As a Lawyer, his father made quite a lot of money, easily being capable of supporting the growing family. His mother was a picture-esque image of a 50's housewife, obsessively cleaning and making sure everything was in order for when baby Leopold would arrive.

    The first few years of Leo's life was like a dance on roses and lillies, pretty much free of worry, he managed to do well in school once he started attending, getting good grades, if not falling a bit behind with his classmates in terms of socialization. Life was good for little Leopold, and as is tradition when one writes in a way that makes it seem that there are no worries in the world for anyone and everything is perfect, here's where it all went wrong.

    Leo's father was a Lawyer, and a very succesful one at that. At the time of Leo's birth, he had just gotten a big promotion with accomodations for outstanding work in bringing a crime lord to justice abroad. This is what kickstarted the family's rise to the upper class, and would also end up being their downfall.

    Several years later, this notorious crime boss had managed to bribe his way out of prison, hellbent on bringing the snobby suit responsible for his incarceration out of comission. It's a pretty straight forward storyline actually, and Leo doesn't know the detail to this; nor do his mother actually. To them, his father just up and left one day, leaving them there in the dirt. Leo's mother believes that he ran off with that skanky thin-legged slag, Mathilda from his office, and in time Leo begun believing as such too.

    Things went downhill fairly quickly after this. Leo's mother, being a trophy wife, lacked the education to land a job that would ensure that they could stay in their big house, and while downgrading became less of an idea and more like invoice bills and bank dues, Mary had to pack up the little she could afford and take Leo with her to move to another city where nobody knew who she was.

    The move was tough on Leo, as he was standing there friendless in a new environment while his mother's mental health slowly detoriarated. She could only get smalljobbs which barely paid anything, and the two often had to go to bed hungry. Leo's way of coping with this would be to shut himself more and more off from both his mother and his school life.

    That was until the day when he was 9 when a certain punk named Skyler came over to him and demanded he gave him his lunch money, to which Leo responded with a solid punch to his face. They've been best friends ever since.

    In general, Leo is pretty indifferent to the concept of having superpowers, even though he hopes in the back of his mind that having them would make life easier on himself and his mother, who did not have powers herself.

    - Leo got a role in the school musical: Bobby and the Panini-girls, and recieved mixed reviews from the audience.
    - He is a smoker.
    - And a heavy drinker.
    - While he doesn't outright bully people anymore, he is still very unpleasant to people around him, often calling them with derogatory remarks.
    - While not top player, he is highly regarded as a football player
    Last edited: May 24, 2020 at 3:28 PM
  11. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    BAM here's a work in progress

    Name: Melanie Briggs (has been called Mel, Lanie, Sunshine, among other things)

    Age and Gender: 18, cisgender female

    Appearance: Melanie stands a little taller than average at 5'7", sporting a curvy figure with thick thighs, wide hips, medium breasts, and a small waist. All of her is made of muscle, from years of dance and theatre. Her skin is a sun-kissed bronze from her polynesian heritage with few blemishes. Her eyes are large and expressive, and shine like an Arnold Palmer on a sunny summer day. Her nose is cute and flat, her lips naturally curled up into a spritely giggle. Her soft brown hair naturally falls into beachy waves, and she usually has it done up in some trendy way (almost always with a scrunchie).

    Trendy and hip are Melanie's guidelines to fashion. She's really into the VSCO girl trend right now, and all of her clothes are that laid back, hipster beachy vibes. Tank tops, crop tops, old band tees, lots of short-shorts and ripped denim jeans. Her ears are pierced, and she enjoys her collection of fun earrings. She's almost always wearing her favorite necklace, a cowrie shell choker layered with a turqiose pendant. She also got her belly button pierced, and usually wears turquiose beads through it. Scrunchies are a must. She's rarely without her lavender Hydroflask and yellow Fjallraven Kanken bag, and is a big fan of Birkenstocks and checkered Vans.

    Personality: Melanie is a sunshine and summer kind of gal. She's bursting with energy, and her sole mission is to uplift those around her. She's always got a smile and a giggle for anyone who needs it. She's firey passionate about, well, everything, and commits 110% in all her doings and activities. She's a born leader but a free spirit, headstrong in her own sweet way. She's easily excitable, and is always looking for the bright side of life. Some might say that Melanie is always wearing rose colored glasses, which might be true, but she feels that if she ever starts to focus on the negatives, she'll lose who she is. She cares about her image, and puts a lot of effort into curating the kind of person she wants to be seen as.

    Melanie is MADE for the stage. A natural actress and singer, she's been drama president the past two years and has been cast as leads all through high school. She loved being in choir and theatre with all of her heart, and she's a little nervous to graduate and move onto bigger stages. She exemplifies the theatre kid stereotype, and is super into all sorts of musicals and straight plays, both the popular and obscure. She can be described as "extra," and yes, she can't talk without her hands talking with her. She is in love with music, especially from the latter half of the 20s century. She'll listen to showtunes and K-Pop and whatever's popular on TikTok, but everyone knows that Elvis and Bobby Darin are her two true loves. She's an artist, a sketcher more specifically, and loves to take photos of whatever she finds interesting so she can sketch it later. Besides her artistic pursuits, she's an avid skateboarder, and loves puppies.

    While Melanie is bubbly and bright through and through, her inner core is heavily guarded. She keeps her sadness and anger and all the non-bubbles locked deep inside her, out of sight. She's popular, but has a very tight knit group of friends that she'll stick to. She's easily hurt and easily discouraged, and she falls hard, like a sparrow shot in flight. She's a perfectionist, and while she'd never hold anyone else to her standards (people make mistakes!!), she doesn't realize her hypocrasy in beating herself up over any mistake, ever. She's really, really bad at math, numbers float around in her head and she can't seem to grasp them. She's smart, and was even an honors student in english and history, but any high math is an enigma to her.

    As crestfallen as she can find herself, Melanie never gives up. No matter how hard she's crashed, she will get back up. She's tenatious, and will get what she truly wants even if she has to fight for it. She's very loving, and cares very deeply about humanity. She loves her friends, and she loves her found family. Melanie Briggs is made of sunshine through and through, and she will never stop shining bright.

    History: Melanie is not sure whether her parents died or abandoned her, and at this point, she's too afraid to find out. She's genuinely not sure which would be worse. She has virtually no memory of them either, or any memories earlier than about the age of seven, when she came to her current home, those who she calls her real family. Kieran and Geoff Briggs both wanted a large family, and saw their inability to have biological children as a blessing in disguise. Melanie was their third child to come to their home. Annabeth and Lukas were twins about three years older than Melanie, and they were both excited to have a new sibling. Melanie was not as bubbly as she is now--in fact, she was quite the opposite. Shy and quiet, mousey in nature, she let her fearful stares talk more than words. However, within the caring and loving home of the Briggs, Melanie began to bloom.

    - kind of lonely and scattered a lot of her life, until she discoverede…… THE THEATRE
    - came to kinda find her place
    - was friends with skylar earlier in high school, but the two were just bound on different roads. she misses him, the two had some Wild Adventures back in the day, but they just weren't going in the same directions and eventually, their friendship atrophied. she just wishes she could have some closure, but with him going berserk at the grad ceremony, that doesn't seem likely...
    - isn't a huge fan of leo. had to act across from him in Bobby and the Panini-girls and it just did not go well in her eyes.
    - excited for powers! she doesn't know what she'll get but she's been looking forward to it.
    Last edited: May 25, 2020 at 8:54 PM
  12. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Put me down for a reserve please.. I'll get a WIP up ASAP.

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