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Hero Era - RP Thread - PG-13

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    * PG-13 - For unrealistic violence, light language, and use of an injection/needles to gain superpowers.

    1. Follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players. I don't care if it's here or on discord, don't do it, be mature.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. - IF you fight another player, you do not get to decide if you hit them.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't or otherwise god-mode.
    5. Put your name(s) and location at the top of your post. Inventory is not required.
    6. Once you use the serum, I will contact you with the results of your roll in the discord and we can work out any final details. - IF your character would have injected it as soon as getting it, I can pre-roll for you, BUT if you lie and back-out, you do not get a re-roll, instead you will simply lose power privileges.
    7. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules, okay?

    Approved Players:
    1. VampirateMace (Nyla - Super Speed)
    2. InnerFlame (Kyuu - Explosive Bubbles)
    3. Monster Guy (Danny - Diamond Form)
    4. Sketchie (Melanie - Hydrokinetic Intangibility & Seduction)
    5. Schade (Leo - Elemental kinesis; Water )
    6. Tangeh (Abby - Armor Creation & Sound Scrambling)

    Okay, let's graduate. . .

    School Auditorium

    Somewhat bored at this point, Nyla sat crammed into the first two rows of seats with the rest of her classmates, all wearing the tacky and stupidly expensive robes they'd only need this once. The dark color wasn't too bad, but the muumuu-like design wasn't flattering on any of them. Still, she was now holding what was potentially the most important and life changing item she'd ever own, superpower serum!

    She looked down at the tube in her hands, the neon green serum liquid could be seen through a clear center section, and there was a depressor at the back end, though the needle was still covered with an anti-tampering safety cap. Later when she's mentally prepared, she'll break off this cap and stab the needle into her arm or leg muscles. . . And pray she gets a decent power. She'd spent a lot of time fantasizing about the cool powers she could receive, and even more time wondering how lame a power she'd actually end up with. Their mailman had developed the disgusting and practically combat worthless ability to fling his fingernails and toenails.

    A commotion suddenly roused her from her pondering. Looking up she saw Skyler running for the stage. He looked even scruffier than usual, though she hadn't seen him in a couple months. And he smelled heavily of cheap beer. Shouting at the currently recognized graduate about deserving powers as much as any of them, he snatched up the remaining syringes and snapped three open in one motion. The vice principle reached out and tried to reason with him, but he knocked her away, ranting about deserving the recognition he's going to get. And that he'll get it today! He then injected the first three serums into his arm.

    Nyla bite her lower lip, cringing as this unfolded. On stage, more people tried to intervene as he stabbed another round of serums into his arm, including Star Archer, a professional hero that can shoot electric bolts from his hands. The principle reached down and pulled the vice principle to her feet, before leading her off the stage and out of the way.

    As Skyler doubled over in pain and started screaming, many people abandon their seats in a panic. Screams echoed through the room as people crowded around the exits. A second, younger pro hero, Rosy Breeze, tried to calm the crowd with her aroma therapy powers and guide them out in a more organized manner, but it was clearly more people than she was used to dealing with.

    Nyla looked from her to the stage, where Skyler's body has started to distort and swell. It's something she's only read and seen old videos about, Serum Overload Syndrome. Studies say the subjects injected with an overdoes of serum may grow in size and manifest several strong powers, but they're driven mad by the pain and adrenaline, making them hard to subdue. It was probably going to take as many capable people as could help to bring him down. Taking a deep breath, she looked down at the serum in her hands again. It usually takes five minutes for powers to manifest, so if she hopes to help that way, the time to inject it was five minutes ago. Swiftly she uncapped her serum and jabs the needle into her arm, hoping desperately that she has good luck for once.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    School Auditorium

    Danny sat quietly, and fidgeted in his seat. He had all sorts of emotions running through his head at this graduation ceremony. His parents were in the audience, and he was happy to have them there. Of course, his mother could not stop taking pictures of her baby, and the other guys called him a mamma's boy and rubbed it in his face. That embarrassed him greatly... It was ok. Soon, he would be a graduate, and would never have to see those bullies again. He would also get his superpowers, finally. Of course, the possibilities were endless. He could get a cool one, or something lame.

    Danny bit down on his lip nervously as the serums were handed out. What kind of fate was going to await him? Maybe he could become a cool and brave superhero? Or would just become even more of a wimp in everyone else’s eyes?

    Then it happened. Skyler came busting into the room, and running to the stage. He was the last person Danny wanted to see. He had already made life Hell for him, what more was he going to do? He really let himself go, and Danny wondered how he ever developed a crush on this jerk... Of course, he was a hot jerk back then but... Still a jerk.

    Skyler did a dumb thing, and injected himself with a bunch of serums at once. Skyler started to distort, and become even uglier... People panicked, and left the theater, while some of the heroes tried to help as best they could.

    Danny looked on. Skyler was going through power overload syndrome, something he’d only heard about but never actually witnessed untill now. If something wasn’t done, bad things would happen... He had his own power syringe in his hand. He could sit there and be useless, or do something to help. Or he could get a lame power, and still be useless... There was only one way to find out... He took a deep breath, and shut his eyes. "Here goes nothing..." Then he jabbed the needle in his arm...
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2020
  3. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    School Auditorium

    Kyuu sat in silence as he nervously shifted in his seat. Being place in the middle of the graduating student body was nerve-racking. He was biting down on his bottom lip as his gray eyes stared at his feet. Despite his slumping sitting posture and nervous eyes, Kyuu had listened to the speeches of the invited special guest and the valedictorian. He was even paying attention to the next people to receive their serum. His eyes change location to the green serum in his hand. Kyuu had earlier stumbled a bit as he accidentally stepped on the hemp of graduation gown and nearly dropped it. The black-haired could feel his face turning redder as he remembered the laughter slipped out from his peers.

    Leaving behind the past embarrassment, Kyuu began to stare at the vial. He wondered what power it would grant him. His cousin had gotten the ability to befriend and gather information from animals, and his dad merely a superstrong grip. He was worried. Receiving a useless power or some weird mutation was not what he was anxious about. Kyuu was most fearful he would have something dangerously powerful that he couldn't control. Kyuu was shifting in his seat again. It was frightening to think about what could go wrong, yet he was excited as well. Just maybe, he could be a cool superhero like the ones he read in his books.

    There was a commotion the boy with glasses looked up for the first time since being placed in his seat. It was Skyler, a super angry Skyler. It looks like his months of school expulsion was not good on him. Kyuu's body froze as the drunken teen rush the stage, rambling on about deserving this more than them and jabbing multiple serums into his arm. Panic followed as everyone went rushing for the exits. Even the students on the stage were frantic to get off the stage and get as far away as possible.

    Kyuu ended up knocked to the ground and stepped on by multiple people, luckily he was able to protect his serum. It was probably the infectious atmosphere of panic doing, but he was absolutely terrified. He remained on the ground, trembling. Even tears of fear form at the edge of his eyes, but he found himself unable to move. As the thought that he had to escape crossed his mind, he could hear Skyler's pain-filled screams in the mix of the panic. While he didn't particularly like the guy after all the years of bullying, a real hero wouldn't abandon him because of that. There were also a bunch of other innocent people, including his own family that was in danger. If something were to happen to them, he wouldn't know what he'll do. Yet, what could he do?

    Kyuu's eyes looked back at the serum he had clenched close to his body. It would take five minutes to activate normally... and there was no guarantee it would be anything remotely helpful. But even if it wasn't, he'll do whatever he could to delay Skyler, so everyone else could escape. Kyuu undid the cap on the vial and got the needle ready. His hands were trembling as he lined it up, and for a second, he wondered if he should really do this. Tears ran down his face as he closed his eyes and jabbed the serum into his leg. It was too late to go back now.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
  4. Schade

    Schade Ya Steel-Clad Boi

    Leopold Goodfellow
    School Auditorium

    Aah, graduatio day. It was somewhat strange that Leo had finally made it this far, considering how much effort he had had to put into his different classes the past few months. However, it had all paid off, and while you wouldn't see it on the stone-clad expression on his face, he was beyond happy he had managed to get decent grades after all. He had nobody in the audience; his mother was sleeping through some sort of new drug she had obtained through unknown means, and even if she was sober she wouldn't be here considering Leo hadn't actually told her graduation was that day. In fact, he bet she would be surprised to hear he was still even in school. He sighed an annoyed sigh by the thought of it, but quickly rolled out his pleasant thoughts: After today, he was free to go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted... Within reason and within whatever he could do with his grades. The only thing standing in his way now was getting superpowers. People with superpowers were definitely better off in the world nowdays, and unless he gets a power turning him into an inflatable flamingo-creature made from solid steel or something, things would theoretically get easier for him.

    As the graduates were handed out the serums, Leo grunted. He disliked needles a lot. like.. A lot. Ironic considering his history with them, but you win some you lose some. Luckily the stabby-stab would only last a moment, or so they always said. Gosh he hated needles. Looking at the gooey insides of the vial, he started wondering if life would actually be better without it. He sincerily doubted that, and while not taking it was still a valid option, the fear of missing out or "Fomo" as they called it would likely make him regret that desicion almost right away regardless.

    Alas, Leo wouldn't be able to sit alone with his thoughts for much longer, as a new commotion amongst the audience pulled his attention towards.. Skyler? His old friend certainly looked worse for wear, looking like he'd been living under a bridge for the past few months, and was reeking of beer. Leo instinctively stood up, ready to react in case his drunk friend decided to do something stupid: He somehow managed to recieve all the remaining syringes from the briefcase on the podium while ranting about equality while dripping of envy and potential untreated mental illness. Like, Leo knew Skyler had some issues; all three of them did, but Skyler was the only one brave... Stupid? Take your pick, enough to actually go through with his sometimes insane plans. It was sad seeing his former friend in this state, especially considering this was the first time he had seen him in actual months. The two had kept in touch through texts a few times, but he had never actually revealed where he was or what he was doing.

    As Skyler jammed way too many needles into himself at once, which was something he hadn't done in a very long time, he began the normal human-reacting-to-the-superpower-serum reaction you'd read about in the brochures, except it was timed by maybe 10, or 20. It looked very very uncomfortable, and as he was trashing about, the audience began panicing, running for the doors in terror. Some hero Leo didn't know of was there however, and used her powers in order to calm the masses and orderly escort them out. Great, now what..

    As if hearing his rethorical inner question, another student from the graduating class whose name Leo didn't remember took to action, and stabbed her arm with her serum needle, followed by the weird pink nerd who did the same thing. This was following a pattern now, as another graduate injected the serum. it would look bad on him if he were to step out now, and he didn't want to be the only one doing so. Taking a deep shaky breath, Leo jammed the serum into his right arm, hoping for the best.
  5. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    School Auditorium

    Abby had tuned out the monotone announcer and dwindling applause as the last of her classmates received their graduate serums. She glanced back at the crowd, and her youngest brother Benjamin – seated beside their grandmother – shot her a thumbs up. Her parents and other brother Jacob had long left the auditorium, with an excuse that bleeped to her smartwatch that they were going to go home to set up the after-party. The after-party that Abby had promised to save her serum for, so that the family could find out together what her future held. A few of her classmates had already cracked open the safety cap and injected themselves, and the suspense was killing her. Her middling grades weren't good enough to get into the post-secondary school she wanted, and her current life plan was to jump-start a new path with her superpowers. Maybe she could even be a professional hero like the few that were acting as guards at the ceremony – maybe rise to super sports stardom, her bad knee be damned – hell, it didn't matter, as long as she wasn't working retail for the rest of her life.

    It took Abby several moments to realize something was wrong. A quiet confused murmuring turned into a panicked buzz, and Abby looked to the stage to see – of all people – Skyler. He seemed drunk, and started screaming about deserving superpowers just as much as any of them. Abby's mouth fell open as he snatched three syringes and injected them into his arm. The professionals tried to intervene, but he grabbed even more of the serums and started jabbing them into himself. That wasn't good. There was some fancy word for it that Abby couldn't remember, but basically too much serum caused -

    Skyler doubled over in pain and started screaming, and the crowd started panicking. Abby got to her feet and looked automatically for Benjamin and her grandmother – both of whom were being pushed around in the shuffle as people made a panicked dash for the exit. Abby grit her teeth and whirled back toward the stage. They didn't have enough heroes on hand to handle this, as Skyler was rapidly getting larger and louder. Abby glanced down at the serum in her hand, then back at her family, and without any further consideration uncapped the serum and jabbed the needle into her arm.

    She tossed the empty vial aside and started running for the crowd. Her left knee gave a familiar twinge despite the brace on it, but she hardly noticed. All that mattered was making sure that her little brother and grandmother would be okay. 'Come on superpowers... kick in!'
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Melanie Briggs
    School Auditorium

    Melanie glimmered.

    With a wince, Melanie gave herself the serum as soon as she had gotten it. No reason to wait, after all. She hated needles, and if she was going to do this it was now or never. The serum didn’t take long to activate, only a few minutes. She closed her eyes and breathed in deep, taking in the changes she was feeling. She could feel the ocean crashing within her, taking over, becoming one, as if she could channel it with her very form. She opened her eyes, and focused deep. She felt the waters flow from her core to her fingertips, and with her will, she turned her hands into that same water. Melanie giggled, not paying much attention to the ceremony. This was great! It wouldn’t help on stage, but it wouldn’t hinder her either, and it would be so fun to turn into water at her whim.

    She focused the feeling on her hair, giggling as it turned into flowing water. Beachy waves, she giggled to herself. She couldn’t wait to show her family. Veronica especially would be excited. It was strange, though, wasn’t there supposed to be some physical change..?

    That was when Melanie noticed it—the eyes that had now shifted to her presence. What would cause that? Surely, just some water hair wouldn’t draw much attention away from the ceremony... when it dawned on her. A grin crept onto her face. Two powers weren’t common, but it seemed as if Melanie had hit the jackpot. Now, that would be useful as a leading lady. If only this graduation would just go ahead and get it over with. She had powers now!

    Melanie had her attention ripped from her thoughts by some commotion. She looked up in time to see a guy who looked a lot like that Skylar kid running to the stage. (Oh. Huh. Maybe it was Skylar? She hadn’t seen him in a while.) Melanie shrugged it off. This was more exciting than a graduation ceremony, but his disjointed rant of wanting recognition was just as boring as any valedictorian’s.

    Until he injected himself with a bunch of the syringes, started to go feral, and the real heroes had to intervene.

    Melanie blinked. This was far too surreal to be real, and yet, it was right in front of her. She looked up to where her family was, and watched as the Briggs family were escorted out. At least they were safe. She turned her attention to the rampaging ex-classmate. What could she do? Her powers were passive, and would being more alluring do anything for anyone turning into a monster? She bit her lip. What else could she do? She closed her eyes, focusing hard on her entire body. She felt the ocean closing in, and when she opened her eyes, her whole form was made entirely of water.

    Here goes nothing..!

    She ran up to the stage, sliding into an attractive pose and giggling sweetly. “Heyy, Skylar,” she chirped, winking in his direction. She twirled a lock of hair in between her fingers, resting her other hand on her hips. “Honey, what on earth do you think you’re doing?”
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  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    School Auditorium

    Five Minutes. Pulling the syringe from her arm, Nyla let the tube drop. It wasn't uncommon for people, especially ones that got good powers, to keep their serum tubes as a souvenir of the turning point in their lives, and Nyla did kind of like the creepy medical looks of the things, but this was an emergency and she didn't have anywhere safe to put it. She looked again at the surging crowd, then back at Skyler. Many of her classmates had joined the panic to get out of the room, especially now that Skyler looked like he might explode in a shower of muscles and guts, and one of them was even on the floor in fetal position, but a few were still standing here with her. Though she wondered how many planned to face off with Skyler (or at least slow him down if he went after the retreating crowd), and how many were just gawking at the grotesque display.

    Then someone rushed forward. It was Melanie, one of the theater kids, though she looked a little different, kind of transparent. And she did something that made Nyla cringe, she basically hit on Skyler as half a dozen people were struggling to subdue him. Though Nyla did have to admit that it did seem like something one of the theater kids would do. In reaction, Star Archer made a panicked gesture as he waved for Melanie to move, “Get back!”

    Four minutes. Nyla felt particularly worthless standing there waiting to see if useful powers would kick in. And what was the plan if she got something dumb, or was one of those unlucky people that took months to get or recognize their powers?

    Skyler roared, shaking off most of the half dozen adults that were trying to subdue him. Star Archer turned his attention from Melanie and extended his arms muttering, “Sorry kid,” as he reluctantly blasted off a couple electric bolts at Skyler. The youth flattered, then flailed and screamed in response. And maybe it was Nyla's imagination, but was he still growing, or at least swelling?

    On the other side of the room the crowds had made some progress. There was still quite the bottleneck, as Rosy Breeze couldn't reach everyone with her power or her voice. But lavender with hints of orange and cinnamon drifted through the air around the outskirts of the crowd, calming and clearing the minds of those that inhaled it.

    Three minutes. The room felt electric. At least to Nyla. What was this buzzing sensation? It was kind of like being dizzy, but not quite. No, it was jitters, like she'd drunk six or seven cups of coffee. It was like she could do anything. Like she had to do something. She definitely had to do something.

    Without really thinking about it, she grabbed one of the aluminum folding chairs (they weren't that heavy), and started running at Skyler. She was on stage in almost an instant, and swung the chair. It didn't have a lot of strength behind it, but it had enough momentum to make up for that. Did she have super speed? Skyler responded by batting at her, knocking her into some of the remaining chairs. Groaning and sore, Nyla staggered to her feet, and told herself, “Right, okay, I've got to remember to dodge.”
  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    School Auditorium

    After injecting himself with the serum, Danny didn’t feel all that different. Of course it apparently did take at least five minutes for it to activate... Great, way to draw out the anticipation. The suspense was killing him! The good news was, it looked like his parents made it out safely. He didn’t see them anywhere. They were probably looking for him though...

    Meanwhile, the professional heroes were still trying to subdue Skyler. While the other graduates were injecting themselves. One of them who Danny only recognized as one of the theater kids, and injected herself literally the second she got her syringe, and was... was she actually trying to flirt with Skyler? Danny facepalmed. He had already tried that. It didn’t work out well for him. Of course, she might have better luck... She was a girl...

    Danny rolled his eyes, and walked over to the boy that had been knocked to the floor and trampled. Kyuu, the other kid that was bullied as much as he was. Of course he was, he was the science teacher’s son. No one in this school appreciated science like he did. Danny nervously walked over to the other bullied kid. “Um... excuse me? Uh... a-a-are you ok?” Danny asked while twiddling his fingers and looking at his feet.

    Meanwhile, Skyler started to roar and keep on growing. One girl ran on to the stage (boy did she run. It looked like she had gotten super speed) and tried to hit him with a chair. It didn’t appear to do much, as Skyler batted at her, which knocked her into a bunch of chairs.

    “Eep!” Danny yelped, winced, and put his arms up as if Skyler were going to throw something at him next. He didn’t, but that was when it happened. He felt different... Danny looked at his arms, and saw they had become translucent, shiny, and... He knocked on one of his forearms, hard. Like a diamond... “Oh my gosh!” Danny shouted, his eyes lit up. Did he actually get a cool power?! He had read a comic book that had a character with this ability. He could deliver a diamond hard punch to Skyler’s face! He definitely deserved it! He looked up at Skyler... and his face fell. He immediately decided against it... Not now. With all the stuff he was going through, who knows how Skyler would retaliate... It was better to stay with Kyuu for now.
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  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    School Auditorium

    Kyuu could hear talking and movement, but nothing definitive was registered in his brain. All he could do was shiver uncontrollably and quietly sob as the fear gripped him tightly. Through the blurry teary eyes, Kyuu could make out the mass that was Skyler. Even with slightly impaired vision, the black-haired teen could tell he was growing bigger. In his mind, he knew he needed to calm down but couldn't. His deep breaths were started to turn more into hyperventilation. During Kyuu's frightful panic, he could tell someone was approaching. Huddling up, he clenched his eyes shut.

    "Um... excuse me? Uh... a-a-are you ok," a worried stuttering voice spoke to Kyuu. His gray eyes opened and turned up the see a tall blond man with glasses. Even with blur vision, he was able to recognize this guy as Danny, another one of Skyler's victims. Suddenly, he shrieked and threw up his arms. Kyuu jumped as a reaction to that though it appeared to be nothing... yet. When he did so, he activated his power, and his arms turned into some kind of shimmering material. Despite his power's awakening, he stuck close to the terrified boy. He was anxious like any person should be, yet it looked like he was going watched over him.

    Kyuu covered his face... this was beyond embarrassing... it was outright pathetic. He was absolutely pathetic, crying like a baby while others were trying to help. The people who weren't attempting to do something were not just sitting there in the way. Kyuu lifted up his glasses and wiped his sleeve across his face. His tears had stopped, and the fair skin under his eyes had a slight red tint to it. Even though he was unsteady doing so, the boy managed to lift himself to his feet, though still unstable while standing there.

    "U-um..... I..." Kyuu's voice shakily and quietly came out, "I-I'm fine..... thank you..." Silently expressing his gratitude to Danny's concern, even looking him in the eye while doing it. As he turned attention toward Skyler and the heroes trying to subdue him, he notices of his own peers seem to be in the mix. He wondered if it been five minutes yet... Kyuu didn't feel any different if it had been that long. Other than his own strong emotions, he felt the same... maybe he was one of the ones who's power took longer than manifest... No... regardless if that was the situation, he wouldn't let himself back to sobbing on the floor. He was a little more attentive and ready to act as he glanced around for something that could be useful.
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  10. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    School Auditorium

    Abby reached the stands – on foot, at a normal pace, (she reminded herself it had been barely thirty seconds since injection) and pushed aggressively through the crowd, who had gone oddly passive and were filing out in a single line out the emergency exit. It didn't take long after the scent of orange and cinnamon infiltrated her lungs that Abby slowed down too, and politely thanked the audience members who stepped out of the way to let Abby go against the flow of traffic.

    Abby reached her grandmother and younger brother and pulled Benjamin to his feet. “Okay, come on, you can't just sit there and wait for people to leave. You have to go.”

    Benjamin frowned, realizing the implication of Abby's words. “You aren't coming with us?”

    Abby shook her head and glanced over her shoulder. Was it just her, or was Skyler getting even bigger? “I have to help. I took my syringe; I'll be fine.” Both Benjamin and their grandmother broke into excited grins, but Abby didn't have anything exciting to tell them yet, and definitely didn't have time to wait until she did. “Okay, Benjamin, go on. Help Grandma.”

    The screaming of her classmates and the monster that had replaced Skyler seemed so surreal – any fear Abby had was gone, but so was any sense of urgency. She walked toward the stage, watching in bemusement as Melanie – the drama queen, literally – ran onto the stage and began flirting with him. Uh, maybe Abby missed that lesson in drama class. She never was much good at that class anyways, but Melanie definitely was. Star Archer – wow, she got to see him in action, awesome – frantically tried to get Melanie away from Skyler, then blasted him with a couple of electric bolts. Gosh, that was so cool – Abby hoped her powers would kick in soon too.

    Still walking calmly as classmates continued to scream and scramble away around her, Abby came closer toward the stage, just in time to watch one of the goth girls run up at the speed of sound with a chair – only to get knocked right off into some of the remaining chairs. Abby jogged over as she groaned as staggered to her feet. “Dude,” Abby grinned, “that was awesome.” The calming effect was just starting to wear off, enough that Abby half realized that was probably not an appropriate comment in an emergency situation. She squinted at the stage, still feeling pretty passive about her grotesquely engorged former classmate roaring like a manic animal. “Uh, maybe if you had somebody else to distract him, that would work better?”

    Abby glanced around – well, they had Melanie, but her distraction didn't seem to work very well. There was a boy cowering on the ground, and – oh, hey, was that Danny? They had been in the same chemistry class, but unlike Abby she was pretty sure he, you know, actually passed it. He was staring at his arm – which had turned hard and diamond-like ('so cool!'), but he seemed stumped on how to utilize this newfound ability. Or maybe he was just guarding the fallen kid. Abby looked back at the goth girl. “Or... maybe you could be the distraction.” Abby waved over at Danny. “Yo, Danny! What is that? Some kind of diamond power or something? Think you can punch if we got you close enough?”
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